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wang ss 14

Alexander Wangx27s cotton-piqué jumpsuit is one of my favorite looks from the spring runway. Go for a classic blue shirt to get the look. Button it while in the city and then open it up (as on the runway) on the beach. ...
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lördag 15 mar 2014 kl 18:06 | Inspiration | inspiration spring catwalk runway alexander wang

chloe pre fall

Cute, sexy and very much model-off-duty-ish looks from Chloés pre-fall 2014 collection. This collection is totally in my liking. I gathered my favorite looks in the image gallery, chekc them out! See the full collection here!
lördag 11 jan 2014 kl 08:18 | on the runway | chloe runway catwalk favorite


Note for summer: Big like on Chloex27s summer 14 collection. I love the open toe shoes (the ones with the raw hem/fringe) and I love the simple silhouettes. So easy and wearable.

stella ss14

One of my favorite shows from the ss 14 fashion weeks so far is Stella McCartney. I love the colors, the shapes, the material mixes and it all just looks so stylish without trouble.
måndag 30 sep 2013 kl 22:22 | on the runway | stella mccartney runway catwalk favorite

all white

This look from Celines winter 2013 insipres me. I love the all cream white look and the skirt looks amazing.
måndag 5 aug 2013 kl 09:57 | hello inspiration | inspiration runway celine

stella mccartney resort 2014

Stella McCartney goes snake print for resort 2014. I really like it. See more from the garden party here.
torsdag 13 jun 2013 kl 09:16 | Catwalk | inspiration catwalk runway like

celine fall 2013

All the plaid garments at Celine fall 2013 show is totally inspiring. I love the coats but also the turtlenecks (which looks perfect by the way). And plaid on plaid, very cool.
fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 20:55 | Inspiration | inspiration details paris runway celine

all eyes on you

Speaking about Kenzo, how about those eye sweaters? Like the one above or the one I linked to. I kind of like them.
måndag 4 mar 2013 kl 11:03 | Inspiration | inspiration details paris runway


The leather jacket, the stripe pants, fierce! From Balmain spring 2013.
lördag 16 feb 2013 kl 15:49 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway

bruuns bazaar

Bruuns Bazaar showed their fall/winter 2013 collection here in Copenhagen today. As always the collection was very minimalistic and Scandinavian which I really love about them. I snapped some pics of my two favorite exists which you can see above. First off the wide thin leather pant teamed with a blue sleeveless turtleneck. This looks feels very Scandinavian and cool. And the pant looks amazing! Number two is the pajama look, the pattern and c...
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torsdag 31 jan 2013 kl 22:52 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway like

celine pre fall 2013

Celinex27s pre fall 2013 (pictures from instantly made my thoughts go to a series that air in Sweden right now called: Breaking Amish. You can clearly the see references from the Amish traditional clothing. Covered up, simple and proper with a hat on top. I like the style, maybe not for strolling the streets of Paris or Stockholm. But still itx27s a cool style. And on camera it looks amazing! But that wide belt, Peter Pan anyone? I wou...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 11:15 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway

Anthony Vaccarello

Remember this? Well Mr. Vacarello sure knows what hex27s doing - which is sexy clothes to say the least. The middle look and the far right look above are my favorites from the spring summer 13 runway show. The drapings and cuts are lovely. Sexy yes but still wearable. This show makes great inspirati
fredag 9 nov 2012 kl 08:38 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway


Big like on these two looks from Helmut Langx27s spring summer 2013 collection.
lördag 3 nov 2012 kl 20:01 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway like

that sweater

detail Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear 3.1 Phillip Lim Pic from
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 00:47 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway that

Birkenstocks, who knew?

Crazy cool furry-ized Birkenstocks. From Celinex27s spring summer 2013 collection. Funny thing is that they work impeccably good with the very minimalistic rest of Celinex27s stuff. Not an every day piece, no, but to spice up an minimalistic look every once in a while, yes. And come on, how comfy mu
onsdag 31 okt 2012 kl 08:12 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway


Dries van Noten spring/summer 2013. This is one of my favorite collections from Dries van Noten and one of my favorite spring/summer 2013 shows. A grunge vibe that feels both feminine and very wearable. Sign me up for one of those thin, almost transparent, plaid shirts. Oh, and the plaid pumps are very nice as well. Runway pics from Check out some suggestions of plaid shirts that are already in store here: C&C California, Guess, Vinta...
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måndag 29 okt 2012 kl 14:32 | Inspiration | inspiration catwalk runway

