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Dead in the Water

Youx27ve seen this all before Life left on the shore Wex27re smiling all the same You sail away again
onsdag 20 feb 2013 kl 12:03 | Editorials | fashion photo


As some of you probably now, all the A/W 13 Fashion Weeks have started! Stockholm had theirs in the beginning of the week. Either way, being the BJØRG Jewellery fan that I am, I follow their instagram and I was stunned when I saw this photo from the preparation for their show in Copenhagen. Ix27m so in love with these ankle cuffs (if thatx27s indeed what they are, might have just been sneaking on a bracelet) so I had to share them with you. Imagi...
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söndag 3 feb 2013 kl 22:51 | Fashion | fashion inspiration

You're everywhere, can't tell if you're for real

Shirt: V Ave Shoe Repair, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Sunglasses:
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 20:45 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Time is steady still, I'm losing track, I'm dizzy, so amazing

Ix27m really late with posting these photos, but this is the first time Ix27ve had to edit them! I went to Gothenburg last weekend to attend P3 Guld. And this is how I looked :) Ix27ll post the full outfit soon <3
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 19:39 | Outfit | fashion outfit

We've got our obsessions.

Premiered my new sunglasses today! Quite odd for me to wear them in this winter wonderland we have at the moment but given that Ix27ve been home sick for a few days + just finished an exam period I needed to hide away when I went outside today. Bought them on Darlings, I know Ix27m incredibly slow on updating this blog. Ix27ve had quite a hard time these past few months, that all was triggered by a heartbreak in the beginning of the sum...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 18:09 | Me | me fashion


Canx27t describe how much I love these sunglasses! Ix27ve stared at these pictures for a while now...I just found the designer Lara Jensen, thanks to Lady Gaga wearing her designs. Click here to read more about the S/S13 collection Mary photographed by Philip Meech for Lara Jensen SS13 Lookbook
söndag 16 dec 2012 kl 13:52 | Fashion | fashion inspiration

Flying high above in a magic motion #2

Photo of me, by me
onsdag 12 dec 2012 kl 18:10 | Photo | photo fashion

Flying high above in a magic motion #1

Photo of me, by me :)
tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 19:32 | Photo | photo fashion

Spring/Summer 13'

I find myself googling x225 Ave Shoerepair S/S13x22 way too much recently. Obsessed isnx27t enough to describe my love for this collection. The printst!! The cuts!! Canx27t wait for it to arrive in the store so I can at least try something on...itx27s just so magical :) Photos from Jimmy Guo
tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 09:27 | Fashion | fashion inspiration

Latest Instagram

1. The first snow arrived today! :) // 2. I went to Swedish House Mafiax27s concert last Saturday and danced my ass off! // 3. Another photo from the concert! // 4. A picture from last week, when I participated in Loreenx27s Music video-shoot :)
torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 15:51 | Me | photo fashion

In love 5 Ave Shoe Repair

My friend Emma and I went by a few shops today, and one of them was 5 Ave Shoe repair. WHY did we have to go in there and see all these flawless pieces of clothing? Fell in love with every single piece in there but especially the shirt Ix27m wearing in the photo above. I need it, I canx27t live with
onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 16:51 | Outfit | fashion outfit

November Day #3

Photo by Petter
söndag 11 nov 2012 kl 15:05 | Photo | fashion photo

November day #1

As youx27ve probably noticed me and my friend Petter is quite fond of teaming up to photograph together. Herex27s a photo from our latest photoshoot! :) Ix27m wearing my new winter coat by the way! Photo by Petter.
fredag 9 nov 2012 kl 13:30 | Photo | photo fashion

That jacket.

