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summer vibes

An relaxed easy breeezy summer look to wish for! 1. Photo: Nausheen Shah. 2. Dress by H&M. 3. Sunnies by Chloé. 4. Lace-up sandals from Mango. 5. Silver bag with golden details from Saint Laurent....
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torsdag 16 apr 2015 kl 13:14 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping on my mind

livly clothing

I absolutly adore everything Livly Clothing, not only do the make the cutest stuff, the quality is also super comfy. And I just know baby B canx27t wait to wear her new spring/summer outfits from them. Here are some of the looks waiting for her arrivial: 1. Dress with frills. 2. Cardigan + leggings in navy. 3. Dress with black cherries. 4. Embroided dress....
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onsdag 15 apr 2015 kl 14:52 | baby | pregnancy baby shopping fashion

the micros

Micro bags in shape of a peekaboo or baguette by Fendi. Not super versatile perhaps but the perfect luxury accessory to treat yourself with. They can be worn alone as is, layered or as bag charms. The cuteness factor is major! Inspo pics here: 1, 2, 3....
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måndag 13 apr 2015 kl 22:15 | bags, bags, bags | bags inspiration shopping

pour le bebe

9 days to go (to due date). This last month has been looong. Canx27t wait to meet baby B now! In the pic above, onesie in supersoft bamboo cotton and a x27taxix27 toy rattle from Estella NYC, converse socks from River Island mini and diaper ointment from Burtx27s Beex27s.
fredag 10 apr 2015 kl 14:22 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping fashion

s i m p l i c i t y

Spring simplicity with navy, white and taupe. 1. Slippers from &OtherStories. 2. Bag from Chloé. 3. Top from Zara. 4. Pants from Tibi.
fredag 10 apr 2015 kl 11:50 | oh hello | inspiration shopping on my mind

best of budget

THIS patched denim skirt from Zara. So good!
torsdag 9 apr 2015 kl 22:33 | shopping | best of budget shopping spring

fashion candy

All kitted for summer. Valentino sandals and the butterfly sunnies.
torsdag 9 apr 2015 kl 12:20 | new in | new in shopping summer

the 5

Looking past the everyday basics, underwear and such which pieces are the best ones to invest in for spring/summer 2015? Well - with the 70ies vibe in mind - here are my top 5 picks for the season. 1. The lace up sandals are on top of my list. My absolute fave and one item you wonx27t regret buying. For luxe go for Chloé or Valentino. For budget check out Zara and Mango. 2. A pair of flare denim is a must this - oh so 70-ies - inspired season. ...
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tisdag 7 apr 2015 kl 10:34 | shopping | inspiration shopping in store

d e n i m

1. Heels from Zara 2. Sweater from Chloé 3. Shorts from Missoni
fredag 3 apr 2015 kl 12:41 | on my mind | inspiration shopping on my mind

april treats

Hello April and hello new sandals. It feels kind of early to already get the summer stuff but these seasonal must-haves are from Chloé and already pretty much sold out everywhere (at least online). So when I spotted them in my size at Nathalie Schuterman I went for it!
torsdag 2 apr 2015 kl 10:53 | new in | news shopping summer

for summer

Black, white and feminine. A classic and basic look with luxe details that will take you all the way in to summer. 1. A thin cashmere knit to wear the chilly days and nights. Go up a size for an oversize sexy look. And for underneath, either this in lace or this basic bra. 2. White denim cut offs. Or why not a pair of white jeans, depending on the weather. 3. Pouchette Metis from Louis Vuitton is a real classic. 4. Add cuteness with these lace ...
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måndag 30 mar 2015 kl 13:25 | on my mind | inspiration shopping summer

3x essentials

If I were to but a black everyday bag- what would I buy? Well herex27s my top three: 1. Chloéx27s retroinspired x27FAYEx27 bag with chain is the bag of the season. But with itx27s simple style and cool details it will last season after season. 2. Saint Laurentx27s minimalistic x27LULUx27 sure is worth an investment. The medium size is a great size for everyday and this model never goes of of style. 3. Guccix27s x27DISCOx27 bag, a x27camerax27 t...
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fredag 27 mar 2015 kl 10:56 | bags, bags, bags | bags inspiration shopping

best of budget

Hello summer sandals! A great budget option to wear to the beach or in the city. From Zara.
torsdag 26 mar 2015 kl 17:30 | *** | best of budget shopping shoes

b e a c h . t o t e

Beach life 2015 coming up. And besides the swimwear and sunnies a nice bag to carry sunscreen and towels in is essential. Here are my top six beach totes: 1. Chanel 2. Balenciaga 3. H&M (in stores soon). 4. Mango 5. Lala Berlin. 6. The Beach People....
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onsdag 25 mar 2015 kl 10:35 | bags, bags, bags | bags inspiration shopping


