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more gift ideas

1. Black watch from Triwa. I really like this unisex model not only x27cause one can share it with the boyfriend but x27cause it looks awesome on. Sporty yet expensive. Check out a look on Natasha Poly here. 2. Alexander Wang Dissolving Herringbone Pullover in Merlot/Paprika. Here on Sheila Marquez. 3. Foxy necklace. Who doesnx27t wanna be foxy?!? 4. A croc tote. To wear like the Olsens. Theirs are a vintage from Fendi, this above is just as nic...
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torsdag 15 nov 2012 kl 13:41 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish christmas

christmas gift ideas

Or, should I say things-to-wish-for ideas... :) 1. Smythson fashion week notepad. A must at front row! 2. Panties from Stella, one for every day of the week. Ok, this may be kind of childish but I like it. 3. This necklace. Cool yet simple. I would wear it with a nice shirt or a v-neck tee. 4. Perfume. One of my favorites are by Narcisco Rodriguez, itx27s called for her. ...
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onsdag 14 nov 2012 kl 12:45 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish christmas

the essentials

Things I wish for right now. A small bag. Still in to that. Small is good! And Chains. I love this one from Stella McCartney. Great basics. Ix27m eyeing Australian label Bassike for that. They make a lot of great stuff! Pumps. Fun and chic. Preferably in some other color than black. These from Zara with small mirrors caught my eye!...
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måndag 5 nov 2012 kl 18:49 | Inspiration | inspiration wish shopping essentials


1. Delicate golden rings. Nice on their own but even better together. The rings are from Tom Binns and Ginette_NY. 2. Cosy knits, can not get enough of them for winter! This knit is from H&M. 3. A pair of simple boots with cool detailing, I really like these from IRO....
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måndag 29 okt 2012 kl 12:22 | Inspiration | inspiraiton 1-2-3 shopping wish wishlist


On my wishlist. The cutest leather biker jacket from Rika.
lördag 27 okt 2012 kl 21:10 | Inspiration | inspiraiton wish wishlist

kenzo tote

Speaking of Kenzo, they just started making these cute tote bags. Leather and fabric/felt with the K logo on one side and on the other side itx27s plain with just a tiny imprinted logo. They come in different colors, above is a red/grey with pink K logo.
tisdag 23 okt 2012 kl 13:43 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wish

prettiest coat

This military coat. Yes please.
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 20:34 | Inspiration | inspiration fall wish

spring summer 13

Celine espadrilles for spring 2013. Big like! But still canx27t get these ones out of my mind.
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 19:17 | Inspiration | inspiraiton wish spring wishlist


In the mood for blue denim right now. Preferably in the form of a jacket. Yes, that would be nice. Ix27d wear it now under my coat and it would also be a great staple for spring. This jacket is from Proenza Schouler and looks just perfect.
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 16:38 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish


Tree things to wish for. Bohemian earrings, printed t-shirt and gold chain bag.
måndag 15 okt 2012 kl 23:04 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration wish shopping

elvis belt

Moda Operandi have the Marant spring/summer 13 pieces for pre order. If I can get only one thing from the spring/summer collection it would be this belt. Studded, red leather, very boho chic. Would team with black or blue denim and loose simple top. Sooo nice. Ix27m already dreaming about summer, no
måndag 15 okt 2012 kl 07:04 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish

for sale

!!!THE SWEATER IS NOW SOLD!!! I got one extra Kenzo sweater size M. Grey with tiger. Itx27s unisex model (= same sizes works for both women and men) so itx27s like a slightly larger Medium. (I got a medium for me aswell). Bidding starts at 200 euro, email stockholmstreetstyle a with a bid
fredag 28 sep 2012 kl 10:18 | Inspiration | inspiration wishlist wish

yes please

Autumn means so much nice stuff in the stores. Fashion vise autumn is my favorite season. I canx27t even count how many nice boots Ix27ve seen just here in London. Like these boots from Kurt Geiger, a simple style in black suede. Yes please!
lördag 15 sep 2012 kl 09:02 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

pretty pretty

While Ix27m on a flight back to Stockholm Ix27m gonna let these boots from Isabel Marant decorate the blog! So pretty!
fredag 7 sep 2012 kl 00:19 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish wishlist


This fall is all about stylish flats. Loafers, slippers and trainers are the shit! And I must admit there is nothing better than a pair of comfortable flats. Especially if you do a lot of walking. Right now I got my eyes on these classic cool croc embossed loafers from Lanvin. But of course still eye-ing the Balenciagas. Therex27s just so much fall cravings filling up the stores now. ...
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måndag 20 aug 2012 kl 15:25 | Inspiration | inspiration wishlist wish

dream shoes

Right now Ix27m dreaming about these. From Balenciaga, found them at Barneys.
fredag 17 aug 2012 kl 22:30 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

yes please

I so wanna lay my hands on these color block denim in x22red tintx22 from new denim brand Koral Los Angeles.
torsdag 16 aug 2012 kl 20:58 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish wishlist


