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alo yoga

Right now Ix27m so in the mood for training and new training gear. When baby gets here (only a few weeks to go now!) I need to get back to some training routines. With a light start of course. So Ix27ve been eyeing these yoga pants and training bras from Alo Yoga (which btw works for more than yoga)
måndag 2 mar 2015 kl 11:10 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping wishlist workout training

postcard from milano

A big Saint Laurent store has opened up on Via Andrea. I splurged on the pink glitter boots. It will be a rockx27nx27roll fall for me! Ix27ve already spotted these on several people here and they look so cool, probably the coolest shoes one can buy this season. Glitter is the thing. You can get them here in pink, silver or gold. Besides all the glitter I also get inspired by browsing the current fashion magazine covers. I especially like how the...
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lördag 20 sep 2014 kl 00:28 | travel | travel work shopping inspiration


Ix27m always up for a wedding shoot, itx27s so much fun. And this midsummer I went to a wedding (in the family) and I got the honor to be their x22officialx22 wedding photographer. The theme of the wedding was pink and it was such nice contrast to all the blacks and whites. Here are some pics Ix27d
måndag 24 jun 2013 kl 14:52 | Inspiration | inspiration work summer wedding

style love

So love the style of Alana Bunte (Elite NY). One part ladylike (hello cute small patent bag), one part I-just-woke-up-carelessness (tee sticking out underneath that thin knit sweater + jacket on the shoulders) and the simplicity of it all (classic cuts and the minimalism - love minimalism).
onsdag 12 jun 2013 kl 09:45 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work

all white

Noticed my tee made it to the bohemian chic lookbook. I love the way they styled it with all white. Gorgeous.
fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 17:03 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

gina tricot x caroline blomst

Todayx27s is the big day, the tees are finally in store and online. Youx27ll also find a story with backstage material online here. Above are the campaign photos we shot in Barcelona with model Klara Wester, photographer Daniel Troyse and me as the stylist. In the bottom picture is the shopwindow with the teex27s styled and the campaign pictures and my signature all over the window. Big thank you for the response over the giveaway teex27s, tha...
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torsdag 21 mar 2013 kl 10:32 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

giveaway - gina tricot x caroline blomst

The tees I designed for Gina Tricot will be in selected stores and online tomorrow the 21st. But as early as today you have the chance to get a whole set of all the five tees. Yey! I have two sets, one in size S and one in size M to give away to two lucky ones. All you need to do to take part of this giveaway is to comment in this post and also mention what size you would like it you are the lucky one. I will ship them worldwide. I will choose tw...
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onsdag 20 mar 2013 kl 07:17 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work giveaway

hey hanne!

That bandana is hot! Hanne styled it great! But Ix27m also thinking it could work with a more summer-ish look. Imagine with a cute dress. Yes, yes! Gagsta cool and cute works great together. And how about those Kenzo runway heels, those eye patterns Kenzo got going on are pretty cool! See more of Hannex27s style here....
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måndag 4 mar 2013 kl 07:23 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work

between seasons

Earthy and musty tones like navy blues, olive greens and mustards are on my hot list right now! They might make you think of fall but they go so great together with up coming spring stuff as well - like whites and patterns (like leopard or paisley). Which make them great to wear in between seasons like now - when you wish for spring but itx27s ice cold outside. Here are a couple of outfit inspo pics that I snapped today, here in Paris. Enjoy!...
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torsdag 28 feb 2013 kl 08:23 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration paris work


Looks that inspire me. Green is the most amazing color, I love the way Erica teamed her jacket with a more bright green knit, and that emerald sparkling ear piece, amazing! I also love leopard, leopard in the right way is a true classic. Team with simple and chic things, denim & navy blues for exa
måndag 25 feb 2013 kl 06:44 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration milano work


Black biker vest, brown 70-ies look dress with turtle neck and silver heels. An amazing combination! I love it! To get the silver shoe look go for slingbacks from Dries, pumps from Saint Laurent or versatile wear-all-day midheels from J. Crew or why not flats, lovely! And how about those mint sneakers? Yes please! Here are some suggestions to get the look; Converse, Lacoste, Superga and Nike Free. ...
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lördag 23 feb 2013 kl 21:06 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration milano work

one direction

So apparently a One Direction pop-up store opened in Stockholm this weekend and it was chaos. In London the other day I happened to snap one of the guys, Louis Tomlinson, together with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. And it was kind of chaos there as well, even if it doesnx27t show in the pic. By the way, I really like Eleanors shoes and romper, cute outfit! To me stores I would love opened in Stockholm are Chanel, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Ale...
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lördag 23 feb 2013 kl 17:22 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration london work

gina tricot x caroline blomst

Finally I can reveal a better sneek peek of the t-shirts I designed for Gina Tricot. Itx27s total 5 t-shirts with prints. All prints are photos which I took during my trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the collection youx27ll see sunsets, palm trees, beaches and me! The fit is just like the perfect tee ones - which I think is just the perfect basic tee. The prints are soft and at first site you might no be able to see just what they are. I real...
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torsdag 21 feb 2013 kl 18:22 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

that silhouette

Spring is in the air. And one of my favorite silhouettes for spring is this one above - with the wide brim hat & the oversized coat in focus!
onsdag 20 feb 2013 kl 20:16 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration milano work

tilda, olivia & natalie

Photos: © Herex27s whatx27s on my radar from today. 1. Swedish model Tilda Lindstam (IMG London) in a lovely spring-is-in-the-air outfit. 2. Olivia Palermo in bright pants and clutch. 3. Fashion editor Natalie Hartley in a perfect combination with boyfriend jeans as a base.
söndag 17 feb 2013 kl 19:39 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration london work

london, baby!

