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Asymmetric blouse

Asymmetric blouse from Gina Tricot.
torsdag 12 dec 2013 kl 16:25 | Loves it | clothes top blouse gina tricot

Sequin dress

Sequin dress from Gina Tricot.
onsdag 4 dec 2013 kl 12:30 | Loves it | clothes dress sequins gina tricot

Cable knitted

Cable knitted turtleneck sweater from Gina Tricot.
onsdag 20 nov 2013 kl 18:09 | Loves it | clothes sweater knit gina tricot

Studded jacket

Budget from Gina Tricot or luxury from Isabel Marant?
tisdag 19 nov 2013 kl 16:15 | Same Same | same same jacket studs gina tricot isabel marant

Peplum top

Peplum top from Gina Tricot.
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 12:00 | Loves it | clothes top black peplum gina tricot

ruffles skirt

Ruffles skirt from Gina Tricot.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 15:00 | Loves it | clothes skirt ruffles gina tricot


Jacket from Bruunz Bazaar, sneakers from Valentino, a Chanel bag, cashmere knit from Caroline Blomst and leather pants from Gina Tricot.

in paris

Coat from Topshop, tee from Caroline Blomst, leather pants from Gina Tricot, bag from Chanel, loafers from Minna Parikka.

out & about

Ix27m wearing Bag from Nathalie Schuterman, shoes from Celine, knit and real leather pants from Gina Tricot, sunglasses from Anderne (Model: IT HAD TO BE YOU SG).

out & about

Ix27m wearing Mango leather pants, tee from Gina Tricot, cashmere knit from Caroline Blomst, Birkenstock sandals and a Celine bag. Get my look: ...
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Shirt from Gina Tricot, jeans from my own brand, shoes from Chanel and bag from Celine.


These nude pumps just hit the Gina Tricot stores. They are a great addition for spring to wear both with dresses as well as denim. I used these when I styled my tees (here) and I think they go awesome together with grey denim and a bright colored top. Also nude colored shoes make your legs look longer - big win!...
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torsdag 4 apr 2013 kl 13:03 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration shopping spring shoes

all white

Noticed my tee made it to the bohemian chic lookbook. I love the way they styled it with all white. Gorgeous.
fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 17:03 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

gina tricot x caroline blomst

Todayx27s is the big day, the tees are finally in store and online. Youx27ll also find a story with backstage material online here. Above are the campaign photos we shot in Barcelona with model Klara Wester, photographer Daniel Troyse and me as the stylist. In the bottom picture is the shopwindow with the teex27s styled and the campaign pictures and my signature all over the window. Big thank you for the response over the giveaway teex27s, tha...
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torsdag 21 mar 2013 kl 10:32 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

giveaway - gina tricot x caroline blomst

The tees I designed for Gina Tricot will be in selected stores and online tomorrow the 21st. But as early as today you have the chance to get a whole set of all the five tees. Yey! I have two sets, one in size S and one in size M to give away to two lucky ones. All you need to do to take part of this giveaway is to comment in this post and also mention what size you would like it you are the lucky one. I will ship them worldwide. I will choose tw...
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onsdag 20 mar 2013 kl 07:17 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work giveaway

gina tricot x caroline blomst

Finally I can reveal a better sneek peek of the t-shirts I designed for Gina Tricot. Itx27s total 5 t-shirts with prints. All prints are photos which I took during my trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the collection youx27ll see sunsets, palm trees, beaches and me! The fit is just like the perfect tee ones - which I think is just the perfect basic tee. The prints are soft and at first site you might no be able to see just what they are. I real...
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torsdag 21 feb 2013 kl 18:22 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiration work

gina tricot x caroline blomst

I have designed a mini collection for Gina Tricot with five t-shirt prints. The prints are all photos from my trip to Brasil and Rio de Janeiro last year. When I got asked doing this collection I wanted to do prints that I would wear myself. I think the result is awesome and I canx27t wait to get to wear my t-shirts. The campaign images for this collection was styled by me and shot by Daniel in a European city. Ix27m very excited about this and...
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tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 09:55 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiraiton work

gina tricot aw 2012

Here are my favorites from the autumn collection from Gina Tricot. Lot of basics like a perfect white transparent shirt, a black blazer vest, lots of belts and more. Check it out, click, click, click!
torsdag 24 maj 2012 kl 15:52 | Inspiration | new gina tricot autumn

star denim

Out of all the clothes that we have in the styling room at the moment I got my eyes on all the nice denim shorts. Totally in to that! Above is four pair of shorts from Gina Tricot that are due in store in the coming weeks. My favorite pair is the star ripped one. Love it!
torsdag 10 maj 2012 kl 17:07 | Inspiration | new gina tricot denim

in store

Right now you can find x22the perfect teex22 collection in Gina Tricot stores, along with the items I styled them with. So fun to see my choices on display in store!
lördag 25 feb 2012 kl 07:54 | Inspiration | gina tricot work inspiration

