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hydrating masque

This x27Skin Hydrating Masquex27 from Dermalogica is my favorite. Use two, three times a week for 15 minutes, it rehydrates and boots the skin. I keep mine in the fridge for a nice cooling effect.
tisdag 7 jan 2014 kl 11:37 | face | face masque dermalogica

hydrating masque

Dermologica have improved their skin hydrating masque, and now itx27s meant to works wonders on your dry and fatigued skin. Itx27s especially supposed to be perfect after flying, so I canx27t wait to test it out, and get back to you with what I think.
onsdag 14 mar 2012 kl 15:04 | face | skin face dermalogica

protect the skin you're in

Ix27ve tried a lot of different sunblocks through the years, and Dermalogicas is by far my favorite. Well worth the extra money since itx27s non-oily, lasts long, and is sensitive on the skin.
söndag 8 jan 2012 kl 03:10 | allure/beauty | beauty travels dermalogica sunscreen


Im crazy for my sheer tinted moisturizer from Dermalogica these days. As the sun is so bright over here, i donx27t wanna wear make up, but at the same time I havent gotten enough of a tan to skip foundation or bronzer. This litte tube is perfect, it moisturizes, has spf 15, and covers up. Unfortunantly you canx27t get it in Sweden anymore, so I order mine from the US or from this site- which has dermalogica products at a fantastic rate. ...
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onsdag 21 dec 2011 kl 12:13 | allure/beauty | beauty dermalogica skin

facial Microzone treatment

Today I visited Dermalogica for a Face Mapping & Microzone treatment. Face Mapping is a skin analysis performed by a Dermalogica certified skin terapist, which determines your 14 different facial zones and helps conclude which steps to take to better your skin. I also had a Micro Zone treatment done, where the skin therapist focused on my x27problemx27 points, that shex27d analyzed just before during the Face Mapping. I got a peeling done, and...
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fredag 18 nov 2011 kl 14:34 | face | beauty face dermalogica

dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque

Ix27ve been trying Dermalogicax27s Age Smart multivitamin power recovery masque. The masque contains vitamins A, C, E and F and helps skin recover from damage that leads to skin aging. You apply the mask on clean skin and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes once a week or when you feel the need. To remove just rinse with warm water. The mask contains no artificial fragrance or color. In Sweden the price is 530 kr. Afterwards the skin felt more fi...
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tisdag 1 nov 2011 kl 13:26 | Skönhet | beauty dermalogica skin care

daily essentials

Tinted moisturizer in Medium from Dermalogica / Blush from MAC in x27pinch mex27 / Brush from Sephora / Lipstick in Rouge Artist Intense 22 from Make Up Forever
måndag 31 okt 2011 kl 13:55 | makeup | make up MAC Sephora Dermalogica
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