fall pt. 3

Carolines blog   29 jul 2014 11:24   by Caroline Blomst
Loose fit cardigans and knits in earthy tones or etno prints and faux fur are all very trendy things this fall. Get inspiration from Isabel Marant and get the look with print cardigan from Topshop, oversize cardigan with pockets from H&M, loose fit knit sweater from H&M, faux fur from Lindex and loose fit knit sweater from Zara.

coffee time

Carolines blog   28 jul 2014 16:55   by Caroline Blomst
I'm wearing a tank top from H&M, jeans from Zara, sandals from Balenciaga and a bag from Saint Laurent at Nathalie Schuterman.

budget vs. luxe

Carolines blog   28 jul 2014 12:26   by Caroline Blomst
Lazy summer days and up coming fall is perfect for a fringe bag. Here are two options that I love, they are very similar in style but has two very different price tags. The one to the left is from Mango and the right one from Gucci.
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