winter whites

1. Knit with fringed hems from Isabel Marant. Nice budget options here and here. 2. Sheep skin jacket from Joseph. Awesome budget options here and here. 3. Bucket bag with fringes and zippers from Saint Laurent. Options options options: here and here....
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vinnare 3details

3Details har valt en vinnare och det blev som vunnit en iPhone 5S och ett 3Details-skal i vår stora stillebentävling! Grattis! #3details
i dag kl 11:52 | news | news

max factor

Max Factor fyller 100 år och har därför skapat olika looker för olika årtionden att inspireras av. Den femte och sista looken är inspirerad av Farah Fawcett och 70-talets glamour. Det är en varm och sexig look med glöd! Så här gjorde jag för att hitta stilen. Som bas har jag Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation i nyansen #Warm Almond, den här krämiga foundationen ger en perfekt hy och är superlätt att applicera! På kindbenen och på tinningarna ha...
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i förrgår kl 11:36 | beauty | beauty face beautytalk makeup max factor

is it spring yet?

Soft hues/earth-y, a light 70ies vibe and everything Chloé those are my key inspirations for spring! 1. Blouse from Vila. 2. Tee from Weekday. 3. Jeans from Saint Laurent. 4. Boots from Isabel Marant. 5. Bag from & Other Stories. 6. Jacket from Mango. ...
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fredag 19 dec 2014 kl 12:22 | on my mind | shopping inspiration instore


Details at home, indoor ballerinas from Flattered, lamp from Lagerhaus and my knot bracelet from X by Trollbeads.
torsdag 18 dec 2014 kl 20:06 | at home |

the key pieces

1. Ribbed turtle neck top from Topshop. 2. Fringe suede skirt from Choies. 3. Straight fit jeans from H&M. 4. Oversized menswear inspired blazer from Topshop. 5. Gucci x27Discox27 bag in black. 6. Patent lace up boots from Mango....
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torsdag 18 dec 2014 kl 11:51 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration essentials in store

cotton twigs

Found this lovely table setting at A Blog Named Scout. I love the wintery feeling with the cotton twigs and dark table cloth.
torsdag 18 dec 2014 kl 09:52 | art of living | home inspiration decoration christmas

acne Eastern Columbia Building

Acne celebrates their first year in the Eastern Columbia Building, in Los Angeles, with a small anniversary collection. The sweatshirts comes in grey and pink for woman and in grey and jade green for men.
onsdag 17 dec 2014 kl 18:21 | in store | news shopping in store

gift ideas pt.2

Christmas is closing in on us. Here are three great gift ideas! 1. For yourself - a set of three great long sleeve tops. The only three you need. 2. For the baby - cute bows for the hair, comes in a variety of colors, pick your (or the babyx27s) fave! 3. For the best friend - everyone need a mug that says x27I woke up like thisx27!...
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onsdag 17 dec 2014 kl 13:44 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration instore

ysl couture variation

This beautiful and versatile palette of eyeshadows will be available in stores (NK, and Åhlens city) from mid february. The x27Couture Variantionx27 is from YSL and comes in two variations, a darker palette called x27Tuxedo and the one above that is lighter and is called x27Nux27.
onsdag 17 dec 2014 kl 11:33 | makeup | beauty news makeup eye


Ix27m wearing a coat from Acne, knit from my own brand, bag from Chanel and boots from Balenciaga.
tisdag 16 dec 2014 kl 21:07 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit


Kickstart spring with a floral top. Wear now with jeans and cardigan and as soon as it gets warmer just loose the cardigan and button up a bit. Above blouses from Isabel Marant, Topshop and Esprit.
tisdag 16 dec 2014 kl 13:56 | Inspiration |

nialaya skyfall

Newcomers in my jewelry box, pieces from the new Nialaya Skyfall collection. The collection has that right amount if luxury slash(/) minimalism that I really love!
tisdag 16 dec 2014 kl 10:16 | oh hello | details jewelry news nialaya

those stripes

The stripe top is an essential wardrobe piece. Stripes goes with anything and gives that instant chic look. Above is a stripe top that is reversable so itx27s either black/white or red/black, so this one sure can be worn in many ways, from Stella McCartney (nice budget one here). Also above is retro inspired sexy candles and Stan Smithx27s with zebra detail (really nice)....
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måndag 15 dec 2014 kl 15:45 | on my mind | inspiraiton shopping in store

spring wishes

A light vibe of the 70ies often comes along with spring, this spring is no exception. Flared denim, suede in general, denim shirts & skirts, airy tops and a glam luxe feeling is a safe card. 1. Chambray shirt from Isabel Marant 2. White flowy blouse from Isabel Marant 3. Oversized denim jacket from Zara 4. Suede boots from Isabel Marant 5. Chain/lock bracelet from Marc Jacobs ...
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måndag 15 dec 2014 kl 12:44 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping in store


