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Carolines World | Ajda   10 jan 2013 18:09   by Ajda
Premiered my new sunglasses today! Quite odd for me to wear them in this winter wonderland we have at the moment but given that I've been home sick for a few days + just finished an exam period I needed to hide away when I went outside today. Bought them on Asos.com

Darlings, I know I'm incredibly slow on updating this blog. I've had quite a hard time these past few months, that all was triggered by a heartbreak in the beginning of the summer. Ended a troublesome on/off relationship with a person I've loved for 2 years, but who never, in the end, loved me back. Experiences like that shakes your world, makes you question things, makes you re-evaluate things. After having directed all my energy on loving and struggling for a person, who from the beginning was quite broken, I'm now free to direct all that energy on myself. Which has made me stronger than ever :) I want to keep this blog, but I want it to be a space where I share my creativity and interests. Don't want to force posts about just anything, and since I'm currently in a process of developing my creativity as much as possible I wish to take you along on my journey. Will make posts about things I create, things that inspire me and new findings in all the areas I'm passionate about (mainly fashion, photography and music). Does that sound good? I hope a few of you are still here :)
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Happy New Year!

Carolines World | Ajda   31 dec 2012 15:34   by Ajda
Hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight:) <3

Picture by Amanda Båhlström
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Carolines World | Ajda   26 dec 2012 17:16   by Ajda

SHOWstudio presents: Hatstand - by Nick Knight / Philip Treacy / Ruth Hogben

I found this video just now, after seeing Lady Gaga's/SHOWstudios christmas gift to their fans, haha. But this is a video made in collaboration with Philip Treacy and a celebration to his debut on the runway during London Fashion Week earlier this year! I'm quite in love with it, so I thought I'd share it with you!

And I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Merry Christmas darlings :) <3
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