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those stripes

The stripe top is an essential wardrobe piece. Stripes goes with anything and gives that instant chic look. Above is a stripe top that is reversable so itx27s either black/white or red/black, so this one sure can be worn in many ways, from Stella McCartney (nice budget one here). Also above is retro inspired sexy candles and Stan Smithx27s with zebra detail (really nice)....
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måndag 15 dec 2014 kl 15:45 | on my mind | inspiraiton shopping in store

le crochet

Jane Birkinx27s iconic crochet dress outfit from april 1969 is still going strong. Get the classic look with the x27Birkinx27 dress from Jenx27s Pirate Bootie.
lördag 9 aug 2014 kl 23:58 | on my mind | inspiraiton shopping in store

inspiration outfit

A casual and chic city look with items that work just as well individually as well as together. 1. Bag from Nina Ricci 2. Shorts from Rag & Bone 3. Sunnies from Celine 4. Knit from Isabel Marant 5. Sandals from Derek Lam
lördag 5 jul 2014 kl 10:20 | *** | inspiraiton shopping in store


Cantx27 belive itx27s that time of year again, when the fall collections start to arrive in stores. Clothingvise fall must be the best season but I do need summer to stay a bit longer. Or much longer please! Well here are three items I need for fall, a loose knit from Chloé, a wallet from Saint La
tisdag 24 jun 2014 kl 21:00 | in store | inspiraiton shopping in store

best buy

This tunic dress from Esprit is the perfect one. One of my best buys this summer. It works as a dress both on the beach and in the city and also works with jeans like a tunic. A real great buy, and youx27ll find it here.
måndag 16 jun 2014 kl 20:05 | shopping | inspiraiton shopping in store

monday shopping

1. Sweater from Isabel Marant. 2. Full look from Rachel Pally. 3. Pastel jacket from Zara. 4. Slip onx27s from Zara. 5. Bracelets from Melanie Auld. 6. Sweater from Mango. 7. Fringe bag from Proenza Schouler....
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måndag 16 jun 2014 kl 13:56 | *** | inspiraiton shopping in store

kilim rugs

Open spaces are perfect for an overload of Kelim rugs. I love this space created with rugs from Jonathan Adler.
torsdag 22 maj 2014 kl 10:52 | hello inspiration | home interior inspiraiton

cats and flats

Love this series of Cats and Flats over at And especially the cat in the Celine sneakers above. Cute!
onsdag 14 maj 2014 kl 19:51 | oh hello | inspiraiton shoes fun animals

the nudes

We have a light summer ahead of us. White, nudes and soft pastels are in focus. Here are my top pics for now. 1. Powder beige ribbed long sleeve top. 2. Tube top in apricot. 3. White jeans. 4. Nude and white sandals. 5. Braided flat sandals. 6. Cream colored crossbody bag....
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fredag 21 mar 2014 kl 14:39 | in store | inspiraiton collage summer spring nudes

stripe it!

Itx27s fresh and feels very much like spring time with stripes. Ix27m still having this all stripes look from Celine on my mind. Anyway I already shopped striped jeans and a striped blazer at Zara when I was i Barcelona. So now Ix27m only waiting for better weather (snow storms is never optimal for any outfit) so I can wear them out and not freeze. At the meantime Ix27ve picked out some of my striped favorites for now. 1. Stripe and tartan top f...
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torsdag 14 feb 2013 kl 07:54 | Inspiration | inspiraiton trend collage dots balmain zara stripes

gina tricot x caroline blomst

I have designed a mini collection for Gina Tricot with five t-shirt prints. The prints are all photos from my trip to Brasil and Rio de Janeiro last year. When I got asked doing this collection I wanted to do prints that I would wear myself. I think the result is awesome and I canx27t wait to get to wear my t-shirts. The campaign images for this collection was styled by me and shot by Daniel in a European city. Ix27m very excited about this and...
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tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 09:55 | Inspiration | gina tricot inspiraiton work

for luck

I wore these during Christmas and they are so comfy and easy to wear. Itx27s a pair of golden clover earrings from swedish brand SysterP. They are both cute and lucky. Youx27ll find them here.
lördag 5 jan 2013 kl 12:23 | Inspiration | inspiraiton jewellry

pretty please

1. Fragrance from Chloé, x27Lovex27. 2. Wine red turtle neck from Isabel Marant. 3. Body scrub from Philosophy, scented with x27Amazing Gracex27. Great for wintery dry legs. 4. Cliniquex27s x27Even Better Eyesx27, for those dark circles around the eyes. 5. Cuff bracelet from Vita Fede. Beautiful and sparkly. 6. Pink Galaxy Note from Samsung. Loves it! 7. Chubby Stick lip gloss/balm from Clinique in Super Strawberry. 8. Miu Miu sneakers with some ...
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onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 22:31 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

skin care

New favorites on my bathroom shelf is this body lotion and all over balm from danish brand Organic M.A.K.E. Like the brand name kind of hints they make ecologic products, both skin care and mineral make up. The lotion smells really yummy and the all over balm is great for all over, lips, hands, face, elbows, wherever itx27s needed. Ix27m a big fan of all over products. Check out the brand and read more about it here....
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onsdag 21 nov 2012 kl 21:56 | Skönhet | beauty skincare inspiraiton new


