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hair talk

Itx27s really a big difference between hair straigtheners and hair straigtheners. Having tried a few over the years GA.MA makes my favorite ones. GA.MA also won a lot of awards for their hair products so itx27s not only me. Now they have launched this new model here in sweden - Starlight Platinum. Ix27ve tried it and what I really like about it is that it heats up instantly and you can choose the temperature which is great, itx27s also small so i...
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onsdag 25 mar 2015 kl 12:40 | beauty | favorites beauty hair

mama and baby bee

Burts Bees baby and mama products are so cute and also 100% natural. I have the Diaper Ointment for baby and body oil and foot/leg cream for myself. The cloud blanket is from FargForm.
torsdag 19 mar 2015 kl 12:52 | baby | pregnancy baby shopping beauty

keepin' it fresh

Bye bye winter dull-ness. Itx27s almost spring and Ix27m in the mood for stuff that makes me glow. Here are some of my favorites for pampering and keeping it fresh! 1. The Gel Coat from Dior. I canx27t be without it. Ix27m hooked. It almost gives a gel like top coat, super glossy and the manicure lasts so much longer. 2. Maybellines new Sensational multiplying mascara. It gives and illusion of thicker and more lashes without doing them clumpy. ...
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måndag 2 feb 2015 kl 17:30 | favorites | beauty beautytalk favorites essentials

it's a lip thing

My favorite lip balms as of right now. Top 5 (in no particular order). 1. Rouge Dior Baume in 538 Boreale - this one adds a hint of the perfect coral shade 2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner - a regular conditioner for everyday 3. Chanel Rogue Coco Baume - a clear balm in a nice package 4. Nuxe Reve de Miel - moisturizer packed with honey and sunflower 5. Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme - because it really works...
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onsdag 21 jan 2015 kl 13:52 | favorites | makeup beauty favorites


My top 5 hydration sources for the skin. 1. Water, the most essential one. Water makes wonder for the skin. 2. Ice Water collagen gel pads from ToGoSpa. These are perfect to feel more avake and to depuff the eye area. 3. Skin Hydrating Booster from Dermalogica. I use this fluid before the moisturizer, perfect for dry skin. 4. Hydrationist from Estée Lauder. A nice gel-ish creme that hydrates! 5. Skin Hydrating Masque from Dermalogica. This masque...
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fredag 9 jan 2015 kl 16:30 | beauty | beauty beautytalk favorites essentials

max factor

Max Factor fyller 100 år och har därför skapat olika looker för olika årtionden att inspireras av. Den femte och sista looken är inspirerad av Farah Fawcett och 70-talets glamour. Det är en varm och sexig look med glöd! Så här gjorde jag för att hitta stilen. Som bas har jag Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation i nyansen #Warm Almond, den här krämiga foundationen ger en perfekt hy och är superlätt att applicera! På kindbenen och på tinningarna ha...
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lördag 20 dec 2014 kl 11:36 | beauty | beauty face beautytalk makeup max factor

the beauty wishlist

1. SK-II Cellumination Essence EX, a brightening serum that evens tone and promotes a luminous, natural-looking glow. 2. Beach Stick in x27Moonbeachx27 by Charlotte Tilbury - I need it! 3. A nude eyeshadowpalette with eight eprfect shades. From 4. Essie x27Prima Ballerinax27. The perfect flawless naturally pale pink. An everyday beauty essential, 5. Diptyque candles - Pomander and Fue de Bois are the perfect duo for the season...
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onsdag 26 nov 2014 kl 11:11 | beauty | beauty beautytalk wishlist

3 x lip thing-ies

Get that pout going with these great lip products! 1. Bliss Fab Lips Sugar Lip Scrub - a sugary lip scrub that makes dry lips all pouty and fresh again! 2. Un-wrinkle lip treatment from Peter Thomas Roth. Use twice daily and your lips will feel and look poufier, younger and any lines around the lips will become less visible. 3. Bombshell Lip Balm, a daily lip conditioner that leaves lips soft, sexy and kissable. From Peter Thomas Roth....
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måndag 17 nov 2014 kl 11:18 | beauty | beauty beautytalk lips

