gift ideas pt.2

Carolines blog   17 dec 2014 13:44   by Caroline Blomst
Christmas is closing in on us. Here are three great gift ideas!

1. For yourself - a set of three great long sleeve tops. The only three you need.
2. For the baby - cute bows for the hair, comes in a variety of colors, pick your (or the baby's) fave!
3. For the best friend - everyone need a mug that says 'I woke up like this'!

ysl couture variation

Beauty   17 dec 2014 11:33   by Caroline Blomst
This beautiful and versatile palette of eyeshadows will be available in stores (NK, and Åhlens city) from mid february. The 'Couture Variantion' is from YSL and comes in two variations, a darker palette called 'Tuxedo and the one above that is lighter and is called 'Nu'.


Carolines blog   16 dec 2014 21:07   by Caroline Blomst
I'm wearing a coat from Acne, knit from my own brand, bag from Chanel and boots from Balenciaga.
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