Carolines blog   1 feb 2012 23:18   by Caroline Blomst
I'm not really sure I can show you guys these pics, but I guess it's ok since we are shooting them tomorrow. Fingers crossed... Ok, anyway, these two items are samples from Gina Tricot. Two of a bunch of items I chose for the "the perfect tee" photoshoot. The skirt caught my eye on the day when I wondered around Gina Tricot's headquarters choosing the clothes for the shoot. However when I discovered the skirt it wasn't cleared to go to production. Say what? I made sure (with a little persuasion and good will) they would produce it asap so I could use it for the tee styling! I also made sure they would reissue a chain belt from some seasons back. I never got it back then but I sure will now. It's amazingly simple-chic and very #french-editor-style! Yey! I'm super excited, especially about the denim skirt, it's just fantastic!!!
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