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macrame wall art

Inspiring wall art. 1. Via 2. Minimalistic home interior with wall art. 3. Handmade wall hanging from Etsy. 4. Large vintage macrame wall art via Etsy.
måndag 20 apr 2015 kl 13:27 | art of living | art of living art interior rug

chain reaction

One chain for the home - a paperweight designed by Carl Auböck - and one for the neck - from Acne Studios.
måndag 30 mar 2015 kl 10:44 | Accessories | inspiration accessories jewelry art of living home

diy - desert scarf pillows

This desert print works really great for more than just the classic scarf. Ix27ve already designed swimwear and shoes with it. So when I found this old scarf laying around when spring cleaning my closet I decided to make a couple of pillow cases out of it. I just cut it in half and sew the ends together basically. It turned out great I think. ...
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lördag 28 feb 2015 kl 11:54 | art of living | diy inspiration art of living home interior details

the string shelf

String is a shelving system designed by swedish achitect Nils Strinning back in 1949. Itx27s a timeless classic that - after 60+ years - still feels fresh and contemporary. Itx27s perfect for any room. Above you can see my String pocket shelf which I have in my livingroom area filled with some of my
måndag 9 feb 2015 kl 14:18 | art of living | home interior inspiration art of living

wall art

This one is so cute. Itx27s a fox called Betty from the Fable series by swedish artist Karin Andersson.
torsdag 16 okt 2014 kl 14:59 | art of living | art of living home interior details art

thinking about...

Ix27m thinking about upgrading my closet handles with these more luxoriuos ones with leather. Itx27s a great quick fix to get a new look. They are from
onsdag 15 okt 2014 kl 12:14 | art of living | inspiration art of living home interior details

a yellow accent or two

Yellow is commonly associated with gold, wealth, sunshine, happiness, optimism and pleasure. And a yellow accent or two looks great with a otherwise muted color scale. My favorites are these pillows from H&M, they look expensive but are totally affordable.
tisdag 7 okt 2014 kl 10:14 | Home | interior details home art of living

book of palms

The x27Book of Palmsx27 is all full of exquisite illustrations of beautiful palm trees. The perfect coffee table book!
måndag 25 aug 2014 kl 08:55 | art of living | interior details home art of living

that orange

Subtle and calm then add - orange. Love this space!
tisdag 12 aug 2014 kl 19:26 | art of living | home interior inspiration art of living

city screenprints

fredag 30 aug 2013 kl 13:02 | interior | interior art home


So true, so true. Would love to have this quote on my wall.
måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 11:19 | interior | inspiration art home

concrete ideas

I love raw materials, like concrete. Especially for walls. Would not mind living in both of the above spaces. Picture one is taken by Earl Carter, picture two is taken by Giorgio Possenti.
fredag 14 jun 2013 kl 10:26 | interior | inspiration art interior


This print x22Hat dogsx22 (2013) by William Wegman will soon hang on my wall. Happy! Only need to get hold of the perfect frame first.
tisdag 11 jun 2013 kl 12:16 | at home | inspiration art interior

spray cans

Designer Antonio Brasko made these concept spray cans. I donx27t care much for the street wear ones but the LV and Chanel cans (especially the Chanel) could make cool decorations for sure.
fredag 15 mar 2013 kl 06:03 | Inspiration | inspiration art chanel

acne studios x william wegman

Art meets fashion. Photographer William Wegman and a bunch of Weimaraner dogs met up with Acne in Wegmans New York Studio. It all resulted in seven portraits. Beautiful dogs together with lovely Acne pieces, whatx27s not to love? Above are my favorite shots out of the seven. Check out the behind the scenes video here....
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onsdag 13 mar 2013 kl 22:55 | Inspiration | news inspiration acne art


x27Animal Preservex27 an art installation by artist Iain Baxter.
måndag 26 nov 2012 kl 15:30 | Inspiration | inspiration art


Melting disco balls by Rotganzen - an artist collective formed by Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Mark van Wijk. Photo courtesy of Rick Messemaker. More melting balls here. Beautiful.
måndag 19 nov 2012 kl 00:14 | Inspiration | inspiration art

my little Karl

Hehe, quite funny donx27t you think? I was a huge My Little Pony fan when I was a kid. This one is awesome! Made by finnish artist Mari Kasurinen, who has created a whole series of My Little Pony hybrids such as Gaga, Elvis and more. Just google her name and youx27ll find the most amazing ponies.
tisdag 31 jul 2012 kl 17:50 | Inspiration | inspiration chanel news art

balenciaga art by michael zavros

torsdag 11 nov 2010 kl 20:04 | Övrigt | balenciaga art
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