You're everywhere, can't tell if you're for real

Carolines World | Ajda   25 jan 2013 20:45   by Ajda
Shirt: V Ave Shoe Repair, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Sunglasses:
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Time is steady still, I'm losing track, I'm dizzy, so amazing

Carolines World | Ajda   25 jan 2013 19:39   by Ajda
I'm really late with posting these photos, but this is the first time I've had to edit them! I went to Gothenburg last weekend to attend P3 Guld. And this is how I looked :) I'll post the full outfit soon <3
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This time we'll turn around and say the words that make us heal.

Carolines World | Ajda   15 jan 2013 19:10   by Ajda
I don't know if anyone of you remember my post about my film-idea? (if you want to read it, click here) Even how much I tried to disregard it, I just couldn't get rid of the idea, . The storyline changed and developed from day to day. Then I heard Loreen's album after its release in October and one song triggered my thoughts about the film I had a storyline, a solid idea and a song that would complement it all, the only thing I needed was the guts to go through with it. I then read this quote in a interview: "when an idea knocks on your subconscious three times, you have to go through with it". Slightly weird to base things on different signs, but then again you have to find something to trigger your courage :)

Finally, I decided to go through with it and I found time to film it all during my Christmas break. I'm now about to start editing it. Hopefully it'll turn out somewhat okay enough for me to post it here! You see some pictures from the video-shoot above :)
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