esprit x facehunter

Carolines blog   6 feb 2013 07:37   by Caroline Blomst
Esprit and Facehunter invited me to their exhibition in Copenhagen where Facehunter showed streetstyle photos of people who had styled them selves in Esprit denim pieces. The exhibit was the launch of Esprits new denim range. The denim range will officially launch in stores this July/August 2013 with a full collection including denim jeans, jackets, shirts, t-shirts and sweaters for men and women. We got to check some of it out both in Facehunters photos but also live in their show space. Two of my favorite pieces actually shared a wall in the exhibition, the romper and a bleeched denim shirt (above). Very wearable and a it's always a plus to see pieces styled for everyday life.
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