Carolines blog   23 mar 2015 11:30   by Caroline Blomst
Mood of the day includes cognac leather, phone booth coolness as seen in Vogue Paris, palm trees and a black Celine bag. And product of the day, this stud leather belt from Mango. A perfect item to get the retro vibe with. team with denim, as seen here, for a sexy look.

s u e d e

Carolines blog   20 mar 2015 16:33   by Caroline Blomst
Material of the season? Suede. It's for sure the suede! Not only does suede give that vintage/retro vibe that we all crave so badly, it also gives a softer look than regular leather. I love suede!

1. Lace up sandals in faux suede by Zara.
2. Suede + fringes + YSL. Oh yes please.
3. Suede jacket in a simple denim jacket type shape.

denim rag rug

Carolines blog   19 mar 2015 18:27   by Caroline Blomst
Recycled denim in rug form. From Ahlens.
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