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my milan fashion week

Hi guys! I hope youx27re having a great friday! I just got back from fashion weeks so tonight Ix27m just gonna relax and unpack my bags. Over at H&M you can read all about my Milan fashion week. I give you trendspottings, my favorite model, the biggest buzz and my must-eat-when-in-Milan food. A week in my life sort of. Check it out!...
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fredag 3 okt 2014 kl 19:05 | snapshots | milan streetstyle diary


Fashion month is over... That feeling. Ahhh. My summary below. The work - Well itx27s long days, early mornings and late late nights. And by the end of fashion month the days seams like weeks. You feel it everywhere in your body and in your mind. Also I get to meet so many wonderful people! And see so much great fashion. The inspiration is on top! Most fake - I recived fake money by a London taxi driver, shame on you old man! He asked to give t...
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torsdag 6 mar 2014 kl 09:42 | look of the day | look of the day paris outfit diary

on my desk

Todayx27s inspiration dumped on my desk, a couple of Calvin Klein ads. They are timeless and never go out of style. Now, back to work! We are making a special free issue of C MODE for you guys and it will be released tomorrow so I need to work out the last bits and pieces with that. After that Ix27m
torsdag 15 dec 2011 kl 15:44 | Accessories | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

Tote bag Celine Candle Diptyque in Mimosa iPhone with 2ME STYLE x SWAROVSKI cover YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks in no. 2 and no. 24 Chanel nail polish in Baby Blue
fredag 28 okt 2011 kl 16:30 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

Python clutch from Prada/Nathalie Schuterman. A bunch of Dermalogica products for review (coming up soon). A cage cuff from Sophie by Sophie.
torsdag 27 okt 2011 kl 15:19 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

1. Loose Lips - fragranced candle by Byredo. This smells just like an old lipstick, the scent is just too cool. 2. Blackberry. Finally! 3. J. Dauphin makes the coolest jewellry. Here a bracelet with panther heads.
tisdag 18 okt 2011 kl 21:44 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

isabel marant spring summer 2012

Today I attended the Isabel Marant show. I was seated next to Abeey Leex27s grandma (how cool is that!), shex27s a very nice lady! She told me the true story about how Abbey was discovered and we had a lovely chat before the show! The show was brilliant, lots of sporty influences, knits, tie dye, c
fredag 30 sep 2011 kl 20:46 | Catwalk | catwalk isabel marant paris runway diary


Hello! Now Ix27m in Paris! This morning Ix27m off to Marais to check out the vintage stores. And later itx27s time for some shows. Talk soon!
onsdag 28 sep 2011 kl 08:41 | Övrigt | paris travel fashion week diary

postcard from London

I arrived in London earlier today. Did the quick tour, Selfridge, Libertys and Harrods. Now Ix27m back at the hotel, gotta get some sleep so Ix27m all rested for tomorrow.
torsdag 15 sep 2011 kl 21:41 | Inspiration | london travel diary

Forever 21 grand opening event in Antwerp

Today was the big opening of Forever 21 in Antwerp. (They have been open since monday but today was the Grand Opening Event!). Me and Daniel was there shooting streetstyle and greeting readers (I had no idea I had so many Belgian readers, wow!). All the photos we took will be up on the Skinny so be sure to visit there! The Forever 21 store here in Antwerp is HUGE, I took me 2 hours to get through all the three floors. I did manage to buy some r...
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lördag 3 sep 2011 kl 20:14 | Mode | forever 21 store opening event diary travel belgium antwerp

checking in

Ix27ve just checked in and enjoyed a lunch here at my hotel. I also got my MacBook Air going! Now Ix27m gonna head out and see what this town has to offer! Thanks for all your shopping tips! Ix27ll be sure to check them out!
fredag 2 sep 2011 kl 13:21 | Inspiration | travel antwerp diary

josefin strid

Pics from Josefin Stridx27s show yesterday. The show was nice and I really love the slit skirt in the first pic, the ombré is also a nice detail.
torsdag 11 aug 2011 kl 13:28 | Catwalk | sfw diary runway catwalk


The first show of the day for me was Minimarket. I really love their shoes and especially the leopard sandals for the spring summer 2012. Here are some polariods I took. Now Ix27m soon heading to Whyredx27s show.
tisdag 9 aug 2011 kl 18:24 | Inspiration | sfw diary minimarket

at stockholm fashion week

Ix27m at Stockholm fashion week (the first day today) shooting streetstyle and checking some shows. Now Ix27m about to have some coffee and cakes here at Berns and I have to go through all the pics Ix27ve taken so far. More to come soon!
tisdag 9 aug 2011 kl 18:03 | Inspiration | sfw diary


I had a short but intence trip to Portugal. I canx27t really tell you about the project Ix27m doing just yet but I can tell you this: shoemaking sure is fun! Perhaps you can find some additional clues in the photos. Ix27ll tell you more as the project runs along.
torsdag 4 aug 2011 kl 12:14 | Inspiration | travel portugal diary


Today Ix27m on my way to Copenhagen, so Ix27ll see you there in a bit. In the meantime here are some photos I snapped of the beautiful surroundings of my hotel Sta. Marinha in Guimarães.
torsdag 4 aug 2011 kl 10:32 | Övrigt | travel portugal diary

webcam greetings

Good morning guys! Ix27m at the airport, heading for Porto, Portugal. Ix27m flying in only for a couple of days to take part of an exciting project! Youx27ll soon find out more! By the way, do I have any Portuguese readers?

sneak peek

Herex27s a little sneak peek from the photoshoot I styled yesterday. Versace is for sure back, I love the vintage jacket we pulled for the shoot. Ix27m also loving hats for fall and the country side Celine inspired checkered coat.

leather skirt + oversize knit

Today we shot a fall editorial and even though I donx27t want to think about fall clothing right now itx27s a must, it kind of goes with the job. Anyway I just wanted to share with you one of the looks we shoot, the classic leather meets knit. Probably one of the most wearable combos, Ix27ll be wea


Ok, so now Ix27m off to the shows again. I snapped this picture the other day and it reminds me to look for a pair of black high heeled sandals. I want a black minimalistic pair (like the ones above) that are walkable (Ix27m not the kind of girl who sits around in a cab all day). ;) Have you seen an
måndag 20 jun 2011 kl 08:33 | Inspiration | inspiration shoes pfw pics diary
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