1-2-3 for fall

Carolines blog   12 sep 2014 11:11   by Caroline Blomst
Three things to wish for this fall.

1. Small 'Pandora Pure' bag in black textured-leather by Givenchy.
2. Fair Isle-inspired cozy knit from J Brand.
3. Black leggings in ski pant style from Zara. Or the dream from Stella McCartney.

at home

Carolines blog   11 sep 2014 19:21   by Caroline Blomst
This six armed Nappula candelabra, designed by Swedish Matti Klenell for Iittala, has just moved into my dining room and more specifically on to the dining table. It is simple and elegant in its design, and is nice to light now that autumn darkness begins to take over. It is made of white powder coated steel and fits perfectly in my otherwise white room with clean surfaces. One can have both tea lights or regular lights in it, I'm going for tea lights. Nappula is Continuously Contemporary, in other words constantly modern, a fresh classic with a design that lasts for many years.

See the whole series from Iittala Nappula here.

brow plumper

Carolines blog   11 sep 2014 16:19   by Caroline Blomst
My new favorite beauty product: L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper. A colored (is also available in transparent) gel mascara for the brows that contains fibers (only the colored one) and makes the brows look fulller and keps them in place. You'll find it at Nelly.
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