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luxe hippie

1. Knit from Maje. I love this color and model. This works with anything and itx27s great for chilly summer nights. 2. Blouse from Isabel Marant Etoilé. This blouse looks just like the perfect one. 3. Shorts from H&M. Sheer and great to put on by the pool. 4. Hipanema bracelet from ElsaLeonie. My favorite summer bracelet! 5. Bag from Stella McCartney. I love how this one shimmers. So nice. 6. Jeans shorts from H&M. One can never have enough of th...
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måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 13:18 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration summer wish

for summer

One of my favorite looks for summer. Casual, chic and super cute! Grey v-neck tee can be found here, here, here and here. The Maori print shorts are Marant and can be found here and also comes in a skirt model, here. Get the look for less with this dress. The sandals above are Marant and comes in many different versions/colors, here, here, here, here, here and here. Zara also makes a great budget one....
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torsdag 2 maj 2013 kl 10:27 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration summer wish

hand of Fatima

On my wishlist, hand of Fatima from Thomas Sabo. Fatima’s hand is a symbol of strength, happiness and protection.
tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 22:14 | Accessories | shopping wish on my mind


Ok can it please be summer soon? I want to wear denim shorts and tank tops. And cute sandals. Every day. 1. Linen knit from Helmut Lang. Easy just to throw on anything. 2. Tank top from T by Alexander Wang at Soho Soho. 3. Frayed denim shorts from Ksubi, also in light blue. 4. YSL ring, also here. 5. Nailpolish by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Totally obsessed. 6. Blue shopper tote bag from Givenchy at Nathalie Schuterman. This tote is just ama...
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tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 01:01 | Accessories | shopping inspiration summer wish

friend of mine

Australian brand Friend of Mine delivers great inspiration for summer! I just love their tiny lace up shorts and their leather lace up dresses. So hot! I also love the mini lace dress and the asymmetric tank teamed with leather pants. Looks great.
tisdag 2 apr 2013 kl 11:52 | Inspiration | inspiration summer wish shopping friendofmine

nialaya rings

For summer Ix27m craving for these rings by Nialaya. Cute and bling-y. I also love it when they are worn several together like this. You can get them here.
tisdag 2 apr 2013 kl 10:46 | Accessories | inspiration summer wish shopping nialaya


This (above) is what Ix27m eye-ing at the moment. The sleek and minimalistic bag line with from M2Malletier. Just so damn nice. The white clutch with optional shoulder strap is available here.
söndag 31 mar 2013 kl 23:58 | Accessories | inspiration shopping wish next

on my mind

This bag is totally x22on my mindx22 right now. Itx27s small so it will only hold the essentials like keys, cards, lipgloss and phone (but hey thatx27s enough for me) and it would work wonders for spring summer. Imagine cross body, so cute. Maybe teamed with denim. Cute! The bag feels both bohemian and classic elegant, it reminds me a bit of the Valentino bags. You can get it here....
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torsdag 28 mar 2013 kl 22:44 | Inspiration | shopping wish on my mind


1. This grey cashmere sweater looks perfect. 2. And these silver track pants, oh la la! Imagine with a white tee and black heels. 3. The Obsedia bag. Mini and quilted. So cute.
måndag 18 feb 2013 kl 09:25 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration shopping wish


Ix27m having serious silver and metallic cravings. Here are my top three. 1. Jacket from Isabel Marant - this model is so versatile and classic! 2. This Proenza bag is just awesome. 3. Wallet from Saint Laurent.
onsdag 13 feb 2013 kl 13:49 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration shopping wish silver

on my mind

The fluffy sandals from Celine ss 13.
måndag 11 feb 2013 kl 19:17 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish on my mind celine

saint laurent

Again. Saint Laurent. I really like it, even though Ix27m missing the Yves part. The whole collection of accessories as well as some of the clothing really inspire me. Parts of the collection feels very classic and like good investment pieces. Above the suede boots (yes please!) and a zip wallet (
onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 11:55 | Accessories | inspiration shopping wish

add green

More spring inspiration. One look Ix27d love to wear for spring. Blue denim and a stripe top is a classic look, adding (again classic) comfy loafers and a pop of color with a nice tote bag! Loafers, subtle leopard from Jimmy Choo, I hear these are soo comfy, they also look great with anything. A stripe top, an item every wardrobe should contain. I like this one from DAY. Denim from Dsquared for that sexy Italian feel! This studded Valentino to...
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tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 11:23 | Inspiration | inspiration wish spring wishlist

3 x wallets

1. Ok, how nice is this one?!? I love it! Blue with silver details from Proenza. 2. A grey classic and very wearable one from Balenciaga. 3. Leopard, grr. This one would look awesome in my bag. From Dolce & Gabbana.
söndag 6 jan 2013 kl 17:38 | Inspiration | 3x wish shopping


Right now Ix27m wishing for warmer weather and sun, lots of sun! Thatx27s why my wishlist this week is full of things to wear on vacation. *** These leopard espadrilles looks amaze!!! Very much like the Celine ones but with a cheaper price tag. *** Bracelets, loads of bracelets, are going on my arm. I love this multicolored five eye bracelet and also the skull/pearl bracelet and the message one, the last two are both from here. *** For that long...
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torsdag 27 dec 2012 kl 11:01 | Inspiration | inspiration stockholm wish

merry christmas!

Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots. Happy Holidays! Donx27t forget to follow me here:
måndag 24 dec 2012 kl 10:13 | Inspiration | inspiration stockholm wish


Thought Ix27d decorate the blog with some shoe candy. Itx27s Chloéx27s Susannah boots, the spring colors. Nude, blue, grey and black with silver hardware. Gah, I just want them all. You can get the blue one here. The nude one is up for pre order here and here. The grey one can be found here and also here. The black is available here and here....
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onsdag 12 dec 2012 kl 23:43 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish

in the bag

1. Earmuffs that are actually headphones in disguise. Perfect. 2. Warm and stylish gloves. 3. Simple and elegant earrings that work both day and night! 4. Silver bracelet from Bottega Veneta, hey elegance! 5. Samsung Galaxy camera. Takes pictures direct to instagram and has wifi and 3g. Need this camera. 6. Lip tint from Benefit. This is on top of my beauty shopping list. 7. Last but not least, a city bag from Balenciaga in the most yummy color,...
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onsdag 12 dec 2012 kl 20:12 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish

add red

Add a small portion of color, works everyday. I love red - it goes so well with grey and gold/brass. And it looks hot! 1. Simple grey top from Monki. Very wearable. 2. Bangle from Weekday. Wear on your upper arm, sexy! 3. Bag from Club Monaco. Works for all Christmas time partyx27s aswell to a more dressed down boho chic style. 4. Tinted lip balm/treatment from Fresh. Just what my lips need at the moment. 5. I love these x22leather effectx22 je...
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tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 11:51 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish wishlist

for him

Some Christmas ideas for him. 1. Latest GQ, I love this Rihanna cover, this would look nice on the coffee table aswell as making a nice gift. 2. A geometric patterned cup for tea and coffee or even chocolate. 3. Sweater from David Beckham for H&M, soft and comfy, also perfect to borrow and wear as a x27boyfriendx27 top. 4. A big wall mirror mounted in leather (like a big belt), would make a nice touch in any hallway....
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måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 10:05 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish christmas

two things

On my wishlist. A golden ear cuff from Trine Tuxen. A couple of these in one ear would look awesome. And a pair of wedge suede booties from Isabel Marant. Camel colored for spring, very hippie-paris-chic.
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 14:40 | Inspiration | inspiration wish wishlist

that jacket

Herex27s a little sneek peek from the Filippa K spring summer 2013 campaign. The campaign is shot in New York by Lachlan Bailey and the model is Julia Stegner. I just canx27t get over just how hot that jacket looks. Must-have jacket for spring. My wishlist takes note.
fredag 7 dec 2012 kl 19:14 | Inspiration | inspiration wish that wishlist

soft & sweet

1. Kenzo tiger keychain. Grr! 2. Love this iPad cover from Stella McCartney. That blue shade is so elegant. 3. Cinnamon colored knit from Monki. A great budget buy! 4. Gentle eye cream from Lumene. This one smells blueberry and works wonders. My favorite. 5. Bag from Loeffler Randall. This bag looks just perfect. It has all the right factors, itx27s small, itx27s black (classic) and it has a silver chain. 6. This Gucci scarf is one of my favor...
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onsdag 5 dec 2012 kl 22:46 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish christmas


Angel.wash and Angel.rinse, shampoo and conditioner from Kevin Murphy. Love the name and the color of the bottles. Not only would they look good in the bathroom, they would also do wonder for my brittle winter hair.
onsdag 5 dec 2012 kl 11:35 | Skönhet | beauty wish shopping hair

pretty please

1. Fragrance from Chloé, x27Lovex27. 2. Wine red turtle neck from Isabel Marant. 3. Body scrub from Philosophy, scented with x27Amazing Gracex27. Great for wintery dry legs. 4. Cliniquex27s x27Even Better Eyesx27, for those dark circles around the eyes. 5. Cuff bracelet from Vita Fede. Beautiful and sparkly. 6. Pink Galaxy Note from Samsung. Loves it! 7. Chubby Stick lip gloss/balm from Clinique in Super Strawberry. 8. Miu Miu sneakers with some ...
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onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 22:31 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

open back boots

Remember these Haider Ackermann flats? Today I found these which gives the same look for less. They would look awesome for spring!
torsdag 22 nov 2012 kl 11:29 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish


Ix27m not the biggest fan of push up bras, but there is a time and place for everything. I already have this one from Wonderbra which works wonders for strapless dresses and such. But now Ix27m considering this, for a bit of oumpf for everyday. Ix27ve read so much great about just this one so I guess I must give it a try!...
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torsdag 22 nov 2012 kl 09:06 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish


4 things to wish for! 1. Wool skirt from Topshop. 2. Knit sweater from H&M. 3. Shoes from Howsty. 4. Bag from Su-Shi.
tisdag 20 nov 2012 kl 14:51 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration shopping wish


This amazing shirt will soon arrive in H&M stores, itx27s from the trend section. A nice take on this one. Price will be 39.95 euros.
tisdag 20 nov 2012 kl 13:46 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish h&m


Wishing for this Kikkerland iPurse iPhone case right now. How cute!?!
söndag 18 nov 2012 kl 17:47 | Inspiration | inspiration tech wish
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