Velvet sequin

Fashion   23 okt 2014 17:00   by Caroline Blomst
Velvet sequin jacket from Topshop.


Carolines blog   23 okt 2014 15:08   by Caroline Blomst
On my wishlist right now. 1. A cosy knit, this knit from H&M is perfect in all aspects. Slightly oversized and charcoal grey and warm. 2. My favorite black skinny jeans are from my own brand, I live in these. 3. Loafers, I need a pair. I really like these simple ones in black suede. Even though I won't be getting much use of them right now (winter is coming), I know I still want them for spring time. 4. A YSL bag, classic and elegant in the perfect everyday size with silver logo.

Annabel Rosendahl

StockholmStreetStyle   23 okt 2014 15:00   by Daniel & Caroline
Tell me about your outfit, what you are wearing?
- I'm wearing a top and skirt from Bruuns Bazaar, clutch from Les Petits Joueurs, sunglasses from Dior and shoes from Phillip Lim.
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