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LES INTEMPORELS de CHANEL, is a special collection with inspiration from the iconic 2.55 bag and itx27s chains. The collection consist of an eye shadow palette and a nail polish. There are ony 60 pieces available of each product here in Sweden and theyx27ll be sold exclusivly at Åhlens in Stockholm
torsdag 12 feb 2015 kl 10:55 | beauty | beauty news makeup chanel

chanel beauty summer 2014

Chanelsx27 summer makeup collection have arrived in stores. And there is a whole bunch of stuff to crave. Lots of orange (even an orange mascara!), bronze and purple. My personal favorites are the Glossimers lipglosses in Hello, Sexy and Happy. Perfect for summer nights out! For summer I also love w
onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 16:00 | beauty | beauty news chanel

neon green

I really, really like this neon green eye make up worn by some models after the Chanel show. So simple but also so eye catching. Also this look is super easy to immitate. Get the look by applying a sheer coverage all over and set the base with powder, a little rouge, use a brow gel to fix the brows
tisdag 4 mar 2014 kl 20:46 | makeup | makeup chanel inspiration green eyes


Chanel Beauty new campaign with model Jac Jagaciak.
fredag 18 okt 2013 kl 13:00 | Campaign | campaign aw2013 chanel beauty


My favorite thing in my makeup bag at the moment. Le Blush Creme in x27Inspirationx27 from Chanel. Ix27m really not a big fan of pink blush but I really like this shade. A dab of this of the cheeks just makes the skin look more fresh.
måndag 14 okt 2013 kl 13:35 | beauty | makeup beauty blush chanel favorite inspiration


Autumn is here and so is the autum-ish shades of the makeup. Chanel goes khaki/bronze this fall and just khaki feel like a fresh option to your regular browns. My favorite eyeliner, Stylo Yeux Waterproof in a new shade, Khaki Precieux. The shade is a light bronzy olivy brown, a really nice soft color. Le Volume de Chanel, mascara in 40 Khaki Bronze. If you like brown mascara I think youx27ll like this color, itx27s very earthy and gives a soft...
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söndag 13 okt 2013 kl 12:04 | makeup | makeup chanel fall nailpolish eyes

Makeup Revelations by CHANEL

Can you keep the secret? Discover the CHANEL makeup revelations.
torsdag 10 okt 2013 kl 14:30 | makeup | makeup video chanel

nail polish in the fridge

A well know trick of trade. Putting nail polishes in the fridge to keep them fresher longer. Do you do it? Above drawing by Alexa Chung from her book IT.
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 10:14 | beauty | beauty nail polish alexa chung chanel

chanel summer makeup

Chanel is treating us to a colorful summer. The blue mascara is super cool but Ix27m not sure when to use it. Would love to wear it like this everyday of the week. The nail polishes are however more easy to use, the middle one Azure is amazing and if you follow me on Vine or Twitter youx27ve already seen me wearing it. Itx27s that kind of polish that get commented everywhere you go. For summer Chanel also gives us a bunch of easy slide on eye ...
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måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 12:55 | beauty | beauty news chanel makeup

les beiges de chanel

Check out x22Les Beigesx22 - itx27s Chanelx27s new collection of Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. It comes in seven shades and is available from march 18. To me this is the perfect powder for spring/summer. Itx27s very very sheer and just adds a little extra fresh glow (but still a very matte glow - no shimmer) and protection (it contains SPF 15 / PA++). The powder is scented and to me that is a plus, it smells very yummy! Another plus is the design of...
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lördag 9 mar 2013 kl 08:47 | Skönhet | beauty news chanel

blue blue blue

Together with the spring 2013 news Chanel is also releasing a brand new mascara called Le Volume. I just love the name and the package. So elegant. It comes in blue as in the picture (which is fantastic for spring), purple and black. Then they are releasing a lot of new colors for the eyes and I got my eyes on the blue shades. The eyeliner in #Bleu Exquis, a blue-ish/grey eye palette in #Fascination (aqua blue, green blue, white and gray) where...
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lördag 9 feb 2013 kl 07:52 | Inspiration | beauty news chanel

chanel spring 2013

The spring makeup at Chanel looks really great. The nailpolish is already a favorite of mine, this one is called x27Accessoriex27 and is a very nice wine red. The other two colors are a light peach and a pink one. The spring colors overall are soft and romantic, eyeshadows aswell as eyepencils goes in shades of soft browns, the lipsticks are also soft tones from pretty pinks to plums, real pretty/romantic. Ix27m also a big fan of the lipsticks cl...
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måndag 14 jan 2013 kl 21:52 | Inspiration | beauty news chanel

chanel coco noir

SNIFF SNIFF. Chanelx27s latest scent Coco Noir is one of this falls major scent news. I really like this one, itx27s on one hand spicy, exotic and dark but at the same time it still feels very fresh and modern, not at all heavy. A great all round scent. The scent is bottled in a classic Chanel bottle in black with gold details, very pretty. World wide release date was august 17. Notes: grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, rose absolute, rose essence...
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fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 11:59 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news chanel


On my nails today: Holographic nail polish from FNUG in #38 Psychedelic (with Aqua Fix basecoat). Itx27s hard to capture the holographic effect on camera, itx27s really cool live. A big BIG plus is also the fact that it dries really quick, good for me as Ix27m so impatience when it comes down to polish. Noteworthy is also that this polish is very similar to Chanelx27s holographic polish but this one is even better and way cheaper. You can buy it ...
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lördag 25 aug 2012 kl 10:12 | Skönhet | beauty news nailpolish fnug chanel


Summer essentials! 1. Mist from Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle fresh moisture mist. 2. Essie nailpolish in x22A Crewed Interestx22, a fresh peach/nude color. 3. Red bracelet with golden skull from Mono /
måndag 14 maj 2012 kl 13:19 | Inspiration | beauty chanel news nailpolish bracelet

3 holiday wishes

Island, Delight and Holiday are the new shades of nailpolish from Chanel’s summer 2012 collection. These are the three perfect shades to bring to any holiday in the sun!
torsdag 10 maj 2012 kl 11:20 | makeup | cravings beauty nailpolish chanel news

attraction / distraction / frisson / tentation

Chanel does it again. Ix27m soo attracted to these ones! ;) Right now I have major carvings for Distraction and Frisson.
onsdag 2 maj 2012 kl 20:52 | makeup | beauty chanel news nailpolish

chanel summer 2012

The Chanel summer 2012 collection looks really good. Great shades that works everyday. Here are my favorite pics from the collection. In store from May.
lördag 28 apr 2012 kl 23:03 | Skönhet | beauty chanel collection

crystal eyebrows

Seen on Chanelx27s runway show today, crystal encrusted eyebrows. Me being a big fan off anything that sparkles, I sort of like this. Maybe not for everyday wear but sure is a cool party trick, or maybe for Halloween. What do you guys think?
tisdag 6 mar 2012 kl 16:43 | makeup | beauty make up eyebrows chanel

delivery from paris

We just received some Chanel holiday 2011 products to the editorial office. The collection looks very promising. Lots of gold shimmering, red and black. Full score for Christmas. My favorites so far, the lipgloss with golden shimmer and the gold eyeshadow. And of course, you can never go wrong with red nails, this polish has a bit of gold shimmer in it so itx27s very right for the season. Now wex27re gonna try some more and put all the post up on...
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torsdag 10 nov 2011 kl 16:30 | Skönhet | beauty chanel holiday collection
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