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Karl Lagerfeld fragrances

Karl Lagerfeld just launched two new fragrances, one for woman and one for man. The womanx27s scent has notes of notes of lemon, peach, rose, magnolia, plumeria, musks and woods. The men’s fragrance includes notes of lavender, mandarin zest, apple, violet leaves, sandalwood and amber. Like Karl him
måndag 17 mar 2014 kl 15:52 | body | beauty perfume news

eye makeup remover

This eye makeup remover Express 2 in 1 from Garnier is a new favorite of mine. I like it because it does the job, removes the eye makeup (waterproof or not) quick and at the same time it nourishes the lashes. Also it comes at a great price. How to use: Shake the bottle so the fluids mix (important!
tisdag 11 mar 2014 kl 18:49 | best of | makeup news best of garnier eyes

magnetic lash mascara

The Magnetic Lash mascara is now finally available in Sweden (at Kicks, price 249sek). This mascara maximizes the lashes by building them up with loads and loads of volume. And this one really works. When you buy it you acctually get two products, one mascara and one lash builder with fibers. Here is how you use the product: Step 1. Apply a thick and even coat of Magnetic Mascara onto clean lashes, making sure each lash is covered from base to t...
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tisdag 11 mar 2014 kl 13:34 | makeup | makeup beauty mascara news

fillers for the hair

Lx27Oréal Elvital Fibralogy gives thin and fine hair substance with Filloxane. The Filloxane expands inside the hairs fibers and the effect is instant improvement, like fillers for the hair. Elvital Fibralogy series comes in shampoo, conditioner, a treatment and a thickness booster. Prices range fr
måndag 3 mar 2014 kl 07:28 | hair | hair news elvital


The Olsens sisters launches two fragrances, Nirvana White and Nirvana Black under their label Elizabeth and James. * NIRVANA BLACK is sensual violet, sandalwood, and vanilla strike the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. * NIRVANA WHITE is full of delicate peony, muguet, and musk wrap an al
måndag 3 feb 2014 kl 09:48 | perfume | beauty perfume news

lip lover by lancome

Lily Collins is the face for Lancômes new gloss called x27Lip Loverx27. The gloss comes in 18 beautiful shades and will be in stores from mid march (here in sweden). Ix27ve tried the gloss and my favorite thing about it is that itx27s really moisturizing, it feels as a lip balm, nurturing the lips as well as giving color. For that extra volume, put a lighter shade in the middle of the lips and a darker one on the outlines, this creates a bit of...
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tisdag 28 jan 2014 kl 19:30 | makeup | beauty news lancome lips

perfect hair day

The x27Perfect Hair Dayx27 series from Living Proof is something I really would love to try. Above is the schampoo and conditioner and Ix27ve heard great things about them both. They are without parabens, sulfates and phthalates and using the whole regimen including the styling treatment itx27s said to make the hair four and a half times stronger and reduce breakage by 78 percent. Oh and recently Jennifer Aniston joined Living Proof as co-owner a...
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tisdag 14 jan 2014 kl 07:51 | hair | hair news jennifer aniston

tarte cheek stain

The cheek stain from Tarte is award winning and pretty much the stain that started the hype. The formula is great with fruit complex which gives your cheeks that perfect x27just pinchedx27 look. It also contains anti-ageing and skin restoring ingredients. Now for their anniversary they sell a kit co
onsdag 8 jan 2014 kl 10:27 | makeup | makeup news tarte cheeks

kebelo system

This anti frizz system from Kebelo works like a x27minix27 brazilian blowout, however curls and such stays but hair looks and feels like new. Use the whole range together, shampoo, conditioner and cream for best results. It makes the hair look fresh, healthy and super silky. I found I did not need t
fredag 3 jan 2014 kl 14:11 | hair | hair news brazilian blowout

touche eclat couture 2014

For spring the YSL Touche Éclat gets a brand new look on the outside of leopard and gold. This look only sells for a limited time and in the shades 1 and 2. In store from april, the price (here in sweden) is about 405 sek.
fredag 3 jan 2014 kl 11:05 | makeup | beauty news ysl

rebel nudes

The REBEL NUDES are eight new vibrant (!) nude shades from YSL. The shades give color but in a nude kind of way, they are also the first in the x27Glossy Stainx27 series that also give the lips a reflective shine, like a plumped 3D effect. Available in August 2013.
onsdag 4 sep 2013 kl 12:31 | beauty | beauty ysl lipgloss news

