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alison lou

These emoji jewels from Alison Lou makes me happy everytime I see them!
torsdag 17 apr 2014 kl 22:14 | details | details jewelry on my mind

edgy earrings

Itx27s all about the small but edgy things. RIght now these amazing earrings are totally on my mind. 1. Safety pin from Genevieve Jones. 2. Slim spikes from Jules Smith. 3. A pearl ear cuff from Jane Konig. 4. Black safety pins from Rachel Roy. 5. Stud earrings from Rebecca Minkoff. 6. Golden safety pins from Rachel Roy. 7. Glass-pearl stud earrings from Fallon Jewellry. 8. Steel spikes from Rachel Roy. 9. Double micro spikes from Fallon Jewellr...
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måndag 14 apr 2014 kl 09:20 | on my mind | details jewelry on my mind

the horn earring

On my mind: the horn earring in silver from danish Jane Koenig.
fredag 4 apr 2014 kl 19:19 | on my mind | details jewelry on my mind

knot cuff

I would not mind this knot cuff from Sophie by Sophie. Aww, itx27s so nice!
måndag 31 mar 2014 kl 14:55 | armcandy | details jewelry bracelet sophie by sophie


My favorite bracelets from Nialaya. I wear a bunch of them almost everyday. Today I went for a blue color scale, it feels a bit summer-ish. And I can for sure use that summer feeling because itx27s snowing outside my window... So not going outdoors today. Brr... Psst... With the code carolinesmode
måndag 17 mar 2014 kl 13:53 | armcandy | nialaya summer armcandy jewelry inspiration

best of budget

Pearls are totally on trend right now, aswell as the minimalistic approach. This choker from Zara ticks all the boxes.
fredag 14 feb 2014 kl 12:32 | *** | in store best of budget shopping inspiration jewelry


A snapshot from my home. * Fresh tulips - makes spring seem closer. * Phone case from Sealoe. * Jewelry from Maria Nilsdotter. * Wallet from Chanel. * Perfume - Shewood by Dsquared.
fredag 3 jan 2014 kl 12:16 | at home | chanel at home flowers perfume jewelry

jennifer meyer

Jennifer Mayer makes delicately handcrafted white, yellow and rose gold pieces accented with precious and semi-precious stones. On top of my wishlist is the pair of x27Lovex27 and x27Youx27 stackable rings. So cute.
måndag 2 dec 2013 kl 17:57 | oh hello | jewelry favorites jennifer meyer

aurelie bidermann

I absolutly adore Aurelie Bidermanns x27lacex27 cuffs. They all look super amazing. Above my favorite in vintage silver. ...
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onsdag 27 nov 2013 kl 21:53 | armcandy | details jewelry bracelet aurelie bidermann armcandy wish


This season itx27s all about the black x27diamondsx27. My favorites in my jewelry box right now are these rings from Sif Jakobs (the big knot ring and the innermost thin ring) and the two thinnest rings that are from Mollys collection for Guldfynd (great pieces for a great price)....
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måndag 25 nov 2013 kl 14:29 | oh hello | details jewelry rings

for the jewelry

Cute ring/jewelry holder to store the everyday pieces. Get it here.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 19:15 | Home | jewelry storage home details interior

circle bracelet

This circle bracelet from Sophie by Sophie is one of my favorite items right now. Itx27s cute, itx27s delicate and very my style. Itx27s also available in silver. You can get it here, and if you use the code x22 CAROLINE x22 at checkout you get a 20% discount (until november 11).
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 14:38 | armcandy | jewelry favorites


Some jewelry I just wear all the time. Nialaya bracelets are my everyday bracelets. I just really love the look of them and always get so many compliments about them. You can find Nialaya jewelry here.
torsdag 10 okt 2013 kl 10:25 | details | armcandy jewelry fall inspiration nialaya details


