cleansing system

Beauty   4 feb 2015 13:57   by Caroline Blomst
The new cleansing system 'BioCleanse' from swedish eco brand Estelle & Thild sure is worth a try. It's gentle but does the job. My favorite is the toner that is infuesed with vitamins and active enzymes. It's hydrating and makes the skin look and feel healthy.

keepin' it fresh

Beauty   2 feb 2015 17:30   by Caroline Blomst
Bye bye winter dull-ness. It's almost spring and I'm in the mood for stuff that makes me glow. Here are some of my favorites for pampering and keeping it fresh!

1. The Gel Coat from Dior. I can't be without it. I'm hooked. It almost gives a gel like top coat, super glossy and the manicure lasts so much longer.
2. Maybellines new Sensational multiplying mascara. It gives and illusion of thicker and more lashes without doing them clumpy. Perfect! I also love the pale pink packaging color.
3. The Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica. It's a powder you blend with water and then rub around in your face and washes off. This micacle poweder makes the skin feel baby new.
4. Teint Miracle foundation from Lancome. At the end of winter I'm pale and I find that Lancomes shades 005 and 010 (I mix them) are the only shades that are pale and beige enough to do the trick for my skin tone. They are not orang-y, not pink, not yellow, but beige and that is hard to find.
5. Försvarets Hudsalva, a swedish little secret. A cream that you can use everywhere, I moisturize my lips and cuticles with it. Best thing that it now comes in a practical little bag friendly tube.

PS. En svensk version av sidan byter du till högst uppe i högra hörnet! DS.

shine lover

Beauty   2 feb 2015 12:50   by Caroline Blomst
New Shine Lover from Lancome gives moisture and provides a smooth and glossy finish. The perfect lipstick for dry and dull winter lips that need an instant spring refresh! My favorite is #136 which is a bit coral/orange-ish, it looks real nice on and the lips get that natural sexy moist look. All in all there are 15 shades to choose from.
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