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Yesterday we scouted around in Paris for cool locations for upcoming projects. This backdrop is for sure one of my favorites of the ones we found. So cool! Ix27m wearing my coat from Isabel Marant, tee from Acne, leather leggings from Helmut Lang, bag from Balenciaga and sneakers from Isabel Maran


Ix27m kind of loving those striped pants. Major hot for spring!
torsdag 1 mar 2012 kl 10:23 | Inspiration | trend inspiration celine travel paris

in paris

I just arrived to Paris. Got french Vogue with probably one of the most beautiful covers ever. My bed at the hotel is soooo nice, I wish I could lay around here all day. But no. Right now Ix27m heading out downtown to have a look in the stores. And tomorrow itx27s time for fashion week.
tisdag 28 feb 2012 kl 14:44 | Inspiration | inspiration travel paris

april, may

I just discovered the brand April, May. I love this picture from the spring campaign. The look is very vell put together and I love the jacket and the denim. I must check this brand out when Ix27m in Paris next time!
onsdag 1 feb 2012 kl 11:04 | Inspiration | eyeing brand paris inspiration

new in

One of the items I got in Paris was this belt from Balmain (ss12). Ix27ll be wearing it today with a Zara knit, Isabel Marant tee and J Brand jeans.
fredag 27 jan 2012 kl 09:06 | latest purchase | new in shopping paris balmain belt


Miroslava Duma is a major source of inspiration for me. Today she was rocking an all denim outfit. Really good! I also love the details with the cap and neon/crystal/pearl/mix necklace. This pic is going up on my spring inspo picture wall as soon as I get back home!
onsdag 25 jan 2012 kl 20:53 | Inspiration | inspiration streetstyle paris miroslava

hey anja!

Anja Rubik nails it with an awesome combo of wardrobe basics! Love it! A winning look that also is very easy to copy.
lördag 21 jan 2012 kl 21:14 | Inspiration | model inspiration paris streetstyle


This mix of bracelets can be found around my arm today.
lördag 21 jan 2012 kl 08:48 | Accessories | details inspiration look of the day paris

paris mens fashion week

So Ix27m in Paris for menx27s fashion week and couture week doing streetstyle. The weather is quite nice here, today it was like 11 degrees (celcius) but itx27s been raining a bit. Anyway wex27ve been around to like four shows today, we started with Phillip Lim where I snapped Miles McMillan (second pic) and finished up with Viktor & Rolf where I caught Sean Ox27Pry (first pic). More streetstyle from mens week here!!!...
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torsdag 19 jan 2012 kl 19:47 | Manligt mode | mens fashion week paris

in paris

Ix27m in Paris for mens fashion week and couture week. Yesterday I had time for some shopping so I went to Isabel Marant and Colette. Found an amazing feather sweatshirt and some colorful bracelets.
torsdag 19 jan 2012 kl 08:41 | Inspiration | new in shopping paris


Keep your eyes on Paris based label Roseanna. The brand just ooze that french coolness just like Celine and Isabel Marant. Love it!
tisdag 3 jan 2012 kl 13:27 | Inspiration | inspiration paris eyeing brand

last day in paris

Itx27s been a busy month and I havnx27t had a day off since like forever. The last couple of days Ix27ve been to some showrooms and had some meetings here in Paris. But today itx27s time to go back to Sweden. Canx27t wait to come home right now! The weather swithed to autumn from summer pretty rapi
lördag 8 okt 2011 kl 09:25 | Dagens outfit | dagens outfit look of the day paris travel

theyskens' theory

Today I checked out Theyskensx27 Theory spring summer 2012 up close here in their Paris showroom. The collection is just awesome (aswell as the showroom)! Every piece is so wearable and Olivier Theyskens is a master at great basics with extraordinary shapes and cuts. I just love the collection! Big thanks Natasha and Manel at for inviting me and for taking such good care of me today! ...
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onsdag 5 okt 2011 kl 21:20 | Inspiration | theyskens theory showroom inspiration paris

new in

Cosy and warm knit from Balenciaga. Even if itx27s summer here in Paris I know Ix27ll be needing this when I get back in Sweden.
tisdag 4 okt 2011 kl 12:02 | latest purchase | new in shopping paris


This is what I wore today, Isabel Marant tee, jeans from Zara, Celine bag and Balenciaga boots. Internet is barely working here so now Ix27m gonna take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrows a long day and also tomorrow Ix27m gonna see my shoes that Ix27m making with SIX London again. Totally excited abo
söndag 2 okt 2011 kl 20:29 | Dagens outfit | dagens outfit look of the day paris travel

