bump style

Carolines blog   5 mar 2015 16:56   by Caroline Blomst
The bump is growing and now I'm in mid week 34. I love wearing black and comfy things. So today I'm wearing an Acne oversize knit, my best and comfiest pair of joggers from Ragdoll LA, a cashmere coat from Acne, a backpack/gymbag from Weekday and a pair of Nike (Pegasus 31).

something like this

Carolines blog   4 mar 2015 15:52   by Caroline Blomst
I wanna go retro this spring & summer but not too much. So for that perfect vibe of the 70ies I'll team it with modern and classic basics.

1. Necklace from Nialaya
2. Pants from Acne
3. Top from Weekday
4. Bag from Valentino
5. Sandals from H&M

best of budget

Carolines blog   4 mar 2015 12:21   by Caroline Blomst
I spotted these pillow cases at MIO a few days ago. Not only are the spot on trend, they also have a great price tag. So if you are in the mood for tie dye, check them out here.
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