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Carolines blog   24 nov 2014 12:01   by Caroline Blomst
This spike bracelet is this week budget find. It's just as nice on it's own as well as teamed with a bunch of other bracelets.

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- the design process part 1

Carolines blog   24 nov 2014 10:59   by Caroline Blomst
This spring I will be launching a capsule collection with swimwear for Esprit. I already hinted about it here. In this post I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the first steps in the design process.

The very first step was for me to create moodboards, Esprit wated three different to choose from. I decided to make three very different moodboards. I created the moodboards with inspirational pictures, color samples and key words I printed out, I then attached these with glue on to a black cardboard. See pics above in the image gallery.

- The first moodboard was pink with floral and leo patterns. The mood was fun and flirty.
- The second moodboard was a vibrant, glamluxe, brazilian inspired with colors like yellow, green and patterns like snake.
- The third moodboard was a cooler one, scandinavian inspired with lots of black and white and with the keffiyeh pattern in focus.

Short after I created the moodboards I went down to Germany to the Esprit headquarter to present my moodboards. The Esprit team (after long discusstions back and forth) finally went for my scandinavian, cool moodboard and I think this one was closest to my heart so that felt good. At this meeting we also choose fabrics and colors from available ones.

3 essentials

Carolines blog   21 nov 2014 12:26   by Caroline Blomst
1. An oversize knit. Preferably in black and now for winter with a cosy and warm turtleneck.
2. A backpack, this Chanel inspired one adds a cute touch and works with anything. <--- on my wishlist!
3. Sneakers. I still like black Nike's the best for everyday wear, those or a pair from Chanel.
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