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Fashion month is over… That feeling. Ahhh. My summary below.

The work – Well it’s long days, early mornings and late late nights. And by the end of fashion month the days seams like weeks. You feel it everywhere in your body and in your mind. Also I get to meet so many wonderful people! And see so much great fashion. The inspiration is on top!

Most fake – I recived fake money by a London taxi driver, shame on you old man! He asked to give the change by the window outside the car, not inside like you normally would. He handed me the change, a ten pund bill all crinkled up and drove off. So weird I thought… Well the moment I started to de-crinkle it I felt it was fake, the paper felt wrong and you could see it looked weird. Apparently fake money is very common in London, and especially in taxis, but it never happened to me before. So a warning to everyone going there.

Best – The sunshine, living in sweden you really don’t realize how little sun we acctually have, until you travel more south that is. I can not believe I have to leave this spring-ish weather. Also on my top list, the coffee in Milano, it is not possible to get bad coffee there I think.

Most inspiring models – Sasha Luss, she dresses so inspiring also she is always up for a picture. And always Hanne Gaby and Anja Rubik, but they are always in a hurry these days.

Funniest – Someone (no names) acctually made a photo copy of the Chanel show invitation (a bad one), the guards at the entrance saw it was a copy (obviosly) but were so impressed by the effort so the person acctually got to see the show! Way to go!!! I never heard anyone doing that before. And at Chanel, what a little dare devil you are!!!

The shopping? A Chanel bag, 3 pair of shoes (all by Gianvito Rossi) and a cosy oversize knit (the cosiest one from Celine). I also stocked up on some beauty products. Now I must really clean out my closet when I get back home.

The encounter – I spotted actress Michelle Rodriguez outside the Chanel show. She was standing by herself and she was all covered up in a big scarf and sunnies, I guess I was the only one who saw her. I walked up and asked if I could take her picture. She was all cool about it and she was like: what gave it away, how did you see it was me?!? She thought she had done a pretty good job disguising… We had a good laugh about that. Well no one passes my streetstyle radar I guess… Anyway she was such a nice person, also super tiny.

The food (or some of it) – if you like meat try the ‘Le Tigre’ at Costes in Paris. Yummy! And for everyday, go for a Pizza at OK by the ‘Arco della Pace’ in Milan, sit outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! In London do afternoon tea at Browns at least once. That were some of what I ate this season.

Tourist-y things – My new favorite in Paris, the rooftop at Printemps, the view at sunset is just amazing! Also it’s free!!! Yay!

Upcoming – I had a film crew from Grazia China following me all Paris fashion week. So much fun! Can’t wait to see it! I also worked on two big projects during these weeks. The results are coming soon…

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