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Carolines blog   11 aug 2014 10:28   by Caroline Blomst
Between summer and fall. This is what inspires me right now.


Carolines blog   10 aug 2014 20:24   by Caroline Blomst
Look of the day. I'm wearing bracelets from Nialaya, lace sneakers, vintage Levi's denim shorts, a cashmere knit from my own brand and a bag from Saint Laurent at Nathalie Schuterman.

Shop lace sneakers from my selection below:

le crochet

Carolines blog   9 aug 2014 23:58   by Caroline Blomst
Jane Birkin's iconic crochet dress outfit from april 1969 is still going strong. Get the classic look with the 'Birkin' dress from Jen's Pirate Bootie.
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