On my wishlist right now, a pair of custom leopard slip on Vans. Or perhaps an all white pair or black with white sole, all similar to what Celine are doing for fall. Itx27s all about the chunky-ness of the sole! (winner of the earing+earcuff is pernille, congratulations, check your email.)
måndag 13 aug 2012 kl 09:38 | Inspiration | inspiration wishlist wish

iron girl

I made a quick visit to Rikax27s showspace at the Gallery fair. Wow! Ix27m soo lovinx27 her ss 13 collection. There are a lot of pieces that are awesome and this x22Iron Girlx22 sweater is on top of my list! Need it!
lördag 11 aug 2012 kl 12:02 | Inspiration | inspiration copenhagen travel wishlist rika

bikini issues

Ix27m searching like crazy for a bikini. But itx27s kind of off season so itx27s a hard time finding something great. Wouldnx27t mind a zebra one like this above from Balmain. Or maybe something with frill. Gah, I donx27t know. I just have to browse around a bit more. What are your favorite swimwear
onsdag 8 aug 2012 kl 23:05 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist


Despite the fact that itx27s still summer (hey I havenx27t even gone on Vacay yet) I feel the itch in my fall shopping nerve. Itx27s kind of hard not to when so much good stuff from the fall collections already has arrived in stores. One trend I just canx27t get over is leopard. So nice. The knit sweater above is Celine and the coat is Joseph. I love the knit. Next thing on my shopping list is for sure something leopard, perhaps similar to this. ...
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söndag 5 aug 2012 kl 20:26 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish wishlist

#home #interior

1. Hangers from H&M. I love the print on them! 2. Oversized snow globe with sparkles instead of snow. Magic! 3. Leather tray with x22Have a happy dayx22 stamped in gold in the middle. Yes for my jewelry. 4. Prada Marfa art print.
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 00:41 | Inspiration | home interior inspiration shopping 1-2-3 wish wishlist

creamy things

Major fall cravings on these two. Ix27m really up for cream/oatmeal colors for fall. They are both from french brand IRO and you can get the sweater here and the jacket here.
fredag 3 aug 2012 kl 08:51 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist


These are just genius! Metallics are a big trend for fall and these 3.1 Phillip Lim boots nails it for me. Ok, they also come in black which would be the more reasonable choice I guess. But the yellow metallic ones are just so nice!
onsdag 1 aug 2012 kl 23:06 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

chubby stick

On my wishlist: A chubby stick from Clinique. A moisturizing lip gloss with a hint of color. The shade x22whole lotta honeyx22 looks like it could be a hit!
söndag 29 jul 2012 kl 12:48 | Inspiration | beauty makeup want/need inspiration wish


1. A simple henley top, goes with anything. 2. A pair of basic well fitting ballerinas. 3. Zebra bag. Yes! Canx27t go wrong with Zebra!...
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måndag 16 jul 2012 kl 16:51 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration wish shopping


Sometimes, often, the best things are the simplest ones. Like this top from Stylestalker. Grey with raw hems and rolled up sleeves. Very Parisienne! Team with a pair of great fitting jeans, flats and youx27re done!
onsdag 11 jul 2012 kl 10:58 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration wish

un, deux, trois

Wishes, wishes. I totally adore gold jewelry right now. Here are my top three wishes right now. First a double bracelet x22his & herx22 from Martin Margiela where he teamed two bracelets as one. Very edgy. Second is a set of eternity rings from (they comes in set in three, but I only need the two). Eternity rings are beautiful, Ix27d wear them on my index finger aswell on as my ring finger. The third wish is a crystal macram...
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måndag 25 jun 2012 kl 15:04 | Inspiration | 1-2-3 inspiration wish shopping


On my moodboard. Isabel Marant, Balmain and lots of waist coats. Ix27m totally in to waist coats at the moment and Ix27m searching for a simple one, like the one Gisele is wearing. Simple, black, yes, one like that would be just perfect! Must find one.
måndag 11 jun 2012 kl 12:44 | Inspiration | moodboard inspiraiton wishlist

summer wishlist

1. No 1 on my list are shorts. I have big cravings for yellow ones. These from Isabel Marant would sure do the trick! 2. Summer always get me in the mood for a skull scarf in a light color, not sure why, it just does. From Alexander McQueen. 3. Muscle tees. So versatile. This one is from Wang. 4. Gold jewelry. Layered. Both necklaces, rings and bracelets. Wishbone necklace from Belle Noel/ 5. Leopard sandals. Wish I had these from ...
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fredag 18 maj 2012 kl 14:27 | Inspiration | inspiration wish summer wish wish
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