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Right now Ix27m in the mood for all things tropical. This pillow (or two) would look great in my sofa. You can find it (and more) here.
lördag 20 apr 2013 kl 11:06 | Accessories | interior home inspiration decor


Small things goes great in small boxes. The Vitriini series from Iittala is a great match with my jewelry. The boxes comes in a variety of colors and materials which is fun! In the boxes are bracelet from Nialaya, watch from Michael Kors, cuff necklace from Kyssjohanna, rings from Vita Fede and some earrings that I bought in Copenhagen....
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måndag 15 apr 2013 kl 12:21 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration decor jewelry


I really love having fresh flowers at home. These pink tulips just moved in at my place. It makes spring feel a little little bit closer!
onsdag 27 mar 2013 kl 18:29 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration decor flowers


I just recently got this paperweight/decoration with a dandelion head preserved inside. Itx27s just so beautiful. Youx27ll find it and many more paperweights here, they even make custom made paperweights. It would be cool to put something personal inside one. In Stockholm you can find this and some other floral paper weights at Svenskt Tenn....
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söndag 17 mar 2013 kl 12:30 | Accessories | interior home inspiration decor

#home #interior

This pink rug against the grey concrete. Just beautiful. The rug is from Asplunds 2013 collection.
onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 14:11 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit

#home #interior

This skull candle from DL company/Kyssjohanna is standing on my livingroom table. Itx27s beautiful both while itx27s burning and with the lid on. The candle is mildly scented and it smells real nice and cosy. And when the candle is finished Ix27ll have a perfect jar for jewelry.
onsdag 19 dec 2012 kl 12:29 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit


Ix27m in love with these pottery tea light houses from Kahler Design, the series is called Urbania and the houses come in 4 different models. Beautiful alone or together, like a small village. Similar houses can be found at Bruka Design but they are made out of metal. Really nice aswell. Ix27d love to have some in my window. Looks so cosy!...
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lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 08:10 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit

bunny lamp. Loves it!

Saw this bunny lamp in a store window the other day. This bunny lamp is now sitting on my living room floor spreading some light. So cute. Ix27m planning on having it placed in my bedroom window, on top of some Vogue magazines. The lamp is called Miffy and you can find out more and buy it here.
onsdag 5 dec 2012 kl 21:33 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

mirror mirror

This 3 drawer chest from Ikea looks amaz. And the mirror effect makes any room look both bigger and glammed to the max! Loves it!
fredag 30 nov 2012 kl 10:27 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

this rug. loves it.

Persian rug meets cowhide. So amazing. From here.
onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 10:33 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

#home #interior

1. Skull candle holder. I want one! 2. Disco ball like pillows. Disco inferno! The more the merrier. 3. These type of lamps are very in trend right now. What I like about them is the fact that they look like studio light but refined - to suit a home. Besides the fact they look good Ix27m sure they make a great source of light. 4. Hello, is it TEA youx27re looking for? The funniest tea pot around, yes probably! ...
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lördag 24 nov 2012 kl 23:45 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration


A touch of color works wonders with an otherwise neutral palette. For inspiration I love IKEAx27s shot of their Hemnes cabinet and Nespressox27s pic of their new U coffee making machine....
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fredag 9 nov 2012 kl 10:37 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

christmas tree

This wall built x22Christmas treex22 by Indiska is so cute. Perfect if you donx27t have any room for a real tree. Too bad there will be quite a few holes in the wall though. But I guess thatx27s easy to repair. Anyway, I also really like the small russian dolls and the harlequin balls as tree decoration. ...
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måndag 5 nov 2012 kl 20:16 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration christmas

on the side

This side table. So awesome!
söndag 4 nov 2012 kl 14:41 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

#home #interior

Now when itx27s getting darker and darker nice lighting is essential. Besides loads of cosy candles these lightbulbs in glass jars is a great idea for creating a nice mood. I spotted this ensemble in a jewelry store called x22Pharmacyx22 in Saint Petersburg. I think it makes great inspiration to create something similar. Maybe even something like this. Anyway I like the whole lightbulb/glass jar idea! ...
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onsdag 31 okt 2012 kl 14:04 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

good shit.

Fall is here and you know me, I love a good scented candle. I recently received this candle from Malin+Goetz. The scent is called x27Cannabisx27 and is supposed to smell something like that - peppery and spicy green. But unlike the real deal this smell wonx27t put you behind bars. Good thing. The scent is relaxing and sexy. Top notes of fresh lemon and orange, middle notes of fig and pepper, with a base of oakmoss, sandalwood and amber-patchouli....
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tisdag 9 okt 2012 kl 18:30 | Skönhet | new beauty home interior

interior and things

1. Stones that are salt and pepper shakers. Pretty! 2. Eiffel tower figurine, Ebay. 3. Black ID bracelet from Cocoo. 4. Chanel pop art. Found it on Etsy. 5. Mirror mirror on the wall... 6. This pillow reminds me of this Jil Sander clutch. The pillow is from H&M Home. Beauty! 7. Hope candles from H&M Home. ...
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fredag 5 okt 2012 kl 07:58 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration

