coffee time

Carolines blog   28 jul 2014 16:55   by Caroline Blomst
I'm wearing a tank top from H&M, jeans from Zara, sandals from Balenciaga and a bag from Saint Laurent at Nathalie Schuterman.

budget vs. luxe

Carolines blog   28 jul 2014 12:26   by Caroline Blomst
Lazy summer days and up coming fall is perfect for a fringe bag. Here are two options that I love, they are very similar in style but has two very different price tags. The one to the left is from Mango and the right one from Gucci.

1-2-3 green marble

Lifestyle   28 jul 2014 10:33   by Caroline Blomst
The mable trend keeps going but now it's all about color. Green is one of the hottest right now. Get the look with: 1. Box from Nordstjerne. 2. Plate from Boligheter. 3. Sofa table from Bolia.
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