le catch

Carolines blog   3 mar 2015 18:35   by Caroline Blomst
Silver sandals anyone?!? I say, yes please! And no matter how much this pair allure us, the pair above sure makes a great and wallet friendly alternative.

c h l o e

Carolines blog   3 mar 2015 14:39   by Caroline Blomst
My favorite runway show this summer season is by far Chloé. The colors, the romantic dresses and hey, the sandals. If I were to get something from the collection I guess it would either be the sandals or the Faye bag. Zara already made something similar on the sandals side, check it out here. H&M also made great items to get the look with, the white dress is due in stores soon and the jacket is already available online. And I guess it's not Chloé without something denim, this dress is perfect to get the look with, from Warehouse. Finally, yellow is an essential color here, Zara makes a yellow flowy summer dress in the Chloé spirit.

the 'early spring' wishlist

Carolines blog   2 mar 2015 14:34   by Caroline Blomst
1. Soft Goat ss 15. That taupe luxe cashmere knit. With white jeans. Yes, please.
2. The Harper cashmere coat in black from Michelle Waugh NY. This coat looks perfect!
3. This Celine bag. Yum, yum, yum!
4. All those soft layers. In light colors. From Soft Goat.
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