black dress / silver sandals

Carolines blog   16 apr 2014 12:03   by Caroline Blomst
Isabel Goulart outside her Sao Paulo hotel in a high cut slit dress teamed with silver sandals. The perfect match for summer.

Get the look:

luxe chic

Carolines blog   16 apr 2014 10:55   by Caroline Blomst
"Lazy today, lazy tonight and later on, All we had to do was nothing at all, under
the sun" - Beach Fossils, Lazy Day

1. Bag from Gucci.
2. Sunglasses from Gina Tricot.
3. Bikini top with straps from Mikoh.
4. Earring from Lipsy.


Carolines blog   15 apr 2014 20:10   by Caroline Blomst
I'm wearing a bag from Chanel, vintage fur, shoes from Acne, jeans and tee from my own brand Caroline Blomst and sunglasses from FWSS.
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