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blue / black

Inspiration with some of my favorite color combos. Black and blue, blue and blue and white and blue. Blue is such a great color, navy as well as electric blue, it just goes so great with anything and it livens up black and looks fresh! The best match for spring elegance. Shop the story: ...
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onsdag 9 apr 2014 kl 10:49 | Inspiration | inspiration color shopping in store streetstyle

balenciaga canvas logo bag

IN STORE. Cotton canvas and leather bag from Balenciaga. Ix27ve spotted this wearable every-day-bag at Nathalie Schuterman. This one is on my hot list for spring! Youx27ll find it online here.
torsdag 27 mar 2014 kl 18:22 | in store | inspiration in store balenciaga bags


The sport luxe trend is such great trend for spring. Wear chic sneakers with skirts, cashmere sweatpants with heels and loads of jewelry over an every day great sweatshirt. This is really a favorite trend of mine, also itx27s super wearable which makes it even better. Now I just found a perfect partner for spring and the sport luxe trend, itx27s this bomber/varsity jacket in black/blue. From Zara/trf....
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tisdag 18 feb 2014 kl 23:14 | on my mind | sportluxe in store spring inspiration

leather slides

The leather slides, for spring/summer or just to wear indoors. Since last summer sandals like these have never been more in style. Celine kind of set the perimeter for the rest with their fur infused ones. Now this summer the slippers feel more sporty than last year, think more Adidas and less Birke
torsdag 2 jan 2014 kl 17:54 | *** | shopping in store spring news

all things embellished

The embellished things are here to stay. And it takes any outfit from dull to instant glam. Add a little or a lot, here are some of the most wanted items of right now! 1. Erickson Beamon earrings. 2. Tory Burch ribbed-knit sweater. 3. Topshop knitted sweater. 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatshirt. 5. Topshop dusty pink beanie. 6. Topshop navy blue beanie. 7. Miu Miu leather clutch. 8. Tntees crystal t-shirt. 9. Topshop shirt. 10. J.Crew bag. 11. Tops...
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onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 13:00 | shopping | shopping inspiration in store embellished

for fall

Ix27d really love to rock these for fall. Feminine boots with nice details, the perfect ones. From Giuseppe Zanotti.
tisdag 18 jun 2013 kl 11:28 | want/need | want/need inspiration in store yes please

pointed perfection

Pointy slingbacks with a very walkable heel from Zara. These look kind of perfect right?
torsdag 30 maj 2013 kl 15:24 | in store | inspiration shopping in store zara

lace up sandals

Can not get these sandals out of my mind. They are from Anja Rubikx27s collection for Giuseppe Zanotti. And obviously, how can that turn out other then great? You can get them online here. I also love these (also with lace up details).
torsdag 23 maj 2013 kl 23:16 | want/need | want/need inspiration in store yes please


Mhum, a small white BOY bag from Chanel. Yum, yum, yum! Yum, yum, yum!
torsdag 9 maj 2013 kl 19:42 | yes please | want/need inspiration in store chanel yes please


The Saint Laurent SL/01 sneaker is very appealing with itx27s sleek and minimalistic look. All white with a gold embossed logo. More detailed pic here. They are available at Nathalie Schuterman.
söndag 5 maj 2013 kl 11:18 | yes please | inspiration shopping shoes sneakers in store

saint laurent

Went past the Saint Laurent store yesterday. Should not have done that. They have an awesome stack of shoes and bags and I just canx27t get over this beige one with gold chain. Love it!
lördag 19 jan 2013 kl 12:39 | Accessories | want/need inspiration in store


Today Ix27ve been around at showrooms checking out the spring 13 fashion. At MQ I spotted the perfect leather jacket. Simple with a great fit. It will be in store early January next year and I believe the price was 1999 sek if I remember correctly. I hope Ix27ll be able to get one.
onsdag 21 nov 2012 kl 18:19 | Inspiration | want/need inspiration in store

all western

These are just a fraction of western items that will hit (or are already in store) at H&M this fall. I would love the red little skirt and the white lace blouse. Very Marant all in all, donx27t you think?!?
måndag 24 sep 2012 kl 14:27 | Inspiration | inspiration instore western in store


