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Premiered my new sunglasses today! Quite odd for me to wear them in this winter wonderland we have at the moment but given that Ix27ve been home sick for a few days + just finished an exam period I needed to hide away when I went outside today. Bought them on Darlings, I know Ix27m incredibly slow on updating this blog. Ix27ve had quite a hard time these past few months, that all was triggered by a heartbreak in the beginning of the sum...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 18:09 | Me | me fashion

Flying high above in a magic motion #2

Photo of me, by me
onsdag 12 dec 2012 kl 18:10 | Photo | photo fashion

Flying high above in a magic motion #1

Photo of me, by me :)
tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 19:32 | Photo | photo fashion

Latest Instagram

1. The first snow arrived today! :) // 2. I went to Swedish House Mafiax27s concert last Saturday and danced my ass off! // 3. Another photo from the concert! // 4. A picture from last week, when I participated in Loreenx27s Music video-shoot :)
torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 15:51 | Me | photo fashion

November day #1

As youx27ve probably noticed me and my friend Petter is quite fond of teaming up to photograph together. Herex27s a photo from our latest photoshoot! :) Ix27m wearing my new winter coat by the way! Photo by Petter.
fredag 9 nov 2012 kl 13:30 | Photo | photo fashion

Acne #2

Oh Ix27ve fallen in love with this knitted shirt!!!! So so so happy I was able to buy it, love the fit and the color! Wex27ll be rocking the winter together for sure :)
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 18:36 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Acne #1

Weho, bought myself a little treat today! Haha pun not intended, Ix27ll post pictures of my purchase soon!
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 18:20 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Walk walk fashion baby

Wiiie, these darlings just arrived today! Ordered them last week, been checking them out for a while. Or rather, Ix27ve been checking out a pair of Jeffrey Campbellx27s but they cost too much for me so I was really happy when I found these onex27s at! Ix27ll premiere them tomorrow and I wi
torsdag 4 okt 2012 kl 22:18 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Moi #3

The last photos from my photoshoot with my dear friend Petter Hägg. I wont bother you with posting more photos, but I really love all of them!
lördag 21 jul 2012 kl 15:57 | Photo | photo fashion

Moi #2

Photos taken by my friend, Petter Hägg!
fredag 20 jul 2012 kl 21:03 | Photo | photo fashion

Moi #1

Picture taken by my friend, Petter Hägg
fredag 20 jul 2012 kl 18:38 | Photo | photo fashion

Studded shorts / details

My new shorts from Gina Tricot! On these pictures Ix27ve matched them with a shirt from BikBok and studded shoes from More pictures of the whole outfit will be posted soon :)
fredag 6 jul 2012 kl 17:52 | Photo | photo fashion


Went shopping with my mum today! I got a lot of giftcards etc. for my birthday so I had to use them ;) I bought a dress from French Connection, a shirt from Warehouse, a puma-printed shirt from BikBok, new black jeans from Cheap Monday and last but certainately not least; a pair of shoes from Acne!
tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 20:06 | Fashion | Shopping fashion

Online shopping...

These items are on their way to me! :D Shorts and sunglasses from and the rosy shirt from (although I ordered one in black).
måndag 18 jun 2012 kl 20:20 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Outfit 19th of May

Jacket: Shirt: Got it from my mum Shorts: Levis Vintage (Cut them into shorts myself :)) Shoes: Converse Ring: Pow by AMBUSH P.S Sorry but I have to complain a bit! Itx27s a bit of a struggle to photograph yourself on the streets of Stockholm. First off we have the problems with the camera. When I finally find a place to put my camera I have to make sure the focus is right which take a lot of effort since I really donx27t have anyth...
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lördag 19 maj 2012 kl 21:22 | Outfit | outfit fashion

Outfit Details

Some details from todayx27s outfit. I havenx27t used my POW ring in such a long time! I used to wear it everyday before. Ix27ll post better pictures of my outfit soon :)
lördag 19 maj 2012 kl 19:12 | Outfit | outfit fashion

White Leather Jacket.

I bought this leather jacket a few weeks ago. I choose a bigger size so it would be a bit more oversized, and I love it! I plan on adding studs on it though, mainly on the collar. Anyways! What do you think? Ix27ll post a few more photos later :) I love photographing and this was but first time in a
lördag 12 maj 2012 kl 20:03 | Fashion | shopping fashion


Anna Dello Russo is going to design accessories for H&M! I believe the collection will be released this fall, but Ix27m not going to speculate on how the collection will look like or how successful it will be. I just had to post this video because I absolutely love her personality! :) To be honest,
torsdag 3 maj 2012 kl 12:01 | Fashion | h&m fashion


Hey lovers! Ix27m in town and just worked with my group for a school project :) anywho, Ix27m wearing my new baseball jacket I bought in Paris today! Together with my converse and play suit from So happy that spring is just around the corner!!!
tisdag 13 mar 2012 kl 12:35 | Outfit | Me outfit fashion

Walking in Stockholm.

So I took a walk around in my lovely city, all by myself ! Or well just around Sofo :) Had my camera with me so I photographed along my walk. Might post some photos later! Anyways, herex27s what I wore today. The sun was shining when I woke up and then I just had to put on my leather jacket for the first time this year. I had on like 3 shirts and 3 pair of tights so it wouldnx27t be so cold, haha... Jacket: bought in France Shoes: Dr. Martens Ti...
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måndag 27 feb 2012 kl 17:34 | Fashion | outfit fashion

Garance Doré / Pardon My French Episode 1

Really cute and funny webbTV Episode filmed during NY Fashion Week! :)
måndag 20 feb 2012 kl 22:17 | Fashion | fashion fashion week

To buy or not to buy?

Ix27ve been thinking of buying a militaryprinted jacket for over a year now....Ix27ve been thorn since Ix27m not sure I want to be supporting the military but I find the jackets to be really cool. Oh I donx27t know!!! Should I get one or not? What do you think? Photos 1&2: Jennifer and Linea photographed by Daniel Troyse for Stockholm Streetstyle Photos 3&4: Lady Gaga photographed by a fan during a show in 2010 and Kenza Zouiten photographed by...
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fredag 3 feb 2012 kl 17:31 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Me want!

Awesome bag from
torsdag 26 jan 2012 kl 18:15 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Emma Stone in Lanvin.

Wow. Wow. WOW. Emma Stone looked amazing on the Golden Globe awards last night! The Lanvin dress is so beautiful on her!! I loved her in Easy A, Niceville and my favourite Crazy, Stupid, Love. Shex27s someone Ix27d really like to meet one day! :) Anyhow, Ix27m amazed by her beauty...and she makes me want to color my hair red!! Watch more photos from the red carpet here. The photosource. Photographerx27s name is unknown. ...
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måndag 16 jan 2012 kl 18:14 | Fashion | emma stone lanvin outfit fashion

Topshop Sale.

Ix27ve checked out these pieces for a few weeks now, but choose to wait until the sale started. Ix27m thankful I did since I got them for 50% off the price! You find them both on Topshop!
onsdag 28 dec 2011 kl 20:31 | Fashion | shopping outfit fashion

Golden Clutch

Bought this lovely clutch/wallet yesterday! :) Itx27s much more golden and sparkly than on the pictures, so itx27s a perfect clutch/wallet to take with you to a party or a night out! And you have room for your phone and money. You find it at Urban Outfitters! :) P.S The magazine under is the Janua
fredag 16 dec 2011 kl 13:27 | Fashion | Shopping Fashion
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