9 x interior design

1. My favorite cup, I have some of these in my home. The whole series is really nice I think. 2. Room fragrance - the same as you can smell in hotel Costes. 3. Tray to have sandwiches or other stuff on. I love small trays like this and use the ones I have for breakfast almost all the time. 4. A kitty pillow. Meow meow. 5. The coolest vase. Gives me big Alice in Wonderland vibes. 6. New York in a bag. So cute, works for both kids and NY lovers! 7...
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måndag 27 aug 2012 kl 11:25 | Inspiration | 9x interior home inspiration

#home #interior

1. Hangers from H&M. I love the print on them! 2. Oversized snow globe with sparkles instead of snow. Magic! 3. Leather tray with x22Have a happy dayx22 stamped in gold in the middle. Yes for my jewelry. 4. Prada Marfa art print.
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 00:41 | Inspiration | home interior inspiration shopping 1-2-3 wish wishlist

pure gold

Back at my hotel. Ix27m staying in x22the gold roomx22 - everything from floor to ceiling is x22coveredx22 in gold. Except for the jellyfish like bedside lamps. Kind of crazy but I like it!
torsdag 28 jun 2012 kl 22:45 | Inspiration | shopping interior inspiration hotel


Quick fix. Home, a change of shoes, get in the car and off to dinner with friends. Thatx27s what Ix27m up to right now. Herex27s also a small small small sneak peek of my hallway. Hate the plastic floor, but it feels kind of unnecessary to do anything about it. Maybe Ix27ll have it fixed some day. Othervise itx27s all white in my hallway and the only furniture is two built in closets, a big mirror (ikea) and a black Eames chair. This lamp hangs i...
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måndag 25 jun 2012 kl 18:39 | Inspiration | home interior inspiration upto


The Habibi tray side table by Philipp Mainzer. Totally amazing. Would love to have all three in combination like this. Available here and here.
tisdag 22 maj 2012 kl 10:14 | Inspiration | home interior inspiration

a glimpse

1. Ix27m a big fan of non colors (as you know), my bedroom is white! 2. A collection of recent magazines (+ some books). I donx27t stock up on magazines but I do save some and they end up in a small pile by the window. They make a perfect tray for accessories. 3. Red roses are perfect for the seaso
tisdag 20 dec 2011 kl 20:03 | Inspiration | home interior design

coffee table

Louis Vuitton Icons by Stéphane Gerschel hardcover book. Yes, this book would be a nice addition on my coffee table.
tisdag 13 dec 2011 kl 14:17 | Accessories | interior home book louis vuitton

home inspiration

The shelf named LERBERG from Ikea would make a great addition in my apartment. Ix27ve been looking at similar shelves a while now but not really made up my mind yet. But this one is only 199 kr (20 euro) so I donx27t think I need to think about it anymore. But I think Ix27ll be going for the narrower one (itx27s only 149 kr - 15 euro) to fit a certain space I have in mind. I sure need to visit Ikea soon to check it out. ...
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onsdag 6 apr 2011 kl 15:04 | Inspiration | home interior design ikea

maison martin margiela

Maison Martin Margiela Line 13 makes some amaing stuff. I just checked it out at Corso Como in Milan and I fell in love with the ridiculous large glitter ball. Have to have it.
torsdag 10 feb 2011 kl 21:45 | Inspiration | interior design home martin margiela inspiration

ciao milano

I just got of my Lufthansa flight and arrived at my hotel. At the airport I was picked up by Elite rent-a-car (car service) and it was so nice to travel in a BMV X6 for a change. They have like the best selection of cars. My hotel is Maison Moschino and itx27s an amazing design hotel. Tonight Ix27m
lördag 5 feb 2011 kl 01:23 | Inspiration | milano bemilano hotel interior


I really like this clothes rack called Turbo from ikea designed by Marcus Arvonen. Very showroom-esque and also the price is great, 299 sek (less than 30 euro). In store in february.
torsdag 3 feb 2011 kl 07:00 | Inspiration | ikea home interior design furniture

jk place

Ix27m staying at JK Place here in Florence and itx27s amazing. Truly amazing! I got the master room here and it even has a walk in closet! It doesnx27t get any better than that! It totally feels like home and the interior is to-die-for, everywhere in the hotel. There are several lounge areas and it feels like you are in a friends living room. I made a video of my room here. Tomorrow my first stop is Chanel - I saw something that caguht my eye in ...
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torsdag 6 jan 2011 kl 21:43 | Inspiration | hotel jk place florence interior home

edward cullen's bedroom

Vintermånaderna gör mig mer intresserad av inredning än mode (nästan iallafall). Kan bero på att det är hur kallt som helst ute och att jag spenderar sjukt mycket tid inomhus. Just nu gillar jag Edwards mysiga sovrum (trots det faktum att det saknar säng ;) )! Jag skulle verkligen inte tacka nej till en Barcelona day couch eller en bokhylla från Sapien. Jag gillar också fotona och lapparna fulla av inspiration som är fasttejpade på fönstren! Fin...
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söndag 26 dec 2010 kl 23:36 | Övrigt | interior design home
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