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best of budget

THIS patched denim skirt from Zara. So good!
torsdag 9 apr 2015 kl 22:33 | shopping | best of budget shopping spring

best of budget

Hello summer sandals! A great budget option to wear to the beach or in the city. From Zara.
torsdag 26 mar 2015 kl 17:30 | *** | best of budget shopping shoes

Le catch

Suede shirt anyone?!? This weeks Le Catch is this patched suede shirt from Zara and you will find it here!
tisdag 10 mar 2015 kl 16:25 | shopping | best of budget shopping shoes

best of budget

I spotted these pillow cases at MIO a few days ago. Not only are the spot on trend, they also have a great price tag. So if you are in the mood for tie dye, check them out here.
onsdag 4 mar 2015 kl 12:21 | art of living | art of living home interior best of budget

le catch

Silver sandals anyone?!? I say, yes please! And no matter how much this pair allure us, the pair above sure makes a great and wallet friendly alternative.
tisdag 3 mar 2015 kl 18:35 | shopping | best of budget shopping shoes

locobase repair

MY BEAUTY FAVORITES Locobase repair is an all round creme for dry, brittle and damaged skin. I use this on my lips, my hands and cuticles, my feet and around my eye area and I also blend it into my regular moisturizer when I need it (especially during the winter months). Ix27d say this one is a great budget version of Dermalogicas Super Rich Repair. Although this one you can also use on the lips, on your nipples and on your newborn baby. The crem...
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fredag 20 feb 2015 kl 11:05 | beauty | beauty favorites face budget

best of budget

This bag from Zara in navy blue is a real catch!
måndag 9 feb 2015 kl 11:38 | bags, bags, bags | best of budget shopping favorites

diy - butterfly jacket

Let your military jacket or bomber jacket get a makeover with some butterfly x27tattoosx27 for spring. All to get in to that Valentino mood. Youx27ll find the real deal here. And herex27s how you do it yourself: all you need is a bunch of iron on (or sew on) appliques. You can get them at a hobby store, on Etsy or Ebay. Use a nicely worn vintage military jacket. Place the appliques where wanted and iron them on. Et voila! Youx27re finished! If yo...
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tisdag 20 jan 2015 kl 15:28 | Inspiration | diy fashion budget

best of budget

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a lovely New Years eve and that your 2015 will be fantastic! Today is the first work day of the new year and letx27s start it off with a x27best of budgetx27 post. Above are a pair of slip on sneakers that kind of resembles the popular ones from Celine. This p
fredag 2 jan 2015 kl 11:23 | shopping | best of budget shopping favorites

best of budget

This bag will be yours for only 20 euros. A real catch!
torsdag 4 dec 2014 kl 14:06 | oh hello | best of budget shopping favorites

3 x trends

1. Green marble lamp that can either hang or stand, from Lagerhaus. 2. Amber colored glass + candle from H&M Home. Love this color, itx27s perfect for the season. 3. Beni Ourain makes the most gourgeous carpets, but pricey. Here is cheaper a look-a-like....
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onsdag 3 dec 2014 kl 17:30 | interior | best of budget shopping home details interior

diy - felt and/or leather tray

This weekend I was creative and made myself some felt and leather trays (for myself but also as a gift). I love how luxourios they look, but it does not cost much to make one! Also it is super easy and quick to make x27em! Ix27d tought Ix27d share with you how I did! -What you need- A hammer Felt fabric (I bought this 3 mm felt for 29 sek) or you can also use leather but the price will be higher. Double cap rivets 10 mm (Itx27s important that ...
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onsdag 3 dec 2014 kl 13:22 | interior | diy home budget

best of budget

Faux fur coat with hoodie from Monki.
fredag 28 nov 2014 kl 11:33 | shopping | best of budget shopping favorites

blazer time

Imagine this blazer with rolled up sleeves and teamed with jeans, heels and a white tee. Perfect for a casual chic look to wear at all christmas mingle parties.
torsdag 27 nov 2014 kl 11:04 | yes please | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

budget or luxe

An everyday boot in black with a low heel is a true wardrobe essential. I really like these ones above, a simple model that goes with everything. To the left boots from Topshop. To the right boots from Saint Laurent.
måndag 10 nov 2014 kl 16:17 | shopping | best of budget shopping favorites fall

best of budget

These boots from Nly are perfect for fall and winter, they are aslo wallet friendly which makes them this weeks best of budget product.
torsdag 16 okt 2014 kl 14:18 | shopping | best of budget shopping favorites fall