4 x eye

The delicare skin arund the eyes need some extra attention. Here are four of my favorite products. 1. Embryolisse Radiant Eye. This little stick is almost feels like an icecube when you glide it on to the eye area. It gives that cooling effect and a bit of moist. 2. Collagen Gel Pads from ToGo Spa. These gel pads are just too great. I keep mine in the fridge for extra result. They really depuff and makes the eye area feel great. 3. Skin Perfec...
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torsdag 16 okt 2014 kl 12:12 | beauty | beauty face beautytalk eyes

brow plumper

My new favorite beauty product: L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper. A colored (is also available in transparent) gel mascara for the brows that contains fibers (only the colored one) and makes the brows look fulller and keps them in place. Youx27ll find it at Nelly.
torsdag 11 sep 2014 kl 16:19 | beauty | makeup beauty favorites

the everyday facial scrubs

Two of my aboslute favorite face scrubs are these two above, the 7 Day Scrub from Clinique and Dermalogicax27s Daily Microfoliant. They are both gentle and fine to use everyday and I vary between them. They are quite different both in texture and feeling. Cliniques 7 Day Scrub is a regular scrub cream that you gently massage and then rinse off. This one is also Anja Rubikx27s favorite! After use the skin feels moisturized and clean. The Dermalogi...
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torsdag 4 sep 2014 kl 14:38 | face | beauty face beautytalk

eau de raisin

This 100 percent plant-based water - extracted directly from grapes during the harvests - soothes, refreshes, and hydrates the skin. The perfect face mist for summer. Itx27s from Caudalie who also makes another favorite of mine, the x27Beauty Elixirx27.
måndag 7 jul 2014 kl 21:23 | face | face beauty favorites

moroccan oil

Maroccan Oil is probably most known for their hair oil but they also have a great range of other hair care products. My favorite is the hair spray and I also use their paddle brush which is great.
fredag 27 jun 2014 kl 07:19 | hair | hair beauty favorites

travel kit

This little travel kit from Verso is perfect to pack for the weekend. It includes travel sized tubes of the Verso Foaming Cleanser, Verso Day Cream and Verso Night Cream.
måndag 9 jun 2014 kl 13:32 | favorites | travel beauty skincare

yves saint laurent fall 2014 makeup look

Leather and rock are the two big inspiration sources for YSLx27s fall makeup looks. The collection offers combinations of luxe textures and great colors. Black, red, bronze, grey and nude are the colors in focus. Above are: nail polish in Bleu Galuchat, a metallic blue/green/grey shade, the x27Palette Cuirs Fetichesx27 which besides nice shades also has a nice leather cover and the lipstick, x27Rouge pur Couture the Matsx27 in Red Rythm which is...
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tisdag 3 jun 2014 kl 16:57 | makeup | news beauty ysl

face favorites

Some of my absolute beauty favorites. I use the face mist and Embryolisse like every day. During summer I also add a sun protecting creme. I recently started using Ole Henriksens Truth serum and I really like it. At night I usually use Olio Russo. I always carry either the Papaw creme or Eight Hour creme with me, perfect for anything dry. And the SK II mask is the perfect moisture pick me up at any time. Youx27ll find my top faves below. !functi...
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måndag 2 jun 2014 kl 13:07 | beauty | favorites cult items beauty face

sunkiss jelly

Lx27Oréal Paris Casting Sunkiss Jelly is summer in a tube. Itx27s an leave -in-gel that gives your hair that sunkissed (two shades lighter) look without ammonia.
måndag 26 maj 2014 kl 15:02 | hair | news beauty hair

St. Tropez tanning products

Which is the best self tanner? Well, St. Tropez self tanning producs are my personal favorite. The perfect remedy for those pale winter legs (and rest of the body). I think their range of products gives the best natural result, a perfect tanned look that isnx27t orange. Ix27ve used their bronzing mousse for years, which is super easy to apply. I also like their new x27Self Tan Luxe Dry Oilx27 (as seen above) which gives a golden glow - this one w...
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fredag 16 maj 2014 kl 19:15 | beauty talk | beauty face body beautytalk

Tanaka Face Self Massage

The Tanaka face massage i a popular Japanese thing. It was created by Yukoka Tanaka, a Japanese make-up artist who used it to help actors maintain their youthful looks. This massage is (over time) supposed to give a healtier apperance, cleaner lines and skin that glow. There is a very helpful YouTub
måndag 31 mar 2014 kl 12:37 | beauty school | on my mind beauty face massage video