Excuse the unintended leopard-themed posts in a row, haha! Emma looks flawless in the picture of course but holy scheiße this jacket is amazing!! Need it. NEED. The brand is Rika and the prize..... Photo: Emma Elwin
söndag 4 nov 2012 kl 22:29 | Fashion | fashion photo

Acne #2

Oh Ix27ve fallen in love with this knitted shirt!!!! So so so happy I was able to buy it, love the fit and the color! Wex27ll be rocking the winter together for sure :)
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 18:36 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Acne #1

Weho, bought myself a little treat today! Haha pun not intended, Ix27ll post pictures of my purchase soon!
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 18:20 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Outfit - part 2

Shirt: Zara, Playsuit (seen as shorts):, Shoes:, Jacket: bought in France a few years ago.
fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 21:31 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Outfit - part 1

Details from my outfit today! Ix27m going to a vernissage at Stockholmx27s museum of Modern Art tonight, but Ix27ll post pictures of my whole outfit soon!
fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 17:03 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Gaga x Versace x Terry

I just canx27t get over how mesmerizing this picture is to me! She looks so flaw free, working her Donatella inspired look! Photo of Lady Gaga wearing Versace at Versace familyx27s apartment, taken by Terry Richardson
fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 14:47 | Fashion | fashion inspiration

Walk walk fashion baby

Wiiie, these darlings just arrived today! Ordered them last week, been checking them out for a while. Or rather, Ix27ve been checking out a pair of Jeffrey Campbellx27s but they cost too much for me so I was really happy when I found these onex27s at! Ix27ll premiere them tomorrow and I wi
torsdag 4 okt 2012 kl 22:18 | Fashion | shopping fashion

Mugler SS13

I was extremely fascinated by these creations from Muglerx27s S/S13 that they showed during Fashion Week! I love the whole collection, but the pieces in the pictures above really caught my attention! check it out on
söndag 30 sep 2012 kl 18:39 | Fashion | fashion

If only..

..I lived somewhere warmer. Would really like to rock some of these outfits now in this pre-autumn/late-summer time. Ix27ve fallen quite hard for all types of hats in combination with a darker red +black color and chunky boots. Leopard prints is always in the mix, every time I go shopping I seem to be drawn to that print in various combinations and colours. My weakness, haha. But because of the cold degrees the weather gods are providing Sweden a...
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söndag 9 sep 2012 kl 13:17 | Fashion | fashion inspiration

House of Holland AW12

I have this big love for House of Hollandx27s designs, Ix27m having trouble defining why but each season I fell more and more in love with his creations. I suppose itx27s the playfulness of each outfit :) The photos above were found on House of Hollands FB page, they are backstage/behind the scenes photos which I always find to be more inspirational than the catwalk images. However, to see the whole AW 12 collection check it out the website here....
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fredag 7 sep 2012 kl 17:09 | Fashion | fashion


So I decided to do a remake of the nails I did for Gagax27s concert! The result was so much better this time, probably because I was a lot more patient with it. I bought fake nail x22tipsx22, so itx27s more like a lengthening of the nails. As I decided to go a bit crazy with the length of my nail I
torsdag 6 sep 2012 kl 15:35 | Fashion | fashion beauty

Niki Hajdu for Marie Claire Hungary

Photo by Zoltan Tombor
onsdag 15 aug 2012 kl 18:02 | Editorials | fashion editorial

Lazy Oaf.

Oh my, Ix27m in love! I found this website via the blog Niotillfem, and they have a Batman inspired collection that is just fabulous! Yes I might have seen the new Batman Movie, twice, in one week... I want to have the shirt in the picture, right now. And this backpack bag as well. And they also sell the coolest pairs of JCx27s. If only my wallet loved these items as much as I do... ...
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söndag 5 aug 2012 kl 12:35 | Fashion | fashion shopping

Any tips?

Ix27m going to Gagax27s concert in Stockholm in a few weeks, and I plan on wearing some fake/artificial nails to the event (Paws up and all that jazz). However, Ix27m completely new in the world of fake I wonder, do you have some tips for me maybe? What kind is the best one? Should I put on the nails before I paint or the other way around? Ix27m not sure if I really want to have the longer spiky nails (as seen on Gaga in the picture) b...
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lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 17:03 | Editorials | fashion

Moi #3

The last photos from my photoshoot with my dear friend Petter Hägg. I wont bother you with posting more photos, but I really love all of them!
lördag 21 jul 2012 kl 15:57 | Photo | photo fashion
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