marc jacobs beauty

Marc Jacobs launches makeup collection on august 9 at Sephora and in the Marc Jacobs stores. The collection is huge with 122 different products and the guess is that itx27s mostly a colorful collection since Jacobs told WWD he doesnx27t like neutrals.
tisdag 18 jun 2013 kl 23:32 | beauty | beauty news marc jacobs

chanel summer makeup

Chanel is treating us to a colorful summer. The blue mascara is super cool but Ix27m not sure when to use it. Would love to wear it like this everyday of the week. The nail polishes are however more easy to use, the middle one Azure is amazing and if you follow me on Vine or Twitter youx27ve already seen me wearing it. Itx27s that kind of polish that get commented everywhere you go. For summer Chanel also gives us a bunch of easy slide on eye ...
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måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 12:55 | beauty | beauty news chanel makeup

lancome x alber elbaz

Mascaras and compacts dressed in couture. Oh yes. Lancome teams up with designer Alber Elbaz and creates magic (of course). All the compacts and mascaras have a new look and I just love the Hypnose star with the electric blue stars (I love stars). The collection consists of a set of false lashes, ma
måndag 10 jun 2013 kl 10:26 | beauty | beauty news makeup lancome

lip stuff

Here are three of my absolute favorite lip care products. 1. Eight hour creme. Some might think it smells funny. I actually like it. Also it can be used not only on the lips but everywhere. The best. 2. Carmex. This is my everyday lip gloss. It tingles (just slightly) and my lips feels great. 3. Serious lip repair by french brand Christian Breton. This lotion is for use around the lip line and it kind of fluffs the lip up a bit and also repa...
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fredag 24 maj 2013 kl 12:19 | beauty | beauty news lips

HTH Primrose & Soft Cotton

The HTH range is now launching new shower oils based on carefully selected moisturizing oils as well as evening primrose and cotton seed extract. HTH Shower oils come in two varieties, Vitamin B5 & Evening Primrose and Vitamin E & Soft Cotton, with matching lotions. The products contain no parabens or mineral oils. The oils are 55 sek and the lotions are 49 sek each and available at pharmacies from May 6. I have tried the both and Ix27m really ...
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onsdag 15 maj 2013 kl 09:46 | #instagram | beauty news skin hth

go girl...

Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 3; x22Go girl seek happy nights to happy days.x22 New brand & Other Stories get inspired by THE love story of all times. Youx27ll find the blusher (and many more shades) here.
torsdag 2 maj 2013 kl 11:42 | Accessories | beauty news skin makeup

remington silk & smooth epilator

Epilating hairs are more painful than regular shaving - no doubt. But itx27s also more effective, a shave lasts a few days, epilating holds for some weeks since the process pulls the hairs from the roots. Remington makes this wet & dry epilator (EP-7030) that has several great features. This one works like 40 tweezers at the same time. It can be used in the shower or not - wet & dry. Itx27s cordless! And it also has a massage function (great for ...
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onsdag 24 apr 2013 kl 11:12 | Skönhet | beauty news skin remington epilator


Verso is a new Swedish skincare line with Retinol 8 (Vitamin A complex). Clinically proven Retinol 8 is up to 8 times more potent than typical non-prescription Vitamin A. Verso doesn’t promise miraculous results in a few days. It may take a couple of months of regular use for the effects to show. Retinol 8 helps to activate the skin to stimulate its natural production of collagen, reversing the signs of aging, minimize the appearance of pores and...
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tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 09:52 | Skönhet | beauty news skin skincare verso


Glow by Dr. Brandt is two products that helps the skin to regain itx27s glow. And after a long winter this is exactly what my skin needs. The pink bottle is a daycream x27Ruby Retinol Hydracremex22 that contains Retinol and micronized ruby crystals which gives glow and at the same time reduces the appearance of lines and shadows. This one is for use every morning after cleanse. The light grey bottle is the night serum, the x27Overnight Resurfac...
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tisdag 9 apr 2013 kl 12:20 | Skönhet | beauty news skin dr brandt

stella summer

STELLA Summer is the latest scent from Stella McCartney. Before we even discuss the scent itself we must speak about the bottle (which by the way is limited edition). This bottle just gives me those I-have-to-have feelings. The pop art design with bright color blocks just feels so fresh and this would look so nice in any bathroom shelf or in any make-up bag. Now the scent, itx27s an easy and refreshing take on the classic STELLA Eau de Parfum. ...
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lördag 6 apr 2013 kl 11:47 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news stella stellamccartney

