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Carolines blog   11 nov 2014 12:38   by Caroline Blomst
Porter Magazine winter issue and jewelry from Maria Black (an earcuff and a simple bangle with a small chain detail).

Eyeko Me and My Shadow

Beauty   10 nov 2014 14:17   by Caroline Blomst
My new favorites in my makeup case are these eyeshadow pens from Alexa Chung x Eyeko. They come in a range of three very wearable shades; taupe, charcoal and chocolate and makes an everyday smokey eye in just seconds. They slide on easy, are easy to blend and they are waterproof so they'll last long.

Lazy Sunday Morning

Carolines blog   3 nov 2014 12:25   by Caroline Blomst
Margielas new Replica fragrance called 'Lazy Sunday Morning' smells like soft skin and bed linen. This sound like a real great one, need to try it! Have you tried it?
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