Vinn den perfekta julklappen till dig själv – en iPhone5 med valfritt 3Details-skal. Gör så här: Skapa ditt eget stilleben kring din mobiltelefon, lägg upp på Instagram och hashtagga bilden med #3details för att vara med och tävla! Jag utser tillsammans med 3Details en vinnare som annonseras på och på @carolineblomst 22/12 kl 14.00. För att vara med i tävlingen måste du ha öppen profil. Tävlingsperioden är mellan den 1...
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måndag 15 dec 2014 kl 11:19 | *** | 3details tävling giveaway

shades of pink

1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 2. Bracelet from Nialaya 3. Nailpolish from Essie in the shade x27Spaghetti Strapx27 4. Si Eau de Toilette a lighter version of the perfume with the same name by Giorgio Armani (in stores jan 2015) 5. Glossimer lipgloss from Chanel in #191...
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lördag 13 dec 2014 kl 11:44 | details | details beauty jewelry


Ix27m wearing a coat and jeans from Topshop, knit from Zara, bag from Chanel and boots from Balenciaga.
fredag 12 dec 2014 kl 19:18 | look of the day |

bump update

Half time! Ix27m in week 22 and the bump is getting bigger and bigger. Now I can feel baby kicking and moving around down there. Ix27m also feeling way better than before, so happy for that. I can even grab a morning coffee now, which was like impossible before.
fredag 12 dec 2014 kl 16:43 | baby | pregnancy baby personal

spring wishes

On my wishlist for spring. An airy and light cute top, a pair of comfy ballerinas, a golden double layer necklace and a backpack.
fredag 12 dec 2014 kl 15:30 | Inspiration | wishlist shopping on my mind

bamboo tray

A tray in white/bamboo that is perfect for storage. Ix27m thinking it would be great for products in the bathroom or as on the picture, in the window with makeup stuff. From Ikea.
fredag 12 dec 2014 kl 14:47 | art of living |


I wore a knit from Chloé, a coat from H&M, hat from Tak Ori/Nathalie Schuterman, bag from Chanel, leggings from GlamMom and boots from Balenciaga.
fredag 12 dec 2014 kl 10:33 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit

all things nude

1. Salt and pepper grinders from Norm 2. Bronze powder from Dior 3. Card holder from Saint Laurent 4. Nail lacquer from Dior 5. Pillow from Kajaal 6. Sneaker from Isabel Marant 7. Bag from Proenza Schouler...
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torsdag 11 dec 2014 kl 11:32 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration instore

take two

Right now I wish for spring, a weekend get-a-way (to the sun) and these cruise items, a fringe hem top and tassle sandals from Isabel Marant.
onsdag 10 dec 2014 kl 12:46 | on my mind | wishlist shopping on my mind

caroline blomst loves esprit collab.
- the design process part 2

Herex27s the second part of the short story about my Esprit capsule collection which will be in stores this spring! The first part of the design process was deciding on theme and colors. The second part of my design process was choosing all the styles, material and choosing color/patterns for each style. My main goal was to find a lot of different styles that would suit a lot of different body types and needs. The fit is important, making just tr...
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tisdag 9 dec 2014 kl 14:18 | News | news collaboration caroline blomst esprit

on my table

Light colors and sunnies, Ix27m channeling spring today! The latest issue of Porter magazine, sunnies from Marc Jacobs and a Cire Trudon x Giambattista Valli scented candle.
tisdag 9 dec 2014 kl 13:04 | at home | home details spring


Ix27m wearing a tank top from GlamMom, pants from Lindex, hoodie from Whistles, shoes from Adidas, a Chanel bag and a cashmere coat from Joseph/Nathalie Schuterman....
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måndag 8 dec 2014 kl 18:05 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit bump

max factor

Max Factor fyller 100 år och har därför skapat olika looker för olika årtionden att inspireras av. Den fjärde looken är inspirerad av ingen mindre än 80-talets stora ikon, Madonna! Jag har fått tolka looken på mitt sätt. Resultatet ser ni ovan. Ögon OCH läppar är i fokus i poppiga färger, en kul och rebellisk look! Så här gjorde jag för att hitta stilen. Som bas har jag Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3-in 1 foundation i nyansen #Golden ...
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måndag 8 dec 2014 kl 09:43 | beauty |

starry inspiration

This makeup palette, Destination Orient, was developed for the Chanel cruise show in Dubai. I really like the shades (2 goldy/champagne-ish shades, 1 brown and 1 black) in this palette and the star pattern makes it feel real luxourious and festive! In stockholm itx27s sold exclusivly at Ahlens City.
fredag 5 dec 2014 kl 13:50 | beauty | beauty news makeup

best of budget

This bag will be yours for only 20 euros. A real catch!
torsdag 4 dec 2014 kl 14:06 | oh hello | best of budget shopping favorites
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