first blush

Cleanx27s latest scent is called First Blush and is just all that. A x22just-woke-upx22 kind of freshness, or more precisely what youx27d wish youx27d smell like waking up. Itx27s a citrus-y scent with white sparkling tea, bergamot, sweet mint, neroli, basil, woods and musk. That might seem like a lot of ingredients just for waking up and feeling fresh, but believe me itx27s just the right amount of everything to create that special freshness. Th...
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tisdag 2 apr 2013 kl 13:10 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news clean

l'eau for her

I am as you probably know by now a big fan of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes - the pink x22for herx22 bottle is my to-go perfume and has been for a long time. Now for spring Narciso Rodriguez releases a new softer scent in the x22for herx22 line - x22lx27eaux22. The new scent have floral top notes, the heart remains intact and the result is a softer more feminine and modern scent. Narciso Rodriguez self says: x22it symbolizes the modern femininity wh...
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tisdag 12 mar 2013 kl 16:35 | Inspiration | beauty perfume inspiration news Narciso Rodriguez

les beiges de chanel

Check out x22Les Beigesx22 - itx27s Chanelx27s new collection of Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. It comes in seven shades and is available from march 18. To me this is the perfect powder for spring/summer. Itx27s very very sheer and just adds a little extra fresh glow (but still a very matte glow - no shimmer) and protection (it contains SPF 15 / PA++). The powder is scented and to me that is a plus, it smells very yummy! Another plus is the design of...
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lördag 9 mar 2013 kl 08:47 | Skönhet | beauty news chanel

blue blue blue

Together with the spring 2013 news Chanel is also releasing a brand new mascara called Le Volume. I just love the name and the package. So elegant. It comes in blue as in the picture (which is fantastic for spring), purple and black. Then they are releasing a lot of new colors for the eyes and I got my eyes on the blue shades. The eyeliner in #Bleu Exquis, a blue-ish/grey eye palette in #Fascination (aqua blue, green blue, white and gray) where...
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lördag 9 feb 2013 kl 07:52 | Inspiration | beauty news chanel

chanel spring 2013

The spring makeup at Chanel looks really great. The nailpolish is already a favorite of mine, this one is called x27Accessoriex27 and is a very nice wine red. The other two colors are a light peach and a pink one. The spring colors overall are soft and romantic, eyeshadows aswell as eyepencils goes in shades of soft browns, the lipsticks are also soft tones from pretty pinks to plums, real pretty/romantic. Ix27m also a big fan of the lipsticks cl...
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måndag 14 jan 2013 kl 21:52 | Inspiration | beauty news chanel

kenzo madly

The new perfume by Kenzo, Madly Kenzo. The pink bottle is the eau de toilette and the purple bottle is the eau de perfume. Top notes are pear and litchi, middle notes are heliotrope and jasmine and base notes are cedar and musk. Above you can also see the campaign. Itx27s created by Patrick Guedj and shot in Argentina (the outdoor scenes) and in Paris (for the studio scenes)....
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onsdag 24 okt 2012 kl 14:52 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news kenzo

so nude

This little bottle have been hanging out with me for a while. Itx27s Costume Nationalx27s perfume x22So Nudex22. And I really like it, not only because the bottle (30ml) is both pretty and very bag friendly - for me traveling a lot that is important. But but because it smells really nice. Itx27s smells fresh like shampoo and at the same time more dark, sensual and sexy. You can get it online here. Top notes are cardamom, cumin and neroli, a hear...
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tisdag 9 okt 2012 kl 07:28 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news

chanel coco noir

SNIFF SNIFF. Chanelx27s latest scent Coco Noir is one of this falls major scent news. I really like this one, itx27s on one hand spicy, exotic and dark but at the same time it still feels very fresh and modern, not at all heavy. A great all round scent. The scent is bottled in a classic Chanel bottle in black with gold details, very pretty. World wide release date was august 17. Notes: grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, rose absolute, rose essence...
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fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 11:59 | Skönhet | beauty perfume inspiration news chanel


Herex27s Salmings first female scent (eau de toilette) called just x22Scentx22. It comes in four different smells, Aquatic Fresh, Soft Floral, Fruity Floral and Light Patchouli. My favorites are the Soft Floral and the Fruity Floral, they both smells like when you stepped out of the shower, very fresh! The bottles are very nice (I love that you can see the color of the scent) and because of the size they are easy to bring along to the gym or trav...
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tisdag 11 sep 2012 kl 09:50 | perfume | beauty perfume inspiration news
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