baby beauty

Carolines blog   26 mar 2015 16:47   by Caroline Blomst
There are a bunch of great mild/eco baby beauty products out there. Here are some we've stocked up on for baby B.

1. Natusan baby powder - smells like fresh baby. Yum, yum, yum!
2. Maria Åkerberg Baby Lotion in rose/lavender.
3. Maria Åkerberg Baby Bath in Honey/Orange. Love, love, love the scent of this one.
4. Sophie la Giraffe hair and body wash.
5. Burt's Bees Baby Bee diaper ointment.

Towel from Classic Textiles of Sweden and unicorn from JellyCat.

hair talk

Carolines blog   25 mar 2015 12:40   by Caroline Blomst
It's really a big difference between hair straigtheners and hair straigtheners. Having tried a few over the years GA.MA makes my favorite ones. GA.MA also won a lot of awards for their hair products so it's not only me. Now they have launched this new model here in sweden - Starlight Platinum. I've tried it and what I really like about it is that it heats up instantly and you can choose the temperature which is great, it's also small so it's great for travel.

I also always use GA.MA's own protection spray before straighening or drying with blowdryer, the spray is light weight and you can't feel it (very important for me) and it makes the hair feel swooshy!

PS! Läs artikeln på svenska genom att byta språk uppe i högra hörnet av sidan! DS.

mama and baby bee

Carolines blog   19 mar 2015 12:52   by Caroline Blomst
Burts Bees baby and mama products are so cute and also 100% natural. I have the Diaper Ointment for baby and body oil and foot/leg cream for myself. The cloud blanket is from FargForm.
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