Carolines blog   9 jan 2015 16:30   by Caroline Blomst
My top 5 hydration sources for the skin. 1. Water, the most essential one. Water makes wonder for the skin. 2. Ice Water collagen gel pads from ToGoSpa. These are perfect to feel more avake and to depuff the eye area. 3. Skin Hydrating Booster from Dermalogica. I use this fluid before the moisturizer, perfect for dry skin. 4. Hydrationist from Estée Lauder. A nice gel-ish creme that hydrates! 5. Skin Hydrating Masque from Dermalogica. This masque helps fight wrinkles and makes your skin feel super hydrated.

new year - new hair

Beauty   30 dec 2014 15:14   by Caroline Blomst
Rosie Huntington Whiteley just cut her long hair into a lob (long bob). It looks just perfect and starting 2015 and upcoming spring with a fresh hair-do is just the right thing to do!

Rosie instagrammed: “Ready for 2015 equipped with a fresh new do! Thank you to my favourite brother sister hair duo…@georgenorthwood @sallynorthwood #ShortHairDontCare #GeorgeNorthwood #SallyNorthwood #BeThereOrHaveBadHair”
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b. balenciaga

Carolines blog   30 dec 2014 14:08   by Caroline Blomst
B. Balenciaga Eau de Parfym is Alexander Wang's first perfume for the brand. It's a green and woody scent that smells fresh and soft (imagine: cashmere and lily of the valley). It's sophisticated, sensual and feminine. The bottle has a clear design that mirrors Balenciaga's classic aesthetics. It has a texture of frosted glass and a plate inspired by marble. The scent itself has a pink-ish hue. It's both a pleasure to smell and look at.
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