dr. rescue nailcare

Carolines blog   25 feb 2015 12:12   by Caroline Blomst
Nailcare from Maybelline called Dr. Rescue. The seies consists of four products. The ALL IN ONE a polish that both works as a base coat and as a top coat. The GEL EFFECT a top coat that makes the nail look glossy glossy. It's a great budget version of the one from Dior. The CC NAILS a base coat that brightens and conceals and preps the nail for the nailpolish. The SOS NAIL BALM (not pictured) is a balm that nourishes the nail and cuticle. Perfect to smear on whenever and often too keep those nails in great shape!


Carolines blog   24 feb 2015 22:42   by Caroline Blomst
This trio of bags in retro colors are just perfect for spring and that 70s classic vibe. I'm eyeing the one in oceano (a navy blue), it looks just perfect. They are from swedish Palmgrens.

for summer

Carolines blog   24 feb 2015 10:46   by Caroline Blomst
For summer or any vacay. The perfect warm weather outfit. Sunglasses from Celine, dress from Zara, bag from Caroline Blomst and sandals from H&M (in stores in may).
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