1. Delicate golden rings. Nice on their own but even better together. The rings are from Tom Binns and Ginette_NY. 2. Cosy knits, can not get enough of them for winter! This knit is from H&M. 3. A pair of simple boots with cool detailing, I really like these from IRO....
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måndag 29 okt 2012 kl 12:22 | Inspiration | inspiraiton 1-2-3 shopping wish wishlist


On my wishlist. The cutest leather biker jacket from Rika.
lördag 27 okt 2012 kl 21:10 | Inspiration | inspiraiton wish wishlist

spring summer 13

Celine espadrilles for spring 2013. Big like! But still canx27t get these ones out of my mind.
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 19:17 | Inspiration | inspiraiton wish spring wishlist

yes please

Autumn means so much nice stuff in the stores. Fashion vise autumn is my favorite season. I canx27t even count how many nice boots Ix27ve seen just here in London. Like these boots from Kurt Geiger, a simple style in black suede. Yes please!
lördag 15 sep 2012 kl 09:02 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

dream shoes

Right now Ix27m dreaming about these. From Balenciaga, found them at Barneys.
fredag 17 aug 2012 kl 22:30 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

bikini issues

Ix27m searching like crazy for a bikini. But itx27s kind of off season so itx27s a hard time finding something great. Wouldnx27t mind a zebra one like this above from Balmain. Or maybe something with frill. Gah, I donx27t know. I just have to browse around a bit more. What are your favorite swimwear
onsdag 8 aug 2012 kl 23:05 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist

creamy things

Major fall cravings on these two. Ix27m really up for cream/oatmeal colors for fall. They are both from french brand IRO and you can get the sweater here and the jacket here.
fredag 3 aug 2012 kl 08:51 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist


These are just genius! Metallics are a big trend for fall and these 3.1 Phillip Lim boots nails it for me. Ok, they also come in black which would be the more reasonable choice I guess. But the yellow metallic ones are just so nice!
onsdag 1 aug 2012 kl 23:06 | Inspiration | inspiraiton shopping wish wishlist


On my moodboard. Isabel Marant, Balmain and lots of waist coats. Ix27m totally in to waist coats at the moment and Ix27m searching for a simple one, like the one Gisele is wearing. Simple, black, yes, one like that would be just perfect! Must find one.
måndag 11 jun 2012 kl 12:44 | Inspiration | moodboard inspiraiton wishlist

on my desk

Todayx27s inspiration dumped on my desk, a couple of Calvin Klein ads. They are timeless and never go out of style. Now, back to work! We are making a special free issue of C MODE for you guys and it will be released tomorrow so I need to work out the last bits and pieces with that. After that Ix27m
torsdag 15 dec 2011 kl 15:44 | Accessories | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

Tote bag Celine Candle Diptyque in Mimosa iPhone with 2ME STYLE x SWAROVSKI cover YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks in no. 2 and no. 24 Chanel nail polish in Baby Blue
fredag 28 okt 2011 kl 16:30 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

Python clutch from Prada/Nathalie Schuterman. A bunch of Dermalogica products for review (coming up soon). A cage cuff from Sophie by Sophie.
torsdag 27 okt 2011 kl 15:19 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

on my desk

1. Loose Lips - fragranced candle by Byredo. This smells just like an old lipstick, the scent is just too cool. 2. Blackberry. Finally! 3. J. Dauphin makes the coolest jewellry. Here a bracelet with panther heads.
tisdag 18 okt 2011 kl 21:44 | Inspiration | on my desk diary inspiraiton

Inspiration - Desperado

Ett tema som Chanel bjuder på till våren är flamenco möter western. Och jag gillar verkligen stilen. Även om jag inte skulle gå klädd så kanske. Men hur ballt är inte gitarrfodralet eller att slänga upp en gitarr på ryggen. Funkar kanske inte här i Stockholm. Men ballt. Och Desperado så det skriker om det. Filmen alltså. Skor från Endless, skärp från Forzieri, och Runwaybilder från Gucci. ...
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tisdag 4 nov 2008 kl 14:30 | Accessories | desperado western flamenco inspiraiton

Dagens önskeoutift
Inspirerad av våren!

Vårinspiration. Våren är i luften, ja nästan iallafall. Om man blundar och önskar riktigt hårt. Nu vill jag ta på mig vårkläder. Dagens önskeoutfit är därför inspirerad av våren. SKINNJACKA - Snygg variant från H&M. KLÄNNING - En blommig en från Topshop. STRUMPBYXOR - Svarta från Falke. BOOTS - MC-bootsen funkar fortfarande. Dessa är från Topshop. BALENCIAGA - vet inte om en rosa passar till den blommiga klänningen. Eller jo, klart den passar. ...
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