Mood of the day includes cognac leather, phone booth coolness as seen in Vogue Paris, palm trees and a black Celine bag. And product of the day, this stud leather belt from Mango. A perfect item to get the retro vibe with. team with denim, as seen here, for a sexy look.
måndag 23 mar 2015 kl 11:30 | moodboard | inspiration shopping moodboard

s u e d e

Material of the season? Suede. Itx27s for sure the suede! Not only does suede give that vintage/retro vibe that we all crave so badly, it also gives a softer look than regular leather. I love suede! 1. Lace up sandals in faux suede by Zara. 2. Suede + fringes + YSL. Oh yes please. 3. Suede jacket in a simple denim jacket type shape....
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fredag 20 mar 2015 kl 16:33 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping on my mind

mama and baby bee

Burts Bees baby and mama products are so cute and also 100% natural. I have the Diaper Ointment for baby and body oil and foot/leg cream for myself. The cloud blanket is from FargForm.
torsdag 19 mar 2015 kl 12:52 | baby | pregnancy baby shopping beauty


The minimalistic bum bag or belt bag is here. Looking at Celines and Chloés options it sure looks great and luxorious. But considering itx27s really not a classic model and how fast fashion moves these days a cheaper option sure is to be preferred. And of course we can always trust the big clothing chains for that, Zara has an option that is a real catch. Check it out here. ...
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tisdag 17 mar 2015 kl 14:48 | bags, bags, bags | news bags shopping

30% off

Shop now offers 30 % off the whole collection with the code MARS30
tisdag 17 mar 2015 kl 12:22 | shopping | caroline blomst shopping sale

kitten ears and leopards

1. Bag from Calvin Klein. The perfect everyday one. 2. Silver slip on sandals. Yes, please. 3. Marbling Cream nailcolor. Keeping the paws spring fresh is important. 4. Knit with flare sleeves in oatmeal. Team with denim. 5. Leopard-ish sunnies. 6. Those Chanel slippers. Oh my. 7. A tray with palm leaves print. 8. Kitten ears, who can resist this cuteness!?! 9. Leopard top in burgundy. One of my favorite pieces in my closet. Comfy + chic....
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måndag 16 mar 2015 kl 12:30 | le mood | inspiration shopping moodboard

chanel girl

Meet the new Chanel bag, the Girl. Quite the opposite to the now classic Boy bag. A bag that resembles the classic Chanel jacket where the sleeves makes it versatile. With the right look on the right person Ix27m sure this bag will look super duper cool.
måndag 16 mar 2015 kl 10:55 | bags, bags, bags | news bags shopping

oh boyy

The x27Pacox27 bag and the x27Loafurx27 loafers from Boyy.
söndag 15 mar 2015 kl 16:10 | hello inspiration | inspiration shopping on my mind

stud gladiators

Ix27ll be strolling around in these glam gladiators for spring/summer. The perfect match to any denim and dresses. They are from Valentino and you can find them here.
fredag 13 mar 2015 kl 12:06 | new in | new in shopping in store

week 35

Ix27m in week 35 now and now itx27s really not long to go. Ix27m tired and not sleeping too well, the baby feels heavy and shex27s bumping around all the time. And shex27s strong, if I fall asleep with my arm on my belly, she pokes me there until I remove it. Not sleeping alright gives me the energy of a 90 year old. But besides that I feel pretty good. Ix27m just trying to relax as much as I can and focus on what is ahead. I got the Lolaloo and...
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onsdag 11 mar 2015 kl 10:56 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping

Le catch

Suede shirt anyone?!? This weeks Le Catch is this patched suede shirt from Zara and you will find it here!
tisdag 10 mar 2015 kl 16:25 | shopping | best of budget shopping shoes

march moodboard

1. That hair. 2. Chloe look-a-like blouse from H&M. 3. Full look from Zara. 4. Bag from M2Malletier. 5. Sandals from IRO. 6. Maroccan poufs.
måndag 9 mar 2015 kl 11:21 | hello inspiration | inspiration shopping moodboard

something like this

I wanna go retro this spring & summer but not too much. So for that perfect vibe of the 70ies Ix27ll team it with modern and classic basics. 1. Necklace from Nialaya 2. Pants from Acne 3. Top from Weekday 4. Bag from Valentino 5. Sandals from H&M...
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onsdag 4 mar 2015 kl 15:52 | on my mind | wishlist shopping on my mind

uh huh honey

Todayx27s inspiration. 1. Rodebjer ss 15 total look. Pretty! 2. 70ies babe Malgosia Bela in Self Service magazine. And that belt! 3. The cropped top at Zara. 4. Untreated natural colored leather bags (will darken with time), herex27s the one from my own collection.
onsdag 4 mar 2015 kl 11:11 | le mood | inspiration shopping moodboard

le catch

Silver sandals anyone?!? I say, yes please! And no matter how much this pair allure us, the pair above sure makes a great and wallet friendly alternative.
tisdag 3 mar 2015 kl 18:35 | shopping | best of budget shopping shoes

c h l o e

My favorite runway show this summer season is by far Chloé. The colors, the romantic dresses and hey, the sandals. If I were to get something from the collection I guess it would either be the sandals or the Faye bag. Zara already made something similar on the sandals side, check it out here. H&M also made great items to get the look with, the white dress is due in stores soon and the jacket is already available online. And I guess itx27s not Chl...
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tisdag 3 mar 2015 kl 14:39 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping summer
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