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on my desk

Porter Magazine winter issue and jewelry from Maria Black (an earcuff and a simple bangle with a small chain detail).
tisdag 11 nov 2014 kl 12:38 | Inspiration | on my desk inspiration jewelry shopping

crimped pony

The semi crimped pony tails at Stella McCartney caught my eye, both backstage and after the show. Small crimped parts brings that pony to life!
måndag 13 okt 2014 kl 09:19 | hair | hair inspiration streetstyle

in the shower

Right now here are my favorite products. Naobay shower gel, Special Clensing Gel from Dermalogica (for the face), shampoo and conditioner from Redken.
fredag 18 jul 2014 kl 12:22 | beauty | beauty inspiration favorites shower


1. For them perfect lips, Carmex lipbalm 2. Mai Tai Spritzer, for those just woke up waves. 3. The perfect palette of eyeshadows from Burberry.
torsdag 10 jul 2014 kl 10:17 | beauty | beauty inspiration favorites

neon green

I really, really like this neon green eye make up worn by some models after the Chanel show. So simple but also so eye catching. Also this look is super easy to immitate. Get the look by applying a sheer coverage all over and set the base with powder, a little rouge, use a brow gel to fix the brows
tisdag 4 mar 2014 kl 20:46 | makeup | makeup chanel inspiration green eyes

that blue eyeliner

The makeup at Kenzo (above), blue eyeliner and blue nails. Simple and effectful. Blue might not be an everyday kind of color but itx27s really cool and works great with both minimal clothing aswell as prints and such. Each time I see someone rocking the blue it grows on me. Ix27ve given blue mascara
söndag 2 mar 2014 kl 20:23 | makeup | makeup inspiration blue kenzo

the scarf

A scarf is such great item to pack for the holidays. If itx27s the right size it can be worn in many ways. As a sarong, as a belt, as a top and as a bandana. Wearing it as a hair band / bandana makes it a great x27bad-hair-dayx27 savior - also it automatically makes anyone rivivera chic. Above inspi
tisdag 21 jan 2014 kl 09:14 | hair | hair inspiration fun holiday travel

golden brows

Golden brows at Dior spring rtw 2014. It looks amazing. Go for gold with these items: ...
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måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 09:54 | makeup | beauty gold inspiration dior


My favorite thing in my makeup bag at the moment. Le Blush Creme in x27Inspirationx27 from Chanel. Ix27m really not a big fan of pink blush but I really like this shade. A dab of this of the cheeks just makes the skin look more fresh.
måndag 14 okt 2013 kl 13:35 | beauty | makeup beauty blush chanel favorite inspiration

stella summer

STELLA Summer is the latest scent from Stella McCartney. Before we even discuss the scent itself we must speak about the bottle (which by the way is limited edition). This bottle just gives me those I-have-to-have feelings. The pop art design with bright color blocks just feels so fresh and this would look so nice in any bathroom shelf or in any make-up bag. Now the scent, itx27s an easy and refreshing take on the classic STELLA Eau de Parfum. ...
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lördag 6 apr 2013 kl 11:47 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news stella stellamccartney

best of budget

H&M makes some good basic powder. It comes in four shades (in sweden, not sure about the rest of the world) and itx27s only 50 sek which is about 5 euros. Totally worth checking out if you should pass a store.
onsdag 3 apr 2013 kl 10:26 | Inspiration | beauty best of budget inspiration shopping hm

first blush

Cleanx27s latest scent is called First Blush and is just all that. A x22just-woke-upx22 kind of freshness, or more precisely what youx27d wish youx27d smell like waking up. Itx27s a citrus-y scent with white sparkling tea, bergamot, sweet mint, neroli, basil, woods and musk. That might seem like a lot of ingredients just for waking up and feeling fresh, but believe me itx27s just the right amount of everything to create that special freshness. Th...
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tisdag 2 apr 2013 kl 13:10 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news clean

glossy box

Lucky me got a special made sample of the Glossy box to the office to try out. Mine has been all pimped with studs, imagine the weight of the lid! Ok, so the march box is inspired by Hollywood, gala and glamor. Inside youx27ll find teeth whitening strips from Smile Lab, very curious about these. We donx27t have a lot of whitening strips available here in Sweden so fingers crossed these are great. The box also holds a lip blush from Jelly Pong Pon...
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torsdag 28 mar 2013 kl 10:37 | Inspiration | beauty lips inspiration glossy box

l'eau for her

I am as you probably know by now a big fan of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes - the pink x22for herx22 bottle is my to-go perfume and has been for a long time. Now for spring Narciso Rodriguez releases a new softer scent in the x22for herx22 line - x22lx27eaux22. The new scent have floral top notes, the heart remains intact and the result is a softer more feminine and modern scent. Narciso Rodriguez self says: x22it symbolizes the modern femininity wh...
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tisdag 12 mar 2013 kl 16:35 | Inspiration | beauty perfume inspiration news Narciso Rodriguez

best of budget

Here is a new found favorite of mine - a beauty oil from Lumene both to mix in your everyday moisturizer or to use on itx27s own (under a moisturizer). Great for winter dry skin. Ix27ve been using Dermalogicas more expensive overnight repair serum for some time but I think this is just as good.
fredag 8 feb 2013 kl 11:30 | Inspiration | beauty best of budget inspiration shopping