the perfect tee giveaway

The perfect tees arrived to my office today. They are really perfect! I got a couple of sets of the tees and I definitely donx27t need them all so letx27s have a giveaway!!! Today you can win an set of all tees (seen above) in size XS. One lucky winner getx27s them all! And all you need to do to take part in this giveaway is to make a comment in this post. I will pick one winner sunday the 19th of february and announce the winner short there afte...
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söndag 19 feb 2012 kl 08:30 | Inspiration | gina tricot giveaway inspiration

the perfect tee

Herex27s a sneak peek of the finished result of the styling I did for Gina Tricot. This is 4 of total 8 looks that youx27ll see online and in store from the 23 of feb. I chose everything from the blue backdrop, the poses, the hair and make-up and most essential the styling. I styled it very clean and simple with a french touch! Ix27m really happy about it and could totally wear every look myself! Donx27t forget you can win a complete set of the t...
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onsdag 15 feb 2012 kl 09:47 | Inspiration | gina tricot work inspiration

nighty night

Ix27m at my hotel, just ordered some room service. Hungry! :) While waiting Ix27m having fun with Loopcam (an iPhone app). Tomorrow Ix27m styling for Gina Tricot! Itx27s gonna be fun fun! Have a great evening!!! Kiss kiss!
onsdag 1 feb 2012 kl 22:07 | Accessories | inspiration travel gina tricot

the perfect tee

Itx27s official! Ix27m styling a collection for Gina Tricot, the collection is called x22the perfect teex22 and itx27s a new line of basic tees. They made four perfect shaped t-shirts/tank tops that all come in basic colors like washed out black, white, off-white, grey and also yellow. The quality is very nice aswell as the prices (from 99 to 149 sek), totally worth to invest in. The tees will be in store 16th of feb so thatx27s really soon. I ha...
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tisdag 24 jan 2012 kl 17:37 | Inspiration | gina tricot work inspiration

gina tricot

Ix27m doing a cooperation with Gina Tricot so yesterday I spent they day a their headquarters in Borås. I canx27t really tell you what itx27s all about before the pressrelease has been published. But I can tell you that Ix27m really excited about it and thought Ix27d give you guys a sneek peek from
onsdag 18 jan 2012 kl 11:22 | Övrigt | gina tricot work sneak peek

get the look céline

Celine makes of of this falls most coveted collections. A very strong collection with metallics, burgundy and a minimal touch. Herex27s how to get the look! Foiled denim pants from Nicole Miller // Court shoes from Zara Jacket from Paul & Joe Sister // Top from Kappahl // Shopper bag from Zara // Faux foxtail from Ebay // Skirt from H&M // Coat from H&M // Wallet from Gina Tricot // Pants from H&M // Bracelet from H&M...
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onsdag 7 sep 2011 kl 08:51 | inspiration | celine h&m zara gina tricot

gina tricot

Godmorning guys! I just came back to the office after enjoying a breakfast at Nobis hotel where Gina Tricot also held their press show. Gina Tricot presented a great fall collection and some pieces caught my eye a little bit extra. For fall they have a pair of red faux leahter pants and also a pair of black faux leather shorts. The best piece however (in my opinion) is the Celine look-a-like bag. So cute! ...
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torsdag 19 maj 2011 kl 10:12 | Mode | inspiration gina tricot

gina tricot

Jag besökte Gina Tricots showrrom igår och kikade på kommade kollektioner. Mina två favoriter ser du ovan. En stickad tröja - jag gillar färgen, och en navyinspirerad blazer - fin - väldigt Balmain. ENGLISH!!! I went to Gina Tricotx27s showroom yesterday to look at the upcoming collections. You can see my two favorites above. A knit sweater - love the color, and a navy inspired blazer - nice and very Balmain - I like!...
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torsdag 9 sep 2010 kl 05:00 | Mode | showroom gina tricot

brown leather details

Dessa jeans med bruna läderdetaljer kommer in på Gina Tricot vecka 31. Dom skulle man ju vilja ha nuuuu! Tänk vad snyggt ihop med ett vitt litet linne bara. (Jeansen heter Blair leather och kommer att kosta 299 kr). Har för mig att Acne gjort något liknande också men hittade ingen bild. Hursomhelst, dessa är ju värsta budgetkapet! TRANSLATION!!! These jeans with brown leather details will be in Gina Tricot stores by week 31. I would like them no...
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måndag 7 jun 2010 kl 15:20 | Mode | budget gina tricot denim

the look for less 3 x it items

De allra hetaste sakerna denna säsong har redan fått look-a-likes. Det går fort nu för tiden! 1. Skor från Miu Miu eller skor från The Scarlet Room. 2. Bikini från Missoni eller bikini från Accessorize. 3. Leggings från Givenchy eller leggings från Gina Tricot. TRANSLATION!!! The hottest items for this season has already got some look-a-likes. Things are moving fast these days! 1. Shoes from Miu Miu or shoes from The Scarlet Room. 2. Bikini from...
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