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mama and baby bee

Burts Bees baby and mama products are so cute and also 100% natural. I have the Diaper Ointment for baby and body oil and foot/leg cream for myself. The cloud blanket is from FargForm.
torsdag 19 mar 2015 kl 12:52 | baby | pregnancy baby shopping beauty

on my desk

Porter Magazine winter issue and jewelry from Maria Black (an earcuff and a simple bangle with a small chain detail).
tisdag 11 nov 2014 kl 12:38 | Inspiration | on my desk inspiration jewelry shopping

va va voom!

I really like the Vavavoom model from Valentino, itx27s sexy but at the same time it works great for everyday wear. Now I just got it in scarlet red, a muted not to bright red, which is such a great red and just perfect for me. I bought it at Departement Feminin....
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torsdag 30 jan 2014 kl 11:36 | new in | new in shopping departement feminin

wednesday wishlist

Red nail polish from Chanel - any classic red will do - above is the shade x27Cinemax27. YSL Manifesto - smells vanilly, warm and feminine. Minty kiss lip shine for that sexy pout from Victoriax27s Secret. Put it all in a cosmetic pouch from Louis Vuitton....
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onsdag 18 dec 2013 kl 20:07 | makeup | beauty ysl lipgloss shopping

body balms

Australian brand Aesop makes antioxidant, plant-based botanical products. They have aholistic approach to skincare with their recommendations of aromatic formulations as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Ix27ve been checking out their body balms infused with different botanical extracts and/or oils. This one with macadamia nut oil and vanilla sounds like something for me. Check them all out here....
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måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 11:42 | body | body shopping aesop creme


On my wishlist. This x27More is Morex27 poster from Lisa Bengtsson. You can get it here.
torsdag 14 nov 2013 kl 09:36 | Home | home interior details shopping crystals

in the shower

I donx27t really use a lot of products and the ones I use are all ones Ix27ve always come back to. Favorites. For my hair I use Nutri Gloss shampoo from Loreal or Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and I condition with Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse. Every now and then I use Redken All Soft, Natures Rescue or Real Control. And I do a hair mask with Tigi S-factor Serious Conditioner, I let it sit 5-10 minutes like once a week. I really donx27t like when hair care ...
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fredag 2 aug 2013 kl 13:01 | beauty | favorites beauty shopping

best of budget

H&M makes some good basic powder. It comes in four shades (in sweden, not sure about the rest of the world) and itx27s only 50 sek which is about 5 euros. Totally worth checking out if you should pass a store.
onsdag 3 apr 2013 kl 10:26 | Inspiration | beauty best of budget inspiration shopping hm

best of budget

Here is a new found favorite of mine - a beauty oil from Lumene both to mix in your everyday moisturizer or to use on itx27s own (under a moisturizer). Great for winter dry skin. Ix27ve been using Dermalogicas more expensive overnight repair serum for some time but I think this is just as good.
fredag 8 feb 2013 kl 11:30 | Inspiration | beauty best of budget inspiration shopping


Angel.wash and Angel.rinse, shampoo and conditioner from Kevin Murphy. Love the name and the color of the bottles. Not only would they look good in the bathroom, they would also do wonder for my brittle winter hair.
onsdag 5 dec 2012 kl 11:35 | Skönhet | beauty wish shopping hair
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