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Carolines World | Ajda   28 feb 2013 21:21   by Ajda
Darlings! From now on you'll be able to follow my blog here:

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Film Project Time To Heal

Carolines World | Ajda   25 feb 2013 22:22   by Ajda
Here it is! My video at last :) Enjoy <3

// I got the idea for this film after Lady Gaga's concert back in August 2012. It started off as just different ideas on how to visually display struggles between the darker and lighter side of one's subconscious. The storyline has been continuously developed since then with inspiration from the music used and well, the time I took to actually plan and create this film. Without explaining too much, I try to display a woman who struggles with starting her day. She's conflicted and troubled because of a recent decision to end a relationship and she need to figure out how to heal. //

Ellie G.

Carolines World | Ajda   20 feb 2013 16:29   by Ajda
I'm completely captivated by this song. I love her voice, the production, the whole feeling. It speaks to my soul in the weirdest but great way possible. Take a listen and enjoy <3
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