studio ilse for ikea

Carolines blog   26 mar 2015 13:19   by Caroline Blomst
Designer Ilse Crawford (Studio Ilse) makes a collection for IKEA. The core is great design for a great price. It's all about the details and the materials such as woven fabrics, clean lines, simplicity, cork, glass and ceramics. The collection is very minimalistic with a scandinavian feel, it's classic pieces that will last.The collection containing around 30 pieces will be available from august 2015 in IKEA stores around the world.

hair talk

Carolines blog   25 mar 2015 12:40   by Caroline Blomst
It's really a big difference between hair straigtheners and hair straigtheners. Having tried a few over the years GA.MA makes my favorite ones. GA.MA also won a lot of awards for their hair products so it's not only me. Now they have launched this new model here in sweden - Starlight Platinum. I've tried it and what I really like about it is that it heats up instantly and you can choose the temperature which is great, it's also small so it's great for travel.

I also always use GA.MA's own protection spray before straighening or drying with blowdryer, the spray is light weight and you can't feel it (very important for me) and it makes the hair feel swooshy!

PS! Läs artikeln på svenska genom att byta språk uppe i högra hörnet av sidan! DS.

b e a c h . t o t e

Carolines blog   25 mar 2015 10:35   by Caroline Blomst
Beach life 2015 coming up. And besides the swimwear and sunnies a nice bag to carry sunscreen and towels in is essential. Here are my top six beach totes:

1. Chanel
2. Balenciaga
3. H&M (in stores soon).
4. Mango
5. Lala Berlin.
6. The Beach People.
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