eco beauty

Carolines blog   13 mar 2015 13:05   by Caroline Blomst
Swedish Maria Åkerberg makes ecological beauty products, both skincare and makeup. Above are my three favorite makeup products. Two eyeshadows, one in a soft pink and one in a soft brown, they work really great together. I also like the rouge that can double as an eye shadow and has the perfect shade when you're sunkissed. You can for example find the products here.

Rouge in Caramel (new for spring15)
Eye Shadow Pink
Eye Shadow Mocca

spring beauty

Carolines blog   2 mar 2015 12:24   by Caroline Blomst
Spring is all about feeling and looking fresh. Here are three items I can't be without.

1. For those perfect spring fresh nails. Dior's Muguet and their gel top coat.
2. The lip oil from Clarins, my lips love it!
3. And the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector also from Clarins, a lip balm with a hint of color. I wear their #2 in coral. Love it!

locobase repair

Carolines blog   20 feb 2015 11:05   by Caroline Blomst
MY BEAUTY FAVORITES Locobase repair is an all round creme for dry, brittle and damaged skin. I use this on my lips, my hands and cuticles, my feet and around my eye area and I also blend it into my regular moisturizer when I need it (especially during the winter months). I'd say this one is a great budget version of Dermalogicas Super Rich Repair. Although this one you can also use on the lips, on your nipples and on your newborn baby. The creme is free from perfume, colorants and preservatives. And you only need a small amount, it lasts forever. A tube of 30g costs just under 50 kr (approx 5 euro).

PS. För svenska, byt språk högst upp i högra hörnet av sidan! DS.
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