More and more western influenced (or should I say Isabel Marant inspired maybe) things are popping up in stores. These jeans are H&Mx27s take on the trend. In stores now (from the trend section).
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 18:06 | Inspiration | inspiration instore western in store


One of my fall cravings are these boots from Alexander McQueen. Ix27m soo lovinx27 the gold chain detail.
onsdag 11 jul 2012 kl 21:38 | Inspiration | want/need inspiration in store


Totally need this top for spring. From BikBok, price 199 sek.
måndag 23 jan 2012 kl 07:39 | Inspiration | want/need inspiration in store


I just love these boots from Scorett. They have a Celine/Chloé-ish vibe and would for sure go with almost anything. They are in store now and the price is 999 sek.
fredag 27 maj 2011 kl 20:10 | Inspiration | shoes boots wants inspiration in store

hello spring arrivals

I just spotted these Isabel Marant shoes at MrsH today. I must really get my hands on a pair of those suede boots - they look really nice.
måndag 24 jan 2011 kl 22:09 | Mode | spring news in store

in store: chelsea boots

Igår när jag var på stan fastande jag för de här Chelseabootsen. De gråa kommer från Åhlens och känns väldigt minimalistiska och lite Isabel Marant-iga. Det andra paret kommer från Zara och jag skulle helt klart köpa dem om de fanns i min storlek. De gjorde de inte. Attans! ENGLISH!!! Yesterday while out and about in the city I spotted these two great Chelsea boots. The grey pair is avaliable at Ahlens and is very minimal and Isabel Marant-ish t...
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måndag 22 nov 2010 kl 18:26 | Mode | boots chelsea in store

in store: nathalie schuterman

Jag gick förbi Natahalie Schutermans rea idag men fastnade på nedervåningen där de hade hängt fram en hel del höstnytt. Jag fick också mig en tjuvkik på höstens väskor från Balenciaga i mocka som inte hängts fram ännu. De var helt lovely! Något fick följa med hem! Visar senare! (Ledtråd: något som syns på bild ovan). ENGLISH!!! I went to Nathalie Schuterman to check out their sale today but got stuck on the floor where all the new season stuff w...
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måndag 2 aug 2010 kl 20:38 | Mode | nathalie schuterman in store fall

trend: mjau mjau pattern

Har varit iväg på en intervju för en tidning här på eftermiddagen, nu ska jag avsluta ett litet designprojekt här. Jag håller på att designa/göra om en sko för välgörenhetsändamål men har lite svårt att bestämma mig hur den ska se ut... Medan jag fortsätter här bjuder jag på några Miu Miu inspirerade plagg från Zara och Gina Tricot. Jag tycker kattmönstrat är sjukt gulligt!!! TRANSLATION!!! I just got back from a interview for a magazine and now...
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torsdag 22 apr 2010 kl 18:18 | Inspiration | i butik in store zara miu miu gina tricot my day

shoulder bling x 2

Monki har gjort axelbling som nu är ute i butik. Dom säljs i en-pack vilket jag tycker är lite skumt, man vill väl ha två? 100 kr för en så 200 för två är priset. Finfint att sätta på tröjan eller kavajen! Man fäster dem med två inbyggda säkerhetsnålar. TRANSLATION!!! Monki makes shoulder bling (in store now). They sell them one by one, wierd, donx27t you always want to have two? 100 sek per piece so 200 sek for both shoulders. You attach them t...
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måndag 11 jan 2010 kl 20:55 | Nyhet | new in store monki

at miu miu in paris

I Paris passade jag på att spana in Miu Miu såklart. Till hösten har de gjort en mini-mini variant av deras Cofferväska som man kan sätta på den stora. Hur söt som helst! (I rött ovan). TRANSLATION!!! When in Paris I went to Miu Miu of course. This season they have made a mini Coffer bag that you p
tisdag 13 okt 2009 kl 12:09 | Inspiration | paris miu miu in store
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