1-2-3 best of budget

1. Ballerinas in leather and with the perfect shape from Zara. 2. Perfect basic v-neck tees from Gina Tricot. 3. Round is THE bag shape for fall, bag from Forever21.
söndag 24 aug 2014 kl 12:32 | shopping | 1-2-3 best of budget shopping

best of budget

Start autumn with this nice coat from H&M.
fredag 22 aug 2014 kl 12:28 | shopping | best of budget favorites fall

the cape

Chloé makes the most covetable cape for the season for sure. But there is also a great budget catch to crave for at Zara.
måndag 4 aug 2014 kl 13:29 | the HOT list | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

good stuff

Some of my favorite beuaty products right now: Verso day cream with Retinol 8. Kahina Body Serum. Vitamin E-rich hand and body serum to nourish dry skin. Rahua (pronounced ra-wa) shampoo and conditioner. For that amazonian perfect hair.
onsdag 2 jul 2014 kl 15:32 | beauty | beauty best of budget favorites


Over at the blog Weekday Carnival there is a great DIY guide on how to create a marble lamp - the above one. Itx27s real easy and does not have to cost a lot. Read how to here.
måndag 9 jun 2014 kl 13:46 | Home | diy home budget lamp

that striped shirt

Magdalena Frackowiak in a striped shirt from the Filippa K spring collection. At Forever 21 youx27ll find a great budget option to get the look with.
torsdag 5 jun 2014 kl 10:56 | Inspiration | inspiration in store best of budget

diy osb wood table

I recently stumbled upon this (above) dining room table over at Skeppsholmen (a real estate agency). The table is made out of an OSB wood board which is super super cheap and can be purchased at a home improvement store. The OSB is also super trendy, for example Ix27ve spotted them in Celine stores. :D So basically what you need to make the table is the wood panel it self and some legs or threstles to support it. This above table has been painte...
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tisdag 3 jun 2014 kl 15:56 | Inspiration | diy home budget ikea

budget / luxe

Budget: Blouse from Monki, shorts from H&M and sandals from Joie. Luxe: Blouse from Isabel Marant, shorts from IRO and sandals from Gucci.
fredag 30 maj 2014 kl 13:14 | shopping | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

best of budget

Maybelline New Yorkx27s Baby Lips is my top budget pick this week. Itx27s affordable, itx27s moisturizing and itx27s cute. It comes in several shades that gives a tad bit of color and also naturals with different qulities like extra moisture and such. My favorites are x27Peach Kissx27 this color is
tisdag 13 maj 2014 kl 14:49 | favorites | makeup face best of budget

best of budget

This weekx27s best of budget, a sheer black blouse with trumpet sleeves from H&M. Super cute for spring and summer.
tisdag 25 feb 2014 kl 13:50 | *** | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

best of budget

Pearls are totally on trend right now, aswell as the minimalistic approach. This choker from Zara ticks all the boxes.
fredag 14 feb 2014 kl 12:32 | *** | in store best of budget shopping inspiration jewelry

best of budget

Ballerinas with scalloped hem in black or beige. Perfect for spring! From Din Sko.
torsdag 6 feb 2014 kl 15:39 | *** | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

best of budget

This coat slash oversized blazer is this weeks x27best of budgetx27 item. Use it now wearing warm layers and a scarf, and with less for spring. To x27chicx27 it up wear a black leather belt in the waist.
måndag 3 feb 2014 kl 12:01 | *** | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

best of budget

This white bag from Mango.
onsdag 22 jan 2014 kl 22:34 | shopping | in store best of budget shopping inspiration bag
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