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style note

A great way to dress for the summer-going-on-autumn weather. Here itx27s all about the details. The rolled up sleeves on the trench, the cut off / raw hem jeans and the play with colors. And as long as the weather allows open toe shoes go for it!
fredag 27 sep 2013 kl 21:22 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris

Paris je t’aime

YSLx27s classic scent Paris (created in 1983) is named after Yves Saint Laurents beloved city. He created it as a tribute to the Parisiennes who are always elegant, romantic, vivacious, simple and charming. The scent is a woody floral, a mix of roses, violet flowers, bergamot, iris and sandalwood. N
tisdag 13 aug 2013 kl 11:07 | beauty | beauty perfume ysl yves saint laurent paris classic

on my desktop

1. Blue furry-ness at Chanel. 2. Jacx27s new hair. But relax itx27s just a wig from the Ulyana Sergeenko show. But the designer Ulyana herself went all the way with this supercut. 3. My jackets has arrived and will soon be in the online store. 4. Cafe de Flore. Karls favorite if Ix27m not wrong. However I think I prefer something a bit quicker, like Starbucks. 5. Gaia Repossi strutting her own jewelry. 6. Casual/vintage chic. Dress, ballerina ...
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måndag 8 jul 2013 kl 11:29 | hello inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris summer

in the moment

Knit FIlippa K / Pants Zara / Shoes Celine / Bag Celine
fredag 5 jul 2013 kl 08:31 | look of the day | look of the day paris outfit

cross body chain bag

All denim again, it is a winner for summer. Also the Louis Vuitton bag, a new classic for sure, here worn casual chic cross body. This one is the Louise Chain bag seen on model Caroline Brasch Nielsen.
tisdag 2 jul 2013 kl 21:54 | hello inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris


Anna dello Russo in a Balenciaga frill skirt. I really like the flamenco meets minimaslim thing going on. Real inspiring for summer. Get your frills going on with these items: ...
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tisdag 2 jul 2013 kl 08:32 | oh hello | inspiration streetstyle paris


Tee from Gina Tricot / Jeans from Zara / Bag from Prada / Jewelry from Meredith Hahn
söndag 30 jun 2013 kl 21:27 | look of the day | look of the day paris

paris in the morning

Itx27s almost autumn like cold here in Paris during the mornings so I took the opportunity to dress a bit more autumn-ish (but I changed later when the sun peeped out and it got warmer). Jacket from Filippa K / Denim from 7 / Boots from Balenciaga / Top from T by Alexander Wang / Bag from Chanel
lördag 29 jun 2013 kl 21:28 | look of the day | look of the day paris details

style love

So love the style of Alana Bunte (Elite NY). One part ladylike (hello cute small patent bag), one part I-just-woke-up-carelessness (tee sticking out underneath that thin knit sweater + jacket on the shoulders) and the simplicity of it all (classic cuts and the minimalism - love minimalism).
onsdag 12 jun 2013 kl 09:45 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work

a favorite

Ix27ve blogged about this before but itx27s worth repeating. This look is a favorite of mine, fresh and bright, easy breezy. A real casual look for spring and/or summer. And the white little chain bag makes it all just gorgeous. Below are a selection of light/white bags to get shopping inspiration from. ...
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fredag 3 maj 2013 kl 19:29 | yes please | streetstyle inspiration paris favorite

celine fall 2013

All the plaid garments at Celine fall 2013 show is totally inspiring. I love the coats but also the turtlenecks (which looks perfect by the way). And plaid on plaid, very cool.
fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 20:55 | Inspiration | inspiration details paris runway celine


One half of a look I snapped in Paris. I love the bag, the frayed denim and - of course - the booties. Get the look with a Vavavoom bag from Valentino, here are some options that are available online nude, black with sparkly studs / fur, fuchsia, and a smaller red one. The black denim can of course be made by yourself, just take a pair of denim and scissors. But if you prefer already made ones here are some options. Rag & Bone/JEAN makes a great...
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fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 15:40 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris

in my closet

Oil effect slip on sneakers from Celine.
tisdag 12 mar 2013 kl 12:52 | Inspiration | new in shopping celine paris spring

chanel / celine

onsdag 6 mar 2013 kl 18:25 | Inspiration | news inspiration shopping paris

1 thing

Those x22oilyx22 slip on sneakers from Celine. Drooool...
tisdag 5 mar 2013 kl 12:42 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris inspiration

all eyes on you

Speaking about Kenzo, how about those eye sweaters? Like the one above or the one I linked to. I kind of like them.
måndag 4 mar 2013 kl 11:03 | Inspiration | inspiration details paris runway

hey hanne!