8:30 this morning

Itx27s really hot here in Paris so today Ix27ve been wearing my new Isabel Marant skirt. Love the inka pattern!
fredag 30 sep 2011 kl 21:32 | Dagens outfit | dagens outfit look of the day paris travel

isabel marant spring summer 2012

Today I attended the Isabel Marant show. I was seated next to Abeey Leex27s grandma (how cool is that!), shex27s a very nice lady! She told me the true story about how Abbey was discovered and we had a lovely chat before the show! The show was brilliant, lots of sporty influences, knits, tie dye, c
fredag 30 sep 2011 kl 20:46 | Catwalk | catwalk isabel marant paris runway diary


Ix27ve been questioning the models where they find the best vintage here in Paris and herex27s what I have dug up so far. Frida Gustafssonx27s favorite store is Stoklux at Place Vendome 8, you walk through the big blue door and at your right hand youx27ll find a true gem for real designer vintage. Chanel, YSL, Hermes from the 70x27s, you name it, itx27s all there. If you are looking for something special donx27t be afraid to ask for it, they hav...
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torsdag 29 sep 2011 kl 20:25 | Inspiration | guide models vintage paris

new in

I did some shopping yesterday, I got a tee and skirt from Isabel Marant. I went to the store at the rue Saintonge (itx27s always my first stop whenever Ix27m in Paris) where they always have very nice and helpful staff. This time I got help from a swedish girl who works there, thatx27s great as itx27s very convenient for me to speak swedish when I want to ask a bunch of things. She helped me get the skirt in the right size in another store near b...
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torsdag 29 sep 2011 kl 07:54 | latest purchase | new in shopping paris isabel marant


Itx27s my last day in Paris so after the last show I did some serious shopping (itx27s my birthday soon so I decided to go for it). Hello new Chanel bag! I also tried out Marais for vintage shopping but I didnx27t find anything special today. After shopping I randomly met Sophia and we sat down at a café at Rue Honore to do some catching up. She showed me her portfolio and the photo we took of her (remember this?) was fronting it! She told me abo...
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torsdag 7 jul 2011 kl 22:57 | Inspiration | travel paris travelling shopping chanel models pics

want it now

Bright stripes teamed with torn boyfriend jeans. Looks very summer-ish and chic. Perfect for days in the city! Sheer transparent skirts and dresses are on top of my list for summer. Need to find the perfect one! An alphabet charm necklace. Katie Holmes wears an S (S for Suri I presume). Cute!
onsdag 6 jul 2011 kl 23:12 | Mode | travel paris pics want it now

in Paris

Ix27ve just arrived at my hotel. Ix27ll be waking up to this beautiful view tomorrow! Amazing. Now Ix27m heading down to Marais to get something to eat.
söndag 3 jul 2011 kl 18:54 | Övrigt | travel paris

bikini shopping

At Starbucks. Surfing the web for the perfect white bikini. I want one for the holidays.
söndag 3 jul 2011 kl 13:38 | Övrigt | travelling paris shopping

on my way

Right now Ix27m at Arlanda express on my way to the Airport. It takes like 20 minutes so I have some time to edit some photos.
söndag 3 jul 2011 kl 11:38 | Övrigt | travelling paris


Packing again, Paris tomorrow. Ix27m going for couture week. Looking forward to snap some amazing inspiring photos. See you there!
lördag 2 jul 2011 kl 21:32 | Inspiration | travel paris

shoe shopping

So I walk in to the Celine store at Printemps looking for a certain pair of shoes that are on sale. I had no luck getting my size in any of the other stores and this is like my last hope. Well, not only do they have them in my size, both of the girls (Afi Rika and Nelly) working in the shop reads my
lördag 25 jun 2011 kl 23:41 | latest purchase | new in shopping paris


I arrived in Paris two days ago. I spend the first day shopping the sales (50% off like everything, yey!), herex27s what I got at Isabel Marant. A warm jacket (might need this today already, Itx27s very cold here for beeing summer), boots same as I already have but different color (I needed a fresh pair) and a scarf. Yesterday was all work and today aswell. Now Ix27m off to the first show of the day. In sweden we celebrate midsummer today, soo wi...
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fredag 24 jun 2011 kl 09:17 | latest purchase | new in shopping paris


torsdag 10 mar 2011 kl 13:38 | Inspiration | pics fashion week inspiration details paris

paris inspo

lördag 5 mar 2011 kl 19:48 | Inspiration | pics paris fashion week pfw inspiration
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