Embryolisse Eclat Du Regard Radiant Eye Treatment

The fine skin around the eye needs that little extra. This eye stick hydrates and brightens the eye area making the eyes look fresh and relaxed. For a cooling effect, store in the refrigerator.
tisdag 25 mar 2014 kl 11:59 | face | on my mind beauty face eyes

magnetic lash mascara

The Magnetic Lash mascara is now finally available in Sweden (at Kicks, price 249sek). This mascara maximizes the lashes by building them up with loads and loads of volume. And this one really works. When you buy it you acctually get two products, one mascara and one lash builder with fibers. Here is how you use the product: Step 1. Apply a thick and even coat of Magnetic Mascara onto clean lashes, making sure each lash is covered from base to t...
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tisdag 11 mar 2014 kl 13:34 | makeup | makeup beauty mascara news

the brow fix

Great brows are everything. Leading L.A. eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare is renowned for her transformative abilities and ‘golden ratio’ grooming technique. Brows that are perfectly proportioned flatter the face features. You can achieve salon standard results at home with the Anastasia symmetrical stencils, shadows and gels, all formulated to promote fuller, flattering and more youthful brows. (1) Clear Brow Gel. (2) Brow Wiz. (3) Precision Twe...
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tisdag 25 feb 2014 kl 20:17 | favorites | makeup beauty tools anastasia

my top 3

My top three beauty products for the face. The ones I use everyday. 1. Bioderma Crealine cleanser. 2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, a toner/serum. 3. Embryolisse moisturizer. ...
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onsdag 19 feb 2014 kl 15:18 | beauty | favorites cult items beauty paris french

beauty buys at the swedish pharmacy

With France all done letx27s continue with more pharmacies. Here are my favorites from the Swedish Pharmacy - Apoteket. Simple and totally fuss free products. Aco shower oil. An oil to use in the shower or in the bath. Makes your skin soft. This is like a must have for me during the winter months. Aco cleansing lotion and cleansing water. Removes make up and cleans the face. How to use: First the lotion and then the water. ACO Rich Care loti...
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onsdag 22 jan 2014 kl 20:04 | favorites | favorites cult items beauty sweden stockholm

at the french pharmacy

There are a whole bunch of great beauty products that can be found at the french pharmacys. Here are my top cult items that I stock up on while in Paris. ** Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellar ** A cleansing water that is THE cleansing water of the fashion world. A staple product for models and makeup artists world wide. The water now aslo comes in form of wet napkins, I like it! ** Nuxe Rive de Miel lip balm ** An ultra nourishing lip balm...
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söndag 19 jan 2014 kl 10:44 | favorites | favorites cult items beauty paris french

GUERLAIN Météorites

Pastels and spring goes hand in hand. Also spring is all about light and freshness. Guerlain captures that with their Meteorites Blossom makeup collection starring Natalia Vodianova. The collection includes an updated classic, the Meteorites Perles. The Meteorites Perles is an multi-coloured powder in form of pearls which are designed to give pure and endless glow on the skin. The perles now come in three new variations. How to apply: for a bo...
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fredag 17 jan 2014 kl 09:14 | makeup | news beauty makeup guerlain

kora organics

Kora Organics is an organic skin care and organic body care line created by model Miranda Kerr. The scented face oil x27Luxurious Rosehip Oilx27 from the line is on my x27to tryx27-list. It contains a blend of Noni Extract, Organic Rosehip and Jojoba, itx27s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids (which are the key to a youthful skin). It also hydrates and replenishes for that desirable radiant and healthy glow. Get the oil and the whole ...
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torsdag 16 jan 2014 kl 10:32 | face | on my mind beauty face oil kora organics

the jade face roller

The jade face roller works like a workout for the face. The roller tones and massages the facial muscles, encourages blood flow and gives good circulation, also the jade is said to have healing properties. If used regularly itx27s said to make skin and face look younger. It x27rolls outx27 toxins and fluids and is great for them under eye bags or dark circles. Itx27s also said to tighten pores. Store the roller in the fridge and use on your templ...
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söndag 12 jan 2014 kl 10:11 | product of the week | product of the week beauty tools face

glossybox x dagmar

Decemberx27s Glossybox (here in sweden) wears an outfit from Dagmar fall/winter. All boxes include a black eyeshadow from Emite that one can create the Dagmar fall look (marked eyebrows, and black parts of the hair) with!
fredag 29 nov 2013 kl 12:11 | makeup | glossybox beauty makeup dagmar


Three beauty things to wish for. 1) Cashmere Mist deoderant from Donna Karan. It smells clean and powdery. 2) Kusmi Detox tea. Blend of maté, green tea and lemongrass perfect for the body and mind. 3) Dior Creme de Rose. Lipbalm that leaves the lips moisturized, soothed and plumped.
måndag 25 nov 2013 kl 11:07 | body | shopping wish beauty
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