That bandana is hot! Hanne styled it great! But Ix27m also thinking it could work with a more summer-ish look. Imagine with a cute dress. Yes, yes! Gagsta cool and cute works great together. And how about those Kenzo runway heels, those eye patterns Kenzo got going on are pretty cool! See more of Hannex27s style here....
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måndag 4 mar 2013 kl 07:23 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work

between seasons

Earthy and musty tones like navy blues, olive greens and mustards are on my hot list right now! They might make you think of fall but they go so great together with up coming spring stuff as well - like whites and patterns (like leopard or paisley). Which make them great to wear in between seasons like now - when you wish for spring but itx27s ice cold outside. Here are a couple of outfit inspo pics that I snapped today, here in Paris. Enjoy!...
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torsdag 28 feb 2013 kl 08:23 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work

vogue paris

I grabbed a copy of Vogue Paris (february issue) on my way back to Stockholm and this editorial called Bijoux caught my eye. I just love everything about it. These pics goes straight up on the moodboard! :)
måndag 28 jan 2013 kl 07:20 | Inspiration | inspiration vogue paris


A picture I snapped yesterday evening - the view is from Pont de la Concorde. Paris is amazingly beautiful!
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 09:42 | Inspiration | inspiration paris pics

look of the day

Herex27s my outfit from this morning. Beanie from FWSS, coat from Ebay, denim from 7forallmankind and sheepskin lined shoes from Bally.
torsdag 24 jan 2013 kl 23:14 | Inspiration | inspiration paris look of the day


Burberrys new collection of metallic trench coats is fantastic. Just look at Elena Perminova wearing the electric blue one. I want one - like right now! Overall the metallic and holographic trends are a big hit right now. I guess nobody missed this bag. And to get the metallic look for less go for this top (in green). The trends make a great contrast to all cute and pastell-ish that comes with spring. More pictures of Elena in the trench here....
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torsdag 24 jan 2013 kl 13:54 | Inspiration | streetstyle paris inspiration burberry


Here are some of the things Ix27ve bought here in Paris. Chanel espadrilles in mint and black/white. And at the Isabel Marant store in Marais I got the x27freedomx27 top in red/white.
måndag 21 jan 2013 kl 09:33 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping paris chanel

snapshots from Paris

Snapseed + iPhone makes the most amazing photos. Donx27t really need to bring anything else. Here are some snapshots I took yesterday/today from a cold and snowy Paris. I used some vintage effects on my pics, it somehow felt very Paris. 1. Homeless man feeding the pigeons, snapped this one when a white pigeon flew by me. Beautiful. 2. The Opera by night. 3. Window shopping at Chanel. 4. Pont Royal. The bridge (one of them) over from the...
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söndag 20 jan 2013 kl 19:11 | Inspiration | inspiration paris pics

bomber + coat

A trend Ix27ve noticed here in Paris is men wearing the bomber jacket on top of their coat. Itx27s not only practical (I guess a thick bomber jacket would never fit underneath a fitted coat) but also stylish and perfect for colder days. I can also imagine this on women so itx27s for sure a unisex tr
lördag 19 jan 2013 kl 22:28 | Inspiration | streetstyle details paris inspiration

good morning!

Woke up in a snowy Paris this morning. Canx27t think of a time Ix27ve been here when itx27s been this much snow. Uh, itx27s freezing. Today Ix27ll wrap myself up in warm things x27cause we are gonna shoot streetstyle all day long. Above you can see what I wore yesterday when traveling here. Jacket from Moncler, cashmere knit from H&M (mens section), scarf from Chan Luu, jeans from 7 for all Mankind, bag from Valentino and on my feet a pair of ...
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lördag 19 jan 2013 kl 08:28 | Inspiration | dagens outfit look of the day paris


Hanne Gaby, Paris october 2012. Such an lovely outfit. A touch of fuchsia, the white boots and the statement bag. Looks amazing!
onsdag 7 nov 2012 kl 19:26 | Inspiration | inspiration paris streetstyle

effortless chic

The denim on denim. The thin belt. The loose fitted jeans. The navy jacket. The bag. I love everything about this look.
onsdag 7 nov 2012 kl 11:37 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris


An oversize coat and a pair of comfy loafers is on my top list for fall. They are both classics that always works. I also love the pop of color, green brightens up anything!
torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 20:55 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris

Hey inspiration

Gosh I really love this outfit. Worn by always stylish stylist Ada Kokosar. Yellow, who knew it could look this good. I also love her Stella McCartney boots. So good.
onsdag 10 okt 2012 kl 11:38 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris
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