Pirosmani finale

Pirosmani is the brand of Evgeniya Malygina, a Saint Petersburg based designer. Pirosmani showed the last evening of Aurora fashion week and I made a video of the finale so you guys could see a brief overview of the collection (spring summer 13). The key essences of the brand consists of asymmetric shapes, draperies, architectural forms and a futuristic look. Now check out for yourself in the video above. Donx27t forget to press to view the vid...
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söndag 21 okt 2012 kl 19:40 | Inspiration | inspiration travel catwalk runway russia

isabel marant spring summer 13

Looking good! For spring/summer itx27s all about the prints. This season a bit retro with bohemian paisleys and tropical flowers. I love the bohemian tops, paired with jeans they will be a summer hit for sure!
måndag 1 okt 2012 kl 21:45 | Inspiration | paris inspiration travel catwalk runway


I went to the Gucci ss 13 show yesterday. It was amazing, very Gucci with color, bling and even more color and some snake prints. The silhouettes was inspired by the 60ies and 70ies but with a modern take. Maybe not my personal cup of tea but very beautiful to watch. I loved the makeup and sunglasses, very sexy! I also noticed I have a hang-up on green - totally love that color right now! Green, green, green! I love the look Caroline Brasch ...
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torsdag 20 sep 2012 kl 11:40 | Inspiration | milano inspiration travel catwalk runway

light blue denim / white

The light blue denim with the white. Yes! Beautiful! Runway look from 3.1 Phillip Lim spring 2012.
tisdag 7 feb 2012 kl 21:23 | Inspiration | catwalk runway inspiration spring

under the sea

Chanel spring summer 2012. I really love the under the sea theme, very pretty!
måndag 24 okt 2011 kl 13:24 | Inspiration | chanel runway

isabel marant spring summer 2012

Today I attended the Isabel Marant show. I was seated next to Abeey Leex27s grandma (how cool is that!), shex27s a very nice lady! She told me the true story about how Abbey was discovered and we had a lovely chat before the show! The show was brilliant, lots of sporty influences, knits, tie dye, c
fredag 30 sep 2011 kl 20:46 | Catwalk | catwalk isabel marant paris runway diary

alexander wang ss 2012

Alexander Wang spring summer 2012. Very sporty with influences from NASCAR, BMX and motocross. Interesting. My favorite look by far is the floral one in the middle left above.
måndag 12 sep 2011 kl 10:29 | Catwalk | alexander wang catwalk runway spring


Today Ix27ve been browsing Celines winter collection. The colors really inspire me. Burgundy, blue, purple and pink, very nice!
fredag 19 aug 2011 kl 18:51 | Inspiration | celine catwalk lookbook runway winter

josefin strid

Pics from Josefin Stridx27s show yesterday. The show was nice and I really love the slit skirt in the first pic, the ombré is also a nice detail.
torsdag 11 aug 2011 kl 13:28 | Catwalk | sfw diary runway catwalk

whyred spring summer 2012

Whyred always makes the best coats and blazers, this season was no exception. I got my eyes on the orange coat teamed with the all-demin. A great look for spring! They also used a lot of red in the collection which I really like! And blue shoes, the spring of 2012 is totally dedicated to blue shoes!
tisdag 9 aug 2011 kl 22:50 | Catwalk | sfw catwalk runway whyred

chloe pyjama look

Again, a pair of slouchy pants and top in the flowy and slouchy pyjama style. I love it! This look is from Chloéx27s resort 2012 collection.
måndag 20 jun 2011 kl 14:33 | Catwalk | catwalk runway chloe resort

celine resort 2012

This is my absolute favorite one of the resort shows. Celine. But of course, for every new collection Phoebe Philo (the designer of Celine) never seizes to amaze me. Always something new and fresh but still very Celine, very true to the heritage. On the invest list are for sure a pair of white shoes, pyjama pants and a lot of florals! I also love the logo tee, but mainly just because itx27s Celine - Philo is one of few designers who call pull tha...
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lördag 18 jun 2011 kl 08:19 | Catwalk | celine catwalk runway resort

stella mccartney resort 2012

Ix27ve been checking out some of the resort 2012 collections and Stella McCartney is one of my favorites. I love the tailored jackets and pants, they look so elegant and fashionable. Ix27m also really liking all the yellow. Whatx27s great about Stellax27s pieces are that they are made to be mixed, y
fredag 17 jun 2011 kl 21:11 | Catwalk | catwalk runway stella mccartney resort
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