holzweiler items

Carolines blog   30 okt 2014 13:37   by Caroline Blomst
Norwegian Holzweiler now also makes a clothing line full of great stuff. I've been eyeing this knit from their spring 2015 collection. Hope to see it in stores here in Sweden.

pregnancy oil

Carolines blog   30 okt 2014 10:40   by Caroline Blomst
To keep that growing bump glowing I use this body oil from swedish brand Estelle & Thild. It's organic and free from fragrance, preservatives and synthetic additives. The oil helps the skin's elasticity and will give comfort when it expands. I normally love to use oil to keep the skin glowing so this is a welcome addition to my routine. Estelle & Thild also has a range of other great products, check them out here:

baby bump

Carolines blog   29 okt 2014 19:02   by Caroline Blomst
First bump picture. I'm in week 16 and getting dressed is getting a little more complicated. It's time to invest in some supercomfy but everyday wearable pants that is bumb friendly and stylish.

Right now I'm still craving ice water with a squeeze of lemon juice. I'm loving the combo strawberries, banana and kiwi, yum yum yum! Othervise it's been pretty normal on the food side. ;-)

My dizzyness is so much better, now it only comes every now and then. The naseua is also better, it's still there but worse only during the evening. Fingers crossed it will stay this way! Or get even better.

Still it's all a bit unreal, seeing the belly grow knowing someone is in there. So fantastic. Right now I can't wait for my next ultra sound which I'll have late november. Maybe then we'll know if it's a boy or a girl! What do you think it is?
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