fueguia perfumes

Beauty   3 sep 2014 10:54   by Caroline Blomst
The Argentinean perfumery house - Fueguia 1833 Patagonia Laboratorio de Perfume - recently launched here in Sweden. The founder and scent creator Julian Bedel makes unique scents with inspiration from the rich nature of Patagonia in his own lab in Buenos Aires. The perfumes are lovely and pure, each perfume is hand made and tapped in a recycled glass bottle made of recycled glass. The labels are handwritten and each bottle is unique. Smelling the perfumes is really a scent experience.

Read more about Fueguia here. In Stockholm you can smell and shop the scents at NK.

in the shower

Carolines blog   18 jul 2014 12:22   by Caroline Blomst
Right now here are my favorite products. Naobay shower gel, Special Clensing Gel from Dermalogica (for the face), shampoo and conditioner from Redken.


Carolines blog   10 jul 2014 10:17   by Caroline Blomst
1. For them perfect lips, Carmex lipbalm
2. Mai Tai Spritzer, for those just woke up waves.
3. The perfect palette of eyeshadows from Burberry.
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