Ix27m in London for fashion week and Ix27m out and about all day long shooting streetstyle pictures. Already I captured quite a lot of inspiration and herex27s a mix of some of my favorites from today. 1. Rayban sunglasses and all black, yes! Definitely two of the absolute musts in every closet. 2. The blue denim, the black bag, the loafers, the leather biker. All must haves for spring. I love everything about this look. 3. Love this ...
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fredag 15 feb 2013 kl 21:04 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration london work

Donx27t miss out on mine and Danielx27s selected photos from Stockholm and Copenhagen fashion weeks for Check it out here.
tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 19:50 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration work

gina tricot x caroline blomst

I have designed a mini collection for Gina Tricot with five t-shirt prints. The prints are all photos from my trip to Brasil and Rio de Janeiro last year. When I got asked doing this collection I wanted to do prints that I would wear myself. I think the result is awesome and I canx27t wait to get to wear my t-shirts. The campaign images for this collection was styled by me and shot by Daniel in a European city. Ix27m very excited about this and...
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tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 09:55 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiraiton work

winter forest bar

As me being the face of Rekorderlig cider I had the pleasure of being invited to their pop up bar at the Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London yesterday. Inside they have built up a Swedish forest, complete with mushrooms, moss and even a leaf and dirt filled floor. Itx27s the coolest bar Ix27ve ever been to for sure! Besides from drinking both regular cider and cider mixed to amazing drinks you can also try out some Swedish food like elk sausage...
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fredag 26 okt 2012 kl 11:31 | Övrigt | travel work inspiration rekorderlig cider

work work

This pic pretty much sums it all up right now. Lots of fashion and lots of work. I wish I had more time but there never seems to be enough of that. Today Ix27m starting my day with shooting streetstyle outside the Chanel show, then Ix27m attending Ulyanas couture show (excited) and after that I have
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 14:00 | Inspiration | details inspiration paris travel work

Off to work - where?

Paris of course! See you there! But as I write this Ix27m at Starbucks having breakfast and Vogue. Unfortunately my flight is delayed so Ix27m stuck here a while. I have my new fashion blogger laptop with me from Samsung, the 9 series. Itx27s soo thin, thinner than Vogue actually. Like! Ix27m giving
torsdag 28 jun 2012 kl 09:27 | Inspiration | instagram work paris

work work

Hello guys! Ix27m at the office choosing pictures from the photo shoot I styled last week. Itx27s looking good! In the little sneak peek above you can see a top from Gar-De and H&M denim. Now itx27s time for coffee pause!
torsdag 3 maj 2012 kl 12:55 | Inspiration | editorial photo shoot work inspiration

tank top

Remember the tee I designed for UP? Well now you can also get is as a tank top, perfect for summer! If you want the tee you can find it here.
fredag 27 apr 2012 kl 14:59 | Inspiration | tee work inspiration

my desk

Today me and some fellow bloggers hosted an event with Din Sko, I styled a little installation under the theme x22my deskx22 topped with some inspo for spring! I styled it with some stuff that I normally have on my desk (you probably recognize some), fresh flowers, some stuff from home and also my shoe choices from Din Sko. Ix27m wearing a knit from Rika/, jeans from Isabel Marant, eye bracelet from House of Harlow/ and ...
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tisdag 3 apr 2012 kl 23:48 | Inspiration | din sko work inspiration

din sko

Herex27s me in the three outfits I styled with the shoes from Din Sko. These pictures where shot in Stockholm when it was like -11 degrees celcius. Brr... Canx27t wait for spring when I see these outfits now. If you want to see all my favorite shoes check them out here! Also donx27t miss out on the style blog where I share some trendspottings!...
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torsdag 8 mar 2012 kl 13:14 | Inspiration | din sko work styling

din sko

Now you can find me in Din Sko stores guiding you to my favoite shoes. Ix27ve also made some trendspottings for the website, check it out!
lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 11:11 | Inspiration | din sko work styling


Yesterday we scouted around in Paris for cool locations for upcoming projects. This backdrop is for sure one of my favorites of the ones we found. So cool! Ix27m wearing my coat from Isabel Marant, tee from Acne, leather leggings from Helmut Lang, bag from Balenciaga and sneakers from Isabel Maran

din sko

Before I left for fashion weeks I did a small photoshoot for swedish shoe store Din Sko. I got to pick out five favorites from the collections and also style myself with three of the pairs. Now the campaign is out in stores and online. If you want to have a look and see what shoes I chose and how Ix27ll be wearing them you can check it out here! Also be sure to check out their line of shoes called X-It, the X-It shoes are made of real leather o...
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onsdag 29 feb 2012 kl 20:27 | Inspiration | din sko work styling

in store

Right now you can find x22the perfect teex22 collection in Gina Tricot stores, along with the items I styled them with. So fun to see my choices on display in store!
lördag 25 feb 2012 kl 07:54 | Inspiration | gina tricot work inspiration

the perfect tee

Herex27s a sneak peek of the finished result of the styling I did for Gina Tricot. This is 4 of total 8 looks that youx27ll see online and in store from the 23 of feb. I chose everything from the blue backdrop, the poses, the hair and make-up and most essential the styling. I styled it very clean and simple with a french touch! Ix27m really happy about it and could totally wear every look myself! Donx27t forget you can win a complete set of the t...
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onsdag 15 feb 2012 kl 09:47 | Inspiration | gina tricot work inspiration
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