Dead in the Water

Carolines World | Ajda   20 feb 2013 12:03   by Ajda
You've seen this all before
Life left on the shore
We're smiling all the same
You sail away again
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Carolines World | Ajda   19 feb 2013 20:29   by Ajda
An oldie but goodie!

Bambi for ManiaMania 2010


Carolines World | Ajda   3 feb 2013 22:51   by Ajda
As some of you probably now, all the A/W 13 Fashion Weeks have started! Stockholm had theirs in the beginning of the week. Either way, being the BJØRG Jewellery fan that I am, I follow their instagram and I was stunned when I saw this photo from the preparation for their show in Copenhagen. I'm so in love with these ankle cuffs (if that's indeed what they are, might have just been sneaking on a bracelet) so I had to share them with you. Imagine wearing these, ankle long trousers, a fitted top and a pair of plain pumps. Oh my, oh my. The need for these are immense!
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