formentor, mallorca

Carolines blog   14 jul 2014 21:27   by Caroline Blomst
Today I arrived to Formentor, Mallorca (it's located on the most northern tip) for a shoot I am styling tomorrow. My travel outfit was levis denim shorts (vintage), an LV bag, Balenciaga sandals and a Filippa K knit sweater. Here are some photos from my day, enjoy!


Carolines blog   13 jul 2014 20:00   by Caroline Blomst
Today I wore clothes from my own brand, a Celine bag and and Chanel sneakers.

the catacombs

Carolines blog   11 jul 2014 21:23   by Caroline Blomst
So today you're gonna have to settle with some tourist pics because today me and Daniel visited the Paris catacombs. I've been wanting to do this for a while but never had the time before. We arrived at noon and the line to get down took about 3 1/2 hours (!!!) and the entry fee is 10 euros for adults. It might not be worth the long wait (no it wasn't) but I still don't regret it. When we got out of the catacombs there was a giftshop on the street where one could buy some sort of 'instant access' to the catacombs for an extra fee. Too bad they sold that at the exit (which is located quite a bit from the entrance). That feels so typically Paris (I so wish I had googled that...). Read more about the catacombs at their website.
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