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You're everywhere, can't tell if you're for real

Shirt: V Ave Shoe Repair, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Sunglasses:
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 20:45 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Time is steady still, I'm losing track, I'm dizzy, so amazing

Ix27m really late with posting these photos, but this is the first time Ix27ve had to edit them! I went to Gothenburg last weekend to attend P3 Guld. And this is how I looked :) Ix27ll post the full outfit soon <3
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 19:39 | Outfit | fashion outfit

In love 5 Ave Shoe Repair

My friend Emma and I went by a few shops today, and one of them was 5 Ave Shoe repair. WHY did we have to go in there and see all these flawless pieces of clothing? Fell in love with every single piece in there but especially the shirt Ix27m wearing in the photo above. I need it, I canx27t live with
onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 16:51 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Last night!

Went to the premiere of Breaking Dawn part two with Emilia last night! Had a great time and I did enjoy the movie ;) I wore a shirt from BikBok, tights from American Apparel, shoes from and a jacket from :)
onsdag 14 nov 2012 kl 17:01 | Outfit | me outfit

Outfit - part 2

Shirt: Zara, Playsuit (seen as shorts):, Shoes:, Jacket: bought in France a few years ago.
fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 21:31 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Outfit - part 1

Details from my outfit today! Ix27m going to a vernissage at Stockholmx27s museum of Modern Art tonight, but Ix27ll post pictures of my whole outfit soon!
fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 17:03 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Studded shorts!

fredag 6 jul 2012 kl 20:25 | Outfit | photo outfit

Sequin / details

This is how I will pair my new sequin shorts from High heels and a shirt with a lower back :) Pictures of the outfit as a whole is coming up later!
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 16:46 | Photo | photo outfit


So I finally get to premiere this outfit! Ix27ve been longing for the weather to get warmer :) and for tonight I braided my hair into a fishbone braid as well! Top from fashion against Aids for H&M Shorts from Topshop
lördag 26 maj 2012 kl 17:36 | Fashion | Fashion outfit


So I premièred my new jumpsuit I bought in Barcelona last night! Havenx27t showed you this one before because I knew I wanted to be all styled up to give the jumpsuit justice :) Anywho, I wore this to an event my mother arranged in/for her work (wonx27t go in to much in details though). Jumpsuit:
lördag 21 apr 2012 kl 13:55 | Outfit | fashion outfit

The shoes I'd like to wear to today..

I so wish I could wear my black high heels today! Would be perfect with my outfit...but unfortunately itx27s a cold and rainy day in Stockholm Ix27ll have to wait before I première them :) P.S Donx27t mind the fact that Ix27m not wearing any make-up, photographed the picture quickly th
torsdag 12 apr 2012 kl 14:45 | Outfit | fashion outfit


Hey lovers! Ix27m in town and just worked with my group for a school project :) anywho, Ix27m wearing my new baseball jacket I bought in Paris today! Together with my converse and play suit from So happy that spring is just around the corner!!!
tisdag 13 mar 2012 kl 12:35 | Outfit | Me outfit fashion

Photo #1

I went for another photo-walk yesterday together with a friend. Herex27s a photo my friend took! Ix27ll post more of my photos later, I was really happy with some of them :) Photo by Petter Hägg
lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 14:44 | Photo | me outfit photo

Black and white

söndag 26 feb 2012 kl 22:33 | Photo | photo outfit

Can we fast forward to spring?

Shorts: Topshop Shirt: Forever 21
lördag 25 feb 2012 kl 20:02 | Fashion | photo outfit

Emma Stone in Lanvin.

Wow. Wow. WOW. Emma Stone looked amazing on the Golden Globe awards last night! The Lanvin dress is so beautiful on her!! I loved her in Easy A, Niceville and my favourite Crazy, Stupid, Love. Shex27s someone Ix27d really like to meet one day! :) Anyhow, Ix27m amazed by her beauty...and she makes me want to color my hair red!! Watch more photos from the red carpet here. The photosource. Photographerx27s name is unknown. ...
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måndag 16 jan 2012 kl 18:14 | Fashion | emma stone lanvin outfit fashion

Portrait of me.

Photo by Petter Hägg
onsdag 4 jan 2012 kl 19:34 | Photo | photo outfit

My New Year's dress.

So, herex27s the dress Ix27m planning to wear on New Yearx27s Eve! If only I figure out where to go, my closests friends seem to either already be abroad or be leaving in a few days. Anywho, the dress is from Beyond Retro! A vintage store in Sweden. I bought it a few years ago since I couldnx27t bea
torsdag 29 dec 2011 kl 18:43 | Outfit | new year outfit photo

Topshop Sale.

Ix27ve checked out these pieces for a few weeks now, but choose to wait until the sale started. Ix27m thankful I did since I got them for 50% off the price! You find them both on Topshop!
onsdag 28 dec 2011 kl 20:31 | Fashion | shopping outfit fashion

Last night.

Went out with some friends last night! Had a lot of fun and danced until everyone else got too drunk, haha. I hate that some canx27t have fun without alcohol and when they get too drunk they ruin it for everyone else...oh well had a great time as long as it lasted :)
måndag 26 dec 2011 kl 14:03 | Me | me outfit

Tonight's Outfit!

So, inspired by the picture of Rooney Mara Ix27m rocking my black playsuit from, a tight knot hairstyle and red lips tonight! :)
fredag 16 dec 2011 kl 20:06 | Fashion | photo outfit


Two pictures of me and my sister last Saturday, when we celebrated her birthday! :D I was finally permitted to attend her birthday party she has with her friends every year, haha. Shex27s 10 years older than me so Ix27ve always been the cute little sister throughout the years ;) Anyhow, I had a grea
måndag 5 dec 2011 kl 14:37 | Me | me outfit

"Love is the new denim or black"

måndag 21 nov 2011 kl 18:40 | Photo | Photo Outfit

Outfit Thursday

Shorts from Cheap Monday, the shirt is from VeroModa (I it from a friend on my birthday :)) and ballerinas from Converse
söndag 3 jul 2011 kl 19:09 | Outfit | Cheap Monday Converse Outfit

Outfit Wednesday

Shortsdress from Bikbok and shoes from Converse
lördag 2 jul 2011 kl 18:48 | Outfit | bikbok shortsdress outfit

Yesterday's outfit

Shortsdress from Malene Birger and necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I had some friends over for dinner to celebrate my birthday (turned 19 on june 13th) and this was my outfit! :)
söndag 19 jun 2011 kl 15:49 | Outfit | malene birger marc by marc jacobs outfit

Details Outfit

Here are details of my outfit today. Rings from Accessorize and StylebyTyra, transparant shirt with stars from Forever21/bought in Kuala Lumpur. The whole outfit is coming up!
fredag 18 mar 2011 kl 15:03 | Other | today's outfit
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