1-2-3 for fall

Carolines blog   27 okt 2014 16:12   by Caroline Blomst
1. Luxe wallet from Louis Vuitton.
2. Cosy knit from H&M.
3. Pointy chelsea boots from Acne.

a pink touch

Carolines blog   27 okt 2014 15:40   by Caroline Blomst
Interior of my liking, all toned down with a hint of light pink in form of a chair, a pillor or a candle holder. Fresh and sweet at the same time. The linen pillow is from H&M and the candle holder from Bloomingville.


Carolines blog   27 okt 2014 11:55   by Caroline Blomst
"I wanted to create an extreamly sexy fragrance that would turn a man's head"
- Narciso Rodriguez

The new Narciso perfume is fantastic! I love it and it's my new favorite. It really smells super sexy and timeless. I also love the white square bottle. It's in stores right now and in sweden you can buy it here.
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