L300 is my favorite Swedish skin care line. It is based on the skin’s own ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluron acid and other natural moisturizing factors. Growing up this was the only moisturizer I used. The tube looks slightly different today but the content is still the same great one, and I still use it! New for now is that the otherwise unscented x27Intensive Moisturizing Face Creamx27 and x27Hydrating & Protecting Face Creamx27 now has a...
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onsdag 14 nov 2012 kl 21:44 | Inspiration | new inspiration beauty skincare l300

kenzo madly

The new perfume by Kenzo, Madly Kenzo. The pink bottle is the eau de toilette and the purple bottle is the eau de perfume. Top notes are pear and litchi, middle notes are heliotrope and jasmine and base notes are cedar and musk. Above you can also see the campaign. Itx27s created by Patrick Guedj and shot in Argentina (the outdoor scenes) and in Paris (for the studio scenes)....
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onsdag 24 okt 2012 kl 14:52 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news kenzo

so nude

This little bottle have been hanging out with me for a while. Itx27s Costume Nationalx27s perfume x22So Nudex22. And I really like it, not only because the bottle (30ml) is both pretty and very bag friendly - for me traveling a lot that is important. But but because it smells really nice. Itx27s smells fresh like shampoo and at the same time more dark, sensual and sexy. You can get it online here. Top notes are cardamom, cumin and neroli, a hear...
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tisdag 9 okt 2012 kl 07:28 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news

chanel coco noir

SNIFF SNIFF. Chanelx27s latest scent Coco Noir is one of this falls major scent news. I really like this one, itx27s on one hand spicy, exotic and dark but at the same time it still feels very fresh and modern, not at all heavy. A great all round scent. The scent is bottled in a classic Chanel bottle in black with gold details, very pretty. World wide release date was august 17. Notes: grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, rose absolute, rose essence...
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fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 11:59 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news chanel

favorite scents

My favorite scents. Narsico Rodriguez x22for herx22, Chloé and Philosophys x22Amazing Gracex22.
tisdag 2 okt 2012 kl 21:08 | perfume | beauty perfume inspiration


Herex27s Salmings first female scent (eau de toilette) called just x22Scentx22. It comes in four different smells, Aquatic Fresh, Soft Floral, Fruity Floral and Light Patchouli. My favorites are the Soft Floral and the Fruity Floral, they both smells like when you stepped out of the shower, very fresh! The bottles are very nice (I love that you can see the color of the scent) and because of the size they are easy to bring along to the gym or trav...
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tisdag 11 sep 2012 kl 09:50 | perfume | beauty perfume inspiration news

la vie est belle

Sniff, sniff. Lancômes new fragrance x22La vie est bellex22 is here! The scent is sweet and flowery with iris, jasmin, orange blossom, vanilla and more. Itx27s a total of 63 ingredients in this perfume and it took the creators over three years and 5500 tries to create this scent. Howx27s that for perfection!?! The bottle is a happy bottle called x22crystal smilex22, can you see the smiley x22facex22? Big like on this smell, happy and feminine! Yo...
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måndag 3 sep 2012 kl 08:42 | Inspiration | beauty perfume inspiration news

marc jacobs fall 2012 beauty

I really really like the Marc Jacobs makeup at the fall 2012 show. Smokey eyes but only under the eyes, polished brows and dewy bare skin.
söndag 26 aug 2012 kl 15:53 | makeup | makeup catwalk inspiration

chubby stick

On my wishlist: A chubby stick from Clinique. A moisturizing lip gloss with a hint of color. The shade x22whole lotta honeyx22 looks like it could be a hit!
söndag 29 jul 2012 kl 12:48 | Inspiration | beauty makeup want/need inspiration wish


Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk. Featuring bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, musk and heliotrope. Inspired by a walk in the fresh ocean air of the Corsican beach of Calvi in 1972... How amazing does that sound?!? If it sniffs as good as it sounds I need to get this o
torsdag 12 jul 2012 kl 09:38 | Skönhet | beauty perfume want/need inspiration news

beauty 1-2-3

Three summer obsessions. I just tried out Chanelx27s summer collection and besides the fact that it looks gorge, I really love the shades. In the picture you can see the nail polish in x22Islandx22 (but I think I also need to buy both x22Holidayx22 and x22Delightx22 aswell) and you can also see the bronzer, which is awesome, the shade above is Sable Beige. I just also got this spray from Loreal, itx27s light weight shine spray, Chrystal Gloss, an...
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torsdag 24 maj 2012 kl 15:20 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration beauty

multicolored manicure

In Milan everyone (ok, not exactly everyone, but you get the picture) is very colorful! Today I spotted matchy matchy multicolored manicure (based on the same color like berry or blue) on several of the fashion editors and stylists. Loves it!


Two of my favorite beauty products. Nars Laguna bronzing powder (the shade is a great tan shade) and California Kissing lipgloss by Benefit.
måndag 23 jan 2012 kl 23:13 | Skönhet | beauty favorites inspiration

the nudes

My favorite nude nail polishes. Chanel 493 Jade Rose, Chanel 503 Inattendu, O.P.I P61 Samoan Sand and Maybelline 29 Eternal Ivory.
tisdag 29 nov 2011 kl 21:53 | Skönhet | beauty nail polish favorites inspiration makeup
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