in the shower

Carolines blog   18 jul 2014 12:22   by Caroline Blomst
Right now here are my favorite products. Naobay shower gel, Special Clensing Gel from Dermalogica (for the face), shampoo and conditioner from Redken.

fall pt. 1

Carolines blog   18 jul 2014 08:30   by Caroline Blomst
It's soon time to think about fall. And fashion vise I love fall, there are just so much good stuff in stores. So I put together some stuff I wish for - for fall.

1. White and dark blue skinny jeans from H&M.
2. Cropped sunnies.
3. CK top.
4. Black Vans.
5. Thin wool coat.
6. Two tone knit sweater.
7. Givenchy bag with chain details.


Carolines blog   17 jul 2014 13:23   by Caroline Blomst
I've spent three days in Mallorca working for an up coming project. Here are some more snaps from my phone.

1. The essentials, sandals, a palmleaf 'fan' and a suncap.
2. Sunrise at breakfast.
3. The breakfast.
4. My own bag which will hit my online store within a week.
5. Super early waiting for the teamleader to call me down to the set.
6. A sneakpeak. Sorry for the blur but can't show you anything just yet.
7. Doing interviews in about my secret project.
8. Had some time over to get some tan and a swim in the pool.
9. On my way to dinner.
10. Last pic of the day, the light at sunset is beautiful.
11. It's super green here at Mallorca.
12. Play in the water.
13. Beautiful views.
14. Levi's vintage shorts, my faves.
15. Palm trees - another favorite of mine!
16. Tanning.
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