tiny fashion

Carolines blog   15 apr 2015 10:25   by Caroline Blomst
It's not very often I come by an inspiring editorial with childrens fashion. But this one sure got it all! Could perhaps depend on the luxury micro handbags or the cute model or both! See more: Yahoo Style

prada cinema

Carolines blog   14 apr 2015 11:50   by Caroline Blomst
On top of my wishlist for summer are these ss15 sunnies from Prada.

pillow talk

Carolines blog   14 apr 2015 09:51   by Caroline Blomst
A beauty pillow is as good as it sounds. It's used while sleeping so you need no extra energy or time to use it and it gives you that extra boost in your beauty sleeping process. The pillow helps prevent creases and wrinkles caused by sleep, supports the neck muscles and improves breathing. Also the pillow is great for traveling! Zzz. Zzz. Zzz.

1. Save My Face - Just the Pillow cotton pillow
2. Nurse Jamie - Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow
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