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Darlings! From now on youx27ll be able to follow my blog here: And herex27s links to my social medias: Facebook , Twitter & Instagram
torsdag 28 feb 2013 kl 21:21 | Me | me info

This time we'll turn around and say the words that make us heal.

I donx27t know if anyone of you remember my post about my film-idea? (if you want to read it, click here) Even how much I tried to disregard it, I just couldnx27t get rid of the idea, . The storyline changed and developed from day to day. Then I heard Loreenx27s album after its release in October and one song triggered my thoughts about the film I had a storyline, a solid idea and a song that would complement it all, the only thing I ...
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tisdag 15 jan 2013 kl 19:10 | Photo | me photo

We've got our obsessions.

Premiered my new sunglasses today! Quite odd for me to wear them in this winter wonderland we have at the moment but given that Ix27ve been home sick for a few days + just finished an exam period I needed to hide away when I went outside today. Bought them on Darlings, I know Ix27m incredibly slow on updating this blog. Ix27ve had quite a hard time these past few months, that all was triggered by a heartbreak in the beginning of the sum...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 18:09 | Me | me fashion

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight:) Amanda Båhlström
måndag 31 dec 2012 kl 15:34 | Me | me weekday

Last night!

Went to the premiere of Breaking Dawn part two with Emilia last night! Had a great time and I did enjoy the movie ;) I wore a shirt from BikBok, tights from American Apparel, shoes from and a jacket from :)
onsdag 14 nov 2012 kl 17:01 | Outfit | me outfit


Rocking this look at a Halloween party tonight! A few days late I know :) Well, I suppose you see what Ix27m dressing up as? A leopard indeed :) Have a great friday night darlings!
fredag 2 nov 2012 kl 19:17 | Me | me photo


Ix27m sure some of you, if not all of you, know how annoying it is when you wake up, realize you have a good hair day + that your face actually works perfectly when you put make up on, but then youx27re only going to school. Seems like such a waste, so I thought Ix27d post some pictures on the blog so I could remember it ;) And Ix27m currently living at my dadx27s place because they are renovating some things at mine/my mumx27s apartment, which r...
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måndag 24 sep 2012 kl 20:06 | Photo | me photo

Princess high

I have this idea, of making a tiny short film. I had a dream the other night about it and now I canx27t get rid of the idea. It would be really challenging and fun to try to create the film. I remember when I was a kid, or around maybe 11 years old, and my dad had bought our first videocamera (this was before you could film via digital cameras or mobile phones), so me and my best friend at the time made all these different kinds of movies. Some w...
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onsdag 19 sep 2012 kl 22:38 | Me | me inspiration

11th of September.

11 year anniversary of 9/11. A day we will never forget. I recently saw the film x22Extremely loud and incredibly closex22 which is about a young boy who deals with the grief of his father who died in one of the towers. I was really affected by that movie and I suppose thatx27s partially why I found myself reflecting over it a lot today. How all the last calls where filled with love and their last good-byes. How this day changed the way our world...
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tisdag 11 sep 2012 kl 20:08 | Me | me


So, my school has started again(or it started yesterday). Had the longest summer break of my life, haha. Anywho, just thought Ix27d write and say hi! My business marketing lecture Ix27ve had for the past 2,5 hours is starting to get boring!
torsdag 6 sep 2012 kl 18:38 | Me | me weekday

Concert Lady Gaga part 2

Here are a few photos from last night! Ix27m still in a sort of post-concert syndrome state so I just, canx27t describe my experience in words right now (if ever)!
fredag 31 aug 2012 kl 22:09 | Music | me music

Concert Lady Gaga part 1

Here are some photos from the queue yesterday (and the only photos of me taken that day)! I queued for Lady Gagax27s concert from 10 am and since my sister had to work I was there by myself. I did however meet so many lovely little monsters there (especially you, Magma & Aqua ;))!!! And the concert then? Holy shit words canx27t describe how good it was!!! And I managed to get into the Monsterpit (the closest standing area to the stage)!! I loved ...
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fredag 31 aug 2012 kl 21:05 | Music | me music


This is the front of the jacket! Ix27m sort of finished with the studs (I think, might add some on the back later) and today I started with the print on the back! :) To be continued
söndag 26 aug 2012 kl 19:33 | Fashion | me shopping


Ix27m working on putting studs on my white leather vest. Lady Gagax27s concert is next week so it has to be ready by then. I will add a print on the back as well, youx27ll see the end result later! :)
torsdag 23 aug 2012 kl 15:42 | Fashion | shopping me


It hasnx27t been easy living with a broken heart, far from it, but itx27s nice to realize that there are more and more moments when I feel happy and whole than moments where I feel sad and broken. And see how much I grow and learn more about myself with an experience like this, or well with all new experiences really. I know it probably is quite annoying not knowing my story but just wanted to express some thoughts:) Ix27m blasting this song by M...
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tisdag 14 aug 2012 kl 16:14 | Music | me music


A few of my latest updates on Instagram! Photo 1: Ix27ve started the process of taking a driver license. So Ix27ve been practising a lot this summer, hence the x22practice driverx22 sign on the car. Photo 2: I have a tendency of going to the cinema a lot, and last week I managed to see The Dark Knight Rises twice! Loved it! Photo 3: My knee has been bothering me on and off for about maybe 6 months. I never had excruciating pain until, maybe two ...
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onsdag 8 aug 2012 kl 14:50 | Me | me photo


