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StockholmStreetStyle   23 apr 2014 15:00   by Daniel & Caroline

the backpack

Carolines blog   23 apr 2014 14:18   by Caroline Blomst
The backpack - the perfect companion for spring, summer, festivals and all in between. What I love about the backpack (besides the fact it sits comfortable on the back) is that it can be styled to suit the minimalistic style (above) as well as the romantic as well as the bohemian (think festival). To sum it up; it works with a lot of outfits and it's a great investment piece. Go for a classic one that you can wear for a long time! Below are my favorites that you find online now!

My backpack picks:


Fashion   23 apr 2014 14:00   by Caroline Blomst
Suede slip-on sneakers from Common Projects.
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