House of Holland AW12

Carolines World | Ajda   7 sep 2012 17:09   by Ajda
I have this big love for House of Holland's designs, I'm having trouble defining why but each season I fell more and more in love with his creations. I suppose it's the playfulness of each outfit :) The photos above were found on House of Hollands FB page, they are backstage/behind the scenes photos which I always find to be more inspirational than the catwalk images. However, to see the whole AW 12 collection check it out the website here. Really like their take on the houndstooth pattern!


Carolines World | Ajda   6 sep 2012 18:38   by Ajda
So, my school has started again(or it started yesterday). Had the longest summer break of my life, haha. Anywho, just thought I'd write and say hi! My business marketing lecture I've had for the past 2,5 hours is starting to get boring!
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Carolines World | Ajda   6 sep 2012 15:35   by Ajda
So I decided to do a remake of the nails I did for Gaga's concert! The result was so much better this time, probably because I was a lot more patient with it. I bought fake nail "tips", so it's more like a lengthening of the nails. As I decided to go a bit crazy with the length of my nail I also went for a crazy neon orange nail polish :) I'm quite in love with my new nails! What do you think?
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