diy - desert scarf pillows

Carolines blog   28 feb 2015 11:54   by Caroline Blomst
This desert print works really great for more than just the classic scarf. I've already designed swimwear and shoes with it. So when I found this old scarf laying around when spring cleaning my closet I decided to make a couple of pillow cases out of it. I just cut it in half and sew the ends together basically. It turned out great I think.

the beiges

Carolines blog   27 feb 2015 14:00   by Caroline Blomst
Oatmeal, beige, creme and all in between is a huge inspiration source for spring! Team with white, with denim or with black.

1. Jeans from Weekday
2. Oversize turtleneck from Caroline Blomst
3. Disco bag from Gucci
4. Loose fit top from Weekday
5. Sailor inspired pants from Zara
6. A classic flap bag from Chanel


Carolines blog   27 feb 2015 11:31   by Caroline Blomst
Look of yesterday. I'm wearing a cashmere set from Whistles, a vintage coat and a bag from Chanel.
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