Ix27m sorry for my absence! It has happened a few things in my personal life so I havenx27t been so inspired to blog and I hate forcing posts. Very cryptic, I know, but Ix27m not fond of sharing information like this. Ix27ll be back as soon as my heart feels a little bit better Instagram/Twitter/Facebook! Or my inspirational tumblr blog: thelovesphere. Photo by Petter...
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lördag 28 jul 2012 kl 20:50 | Photo | me photo

Croatia part three

Some mandatory pictures from the beach! :) In the first photo (top left) you see x22ourx22 lunch restaurant on the esplanade. Opatija is located on the side of a mountain and has several x22levelsx22 if you like. Therex27s a main street going through the city with paths going up to places located hi
torsdag 12 jul 2012 kl 20:19 | Me | me travel

Croatia part two

Some more photos taken in the wonderful city Opatija, in Croatia! Ix27ve been in Opatija 4-5 times now and I truly recommend you guys to go there :) Itx27s a small but very beautiful city, filled with nice places and a lovely beach walk! From top left; Photo 1: Me and my dad being beautiful Photo 2: The harbour located near our hotel :) Photo 3: Milenji Hotel Sv. Jacob, a gorgeous looking hotel Ix27m sure is expensive to stay in... Photo 4: On...
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torsdag 12 jul 2012 kl 14:56 | Me | me travel

Croatia part one

A collection of photos from my vacation to Opatija, Croatia. Herex27s some pictures taken during our evening walks, passing by some lovely sights and motives to photograph. Itx27s my brother in the picture on the top right :)
tisdag 10 jul 2012 kl 18:27 | Photo | me travel

Home sweet home!

Ix27m back home after a wonderful week in Croatia! I love the Adriatic ocean so I canx27t even begin to tell you how great it was to be able to swim in it every day. And then all the lovely food, and Ice-cream and peach flavoured Ice-tea. and...I promise to update you with photos from my vacation du
måndag 9 jul 2012 kl 20:40 | Editorials | me travel


My absolute favourite song by our lovely Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen is the song named Sober! Ix27ve loved it since I heard it the first time last fall, and I canx27t stop loving it. A song I listen to on repeat now and then but I havenx27t gotten tired of it yet :) Enjoy!
söndag 8 jul 2012 kl 19:01 | Editorials | music me

Hello Croatia!

Ix27m on my way to Croatia! :D Canx27t wait for a week filled with good food, heat, sun, swimming and just enjoying life. Ix27ve queued posts for you while Ix27m gone and there will be at least two posts per day this week. Ix27m not sure how well the internet connection at the hotel will work so pic
måndag 2 jul 2012 kl 11:24 | Me | me


Ix27m going to Croatia on Monday, really really really early morning and Ix27ve slowly started to plan what Ix27m going to pack. Swimwear are essential for a summer vacation and in my case itx27s bikinis only. I realized today when I was sorting through my not so modest collection of swimwear that I only have bikinis and the majority of them are of the same model. I tend to buy myself a new bikini every year...and then clean out some old onex27s ...
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torsdag 28 jun 2012 kl 20:17 | Editorials | me travel

Midsummer Eve

Had a wonderful midsummer celebration with my friends. Enjoyed nice food, music, dancing, drinking, yeah just really had a genuinely fun evening! Including playing pranks on a few friends, but that story is way too long to write down, haha!
söndag 24 jun 2012 kl 14:55 | Me | me

Glad midsommar/ happy midsummer!

fredag 22 jun 2012 kl 16:07 | Me | Me


Had some friends over last night to celebrate my birthday! :) I baked cupcakes and a triple chocolate cake and also served macarones, strawberries and other yummy things. Had such a nice time and I truly have such lovely friends. <3 (I was lucky enough to borrow my sisterx27s lovely apartment, so
torsdag 14 jun 2012 kl 21:29 | Me | me


So! I rarely get a chance to blog during the days nowadays...apparently...anyways, herex27s some of my latest instagram photos. Or well, some may be a week old or so :) from the top row, left side: Ph 1: relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, unfortunately that weather is no longer with us... Ph2: Ix27m planning on taking my drivers license this summer! So Ix27ve started x22studyingx22 and had my first lesson yesterday :) Ph3: me and my frie...
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onsdag 6 jun 2012 kl 02:28 | Me | Me weekday photo

Some 1am thoughts...

Itx27s funny, isnx27t it? How you can get so attached to a blogger. She or hex27s in some ways a source of inspiration, of joy, of laughter, of tears. They become your friend in a weird way. You know them pretty well. You know their friends names, who their boyfriend or girlfriend is, what they do for a living and how they spend their friday nights. My absolute favourite blogger is a woman named Sandra. Ix27ve read her blog for about 4 years now,...
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måndag 4 jun 2012 kl 00:54 | Me | me

An everlasting piece of art

I donx27t know why, but therex27s something about this picture I really like :) Photo was taken a while ago!
torsdag 31 maj 2012 kl 18:56 | Outfit | photo me
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