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Ok, so call me boring but to me this is a perfect every day fall outfit. Copy the look with knit from Aubin & Wills, a pair of skinny fit jeans with zipper detail, padded biker boots that looks like something from Chanel, and a pretty bag (not similar to above but I would love this one).

new in

These are coming home with me from Paris. Thought I wanted the cone heel but this one looked so much better on. Now time to get to the airport, see you in Stockholm.
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hello, inspiration!

Leather sweatpants and layers on top, long sleeve under short sleeve - kind of like this. Layering is a nice way to stay warm but look stylish. Also the leather pants, so chic! This one goes in to my inspiration folder for fall.
onsdag 3 okt 2012 kl 09:22 | Inspiration | inspiration paris streetstyle

over knee

Oh la la to all over knee boots Ix27ve seen here in Paris. I love over knee boots. Looks awesome with bare legs of course but I also love them with a great pair of denim. Black boots, black denim and a cosy knit, yes yes yes. The most popular this season is probably the Givenchy ones but there are of course other models out there. Herex27s a favorite of mine, simple and classic in black suede....
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This is what I wore yesterday. Jacket and boots from Isabel Marant, knit from Helmut Lang, denim from Ksubi and bag from Balenciaga.
lördag 29 sep 2012 kl 08:14 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel

the other day

This is an outfit I wore the other day. The weather has been pretty crap here in Paris but today itx27s gonna be sunny, yey! Ix27m wearing jacket from Rika, cashmere scarf from Chan Luu, knit from Helmut, shoes from Marant, bag from Balenciaga and denim from Ksubi.
fredag 28 sep 2012 kl 09:56 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel


That Valentino bag. A winner. I really love mine and it seems like Caroline and Ruby are lovinx27 theirs too!
måndag 30 jul 2012 kl 12:32 | Inspiration | streetstyle paris inspiration


Denim - not skinny fit or boyfriend fit - but something in between. Looks just perfect. And the croc embossed bag, oh yeah! Croc is something to remember when you go bag shopping this fall! I took this picture with a Canon camera and using lens 50/1.2 (I know many of you want to know).
lördag 28 jul 2012 kl 17:45 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris travel


Balmainx27s fall winter ad campaign photos are beautiful. Shot by David Sims starring model Nadja Bender. One of the photos caught my eye a tad bit extra - this one with the amazing pants and the simple knit. They always make amazing pants. A winning look!
fredag 27 jul 2012 kl 11:02 | Inspiration | inspiration campaign paris

easy breezy

This look is a big time summer fave for me. Denim, a simple cotton top and a cute bag. A look that works always. Now lets hope the weather gets better here in Sweden so I can work the summer outfits!
måndag 9 jul 2012 kl 16:46 | Inspiration | streetstyle paris inspiration

bel air

Ix27ve got a lot of questions about the blue blazer I wore the other day. It is from Bel Air and you can find it here. (I got mine in LaFayette). They make some great pieces, the brand is totally worth checking out if you are going shopping in London or Paris.
fredag 6 jul 2012 kl 15:17 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration paris

ulyana sergeenko

Two snapshots from Ulyana Sergeenkos couture show in Paris. Hanne Gaby looks awesome as usual. Everyone was there from the Russian girls, the best models to the big editors and Ix27m so glad I also got invited. The show was magic, have a peek at the finale (video), here.
fredag 6 jul 2012 kl 09:56 | Inspiration | pics paris fashion week inspiration couture

at the airport

Right now Ix27m at the airport. Traveling back to Stockholm. Trying to do some work before boarding! Next time, see you in Stockholm. On the table, stuff that I use the most. My Samsung computer, Starbucks coffee, Leica camera, Evian, someting too read and my passport.
torsdag 5 jul 2012 kl 12:47 | Inspiration | travel paris inspiration


This is what I wore yesterday. I found a blue blazer on the sale here, from some french brand, Ix27m also wearing leather pants by Helmut Lang, sandals from Givenchy and a Celine tote.
torsdag 5 jul 2012 kl 08:00 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel


