4 x eye

Carolines blog   16 okt 2014 12:12   by Caroline Blomst
The delicare skin arund the eyes need some extra attention. Here are four of my favorite products.

1. Embryolisse Radiant Eye. This little stick is almost feels like an icecube when you glide it on to the eye area. It gives that cooling effect and a bit of moist.
2. Collagen Gel Pads from ToGo Spa. These gel pads are just too great. I keep mine in the fridge for extra result. They really depuff and makes the eye area feel great.
3. Skin Perfection Eye Awakening Creme from L'Oréal. The packaging does not really appeal (not to me anyway) but it's what's inside that counts so... The creme is rich and slightly tinted and helps fight tired eyes. It feels great on the skin and it smells nice.
4. Estelle & Thild Antioxidant Eye Creme. A creme filled with organic super berries and antioxidants that fights damaged skin.

crimped pony

Beauty   13 okt 2014 09:19   by Caroline Blomst
The semi crimped pony tails at Stella McCartney caught my eye, both backstage and after the show. Small crimped parts brings that pony to life!

a magic duo

Carolines blog   8 okt 2014 10:31   by Caroline Blomst
Estelle & Thild's new series BioDefence includes a magic duo with a serum and an oil that gives a more youthful and radiant apperance. The products are 100 % organic and is packed with anitoxidant and nutrients. The products can be used one and one but together they are amazing! Also when you mix them you can decide just the right amount of oil/serum for your skin. Daytime I like one part oil and two serum for example but now for winter when the skin gets drier I'm gonna go for one part of each.

Multi Nutrient Youth Oil - is designed to correct the early signs of aging and hydrates the skin from the inside for a youthful glow.

Multi Action Youth Serum - Organic goes high tech in this antioxidant rich serum. Invigorate and repair oxidative damage at the deepest layers of the dermis for a younger and more radiant glow.
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