Today Ix27ve been wearing jacket from American Retro, jeans and tee from Isabel Marant and bag from Rika/
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 22:53 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel


The leopard on leopard. The Chanel espadrilles. The blue denim. The fashionable bum bag. Ix27m so lovinx27 this easy breezy summer-in-the-city outfit!

work work

This pic pretty much sums it all up right now. Lots of fashion and lots of work. I wish I had more time but there never seems to be enough of that. Today Ix27m starting my day with shooting streetstyle outside the Chanel show, then Ix27m attending Ulyanas couture show (excited) and after that I have
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 14:00 | Inspiration | details inspiration paris travel work


I love this combo with boots, skirt and a slouchy top. This look kind of defines the x22effortless coolx22 state for me. No more words needed.
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 10:37 | Accessories | inspiration streetstyle paris travel


Ix27m wearing a vintage shirt, tee from Gina Tricot, leggings from Helmut Lang, bag from Celine and boots from Isabel Marant.
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 08:29 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel

la halle Freyssinet, 11:37

This is what I wore today. Bag from Celine, jeans from Ksubi, tank from Gina Tricot, jacket from Maje and sandals from Givenchy.
söndag 1 jul 2012 kl 22:10 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel

mens fashion week

Mens fashion week in Paris has come to an end and couture week has begun. I really enjoy mens fashion weeks since itx27s less peolpe around and people are in general less stressed (due to a better schedule) and the male models are also less stressed (meaning easier to shoot). Here are two of my favo
söndag 1 jul 2012 kl 21:37 | Inspiration | model inspiration paris streetstyle


This is what I wore yesterday, AG jeans, Isabel Marant top and boots and a Celine bag.
söndag 1 jul 2012 kl 09:00 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel


One of the things I got at Isabel Marant was this jacket. Ix27ve been checking it out since it arrived in stores way back but I never really fell for it. Until now. Maybe itx27s because itx27s been winter and I havenx27t really been in the mood for other than black. That and the fact that it was on
lördag 30 jun 2012 kl 22:12 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration paris

look du jour

Me by a brigde full (and I mean mega full) of padlocks from couples in love (or maybe best friends). Stockholm should have a bridge for that, so romantic! Ix27m wearing a Helmut Lang top, Ksubi jeans, Givenchy sandals and a Celine bag. Ix27m holding my Rika jacket in the hand.
fredag 29 jun 2012 kl 22:14 | Inspiration | inspiration look of the day paris travel

we are all superheroes

Comic strips, sci-fi and superheroes are super duper hot! For runway references check out Phillip Limx27s pre fall or Balenciagas fall collection. Just how much superhero you wanna go for this fall is up to you. Me? Ix27m in love with Balenciagas sci-fi inspired prints. However - the coolest superhe

Off to work - where?

Paris of course! See you there! But as I write this Ix27m at Starbucks having breakfast and Vogue. Unfortunately my flight is delayed so Ix27m stuck here a while. I have my new fashion blogger laptop with me from Samsung, the 9 series. Itx27s soo thin, thinner than Vogue actually. Like! Ix27m giving
torsdag 28 jun 2012 kl 09:27 | Inspiration | instagram work paris

vogue paris

Vogue Paris April issue. Getting major silver cravings here!
tisdag 20 mar 2012 kl 16:06 | Inspiration | inspiration vogue paris

new in

Zebra tee from Iro.
måndag 5 mar 2012 kl 17:37 | Inspiration | new in shopping paris iro

new new

Got a pair of classic heels and a chunky oversize gold id-bracelet today! Both are Celine.
fredag 2 mar 2012 kl 08:36 | Inspiration | new in shopping paris celine


Depending on where Ix27m in the world my habits also change with the place Ix27m in. Here in Paris Ix27m: Reading: French Vogue and Jalouse (ok, maybe not reading but Ix27m looking at the pictures) Drinking: Coca Cola Zero and Evian Eating lunch at: Cojean Snacks: Fresh strawberries Craving for: Everything Isabel Marant Walking: at rue Honoré and in Marais Visiting: Colette, Printemps and LaFayette (Above, my favorite shot from today, this pict...
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