Shark tooth id-bracelet from Givenchyx27s fall/winter 2013 collection. You can find the silver one online at Linde le Palais. And Ix27m sure the gold one will pop up online soon as well.
lördag 17 aug 2013 kl 13:44 | details | armcandy jewelry fall givenchy inspiration

tiny details

Earcuff x27Miss Eidenx27 from Line & Jo, earring x27Nx27Ustix27 from Maria Black and tiny earpiece x27Miss Ediex27 from Line & Jo. All pieces are from
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Top two of summer. My golden anklet (which I got here) and super comfy espadrilles.
tisdag 23 jul 2013 kl 10:19 | details | details summer jewelry


This ring and cuff with studs and diamonds are my new favorite companions. They are from Sofie Valkiers collection for Diamanti per Tutti. Ix27m a sucker for great materials and I really like Diamanti per Tuttix27s (meaning diamonds for everyone) idea where they use diamonds with gold plated silver
måndag 22 jul 2013 kl 11:46 | stuff i like | favorites inspiration jewelry


Ix27m all in for knots right now. And I would not mind any of the above two. So beautiful. 1. Celine knot bracelet. 2. Sklo glass knot sculpture.
torsdag 11 jul 2013 kl 13:11 | on my mind | on my mind interior home jewelry

the rings

The rings from the Chanel couture show. Amazing. Here on model Fei Fei Sun. The pic is from her Instagram, @FeiFeiSunSun.
lördag 6 jul 2013 kl 22:41 | #instagram | chanel inspiration jewelry


Alison Lou makes super cute jewelry with smiley faces. Ix27m lovinx27 this happy face with pink heart eyes. Youx27ll find the jewerly online at Matches.
måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 11:35 | details | jewelry inspiration details

bone bracelet

This golden bone bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter is on top of my wishlist. Itx27s both cute and rockx27nx27roll-ish at the same time. I like!
onsdag 12 jun 2013 kl 09:38 | details | jewelry inspiration details wish wishlist

Maria Nilsdotter x Laroche

Swedish Designer Maria Nilsdotter teams up with french winery Laroche and makes a unique mini collection with jewelry. Laroche has produces wines since 1850 and right now they are evolving towards organic wine making. In Sweden you can find the Laroche wines at Systembolaget. Maria found the inspiration for the jewelry when she stayed at the wine yard. The grapes and the wine cellars were the top inspiration sources which you also clearly can s...
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tisdag 4 jun 2013 kl 11:52 | News | news inspiration jewelry


Just found this danish brand/webshop called Maanesten and Ix27m like in love with everything. Also the prices are not over the top so one could afford to get a couple of things without getting ruined. Thumbs up. Now I just hope they get a retailer in Sweden because it doesnx27t look like that they s
måndag 3 jun 2013 kl 23:58 | details | jewelry inspiration details

the chameli

The Chameli makes the most gorgeous handmade jewelry. Itx27s nature inspired and bohemian but at the same time very delicate which I love and which makes it very everyday-wearable. I just love the necklaces and a few days back I ordered the necklace above with a purple druzy and a small peace sign - and today I got it. Super happy about that. Yasmine the designer have a Instagram with loads of inspiration (hello Tibetan moon). So be sure to chec...
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torsdag 30 maj 2013 kl 11:14 | new in | new in inspiration shopping thechameli jewelry

best of budget

I really have to get a hold of these earrings from H&M. They look great and the price is awesome.
måndag 13 maj 2013 kl 12:01 | Accessories | jewelry best of budget inspiration shopping h&m


Mixing black with rose gold. Rings from Nialaya.
torsdag 2 maj 2013 kl 13:26 | Accessories | inspiration jewelry details

giveaway - aprosio & co

I have a black Aprosio & Co bracelet to giveaway to one of you. All you need to do to have a chance to get it is to comment here in this post. Ix27ll choose one winner on sunday evening. For more Aprosio & co check here.
fredag 26 apr 2013 kl 08:48 | Accessories | giveaway inspiration jewelry aprosioandco


Small things goes great in small boxes. The Vitriini series from Iittala is a great match with my jewelry. The boxes comes in a variety of colors and materials which is fun! In the boxes are bracelet from Nialaya, watch from Michael Kors, cuff necklace from Kyssjohanna, rings from Vita Fede and some earrings that I bought in Copenhagen....
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måndag 15 apr 2013 kl 12:21 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration decor jewelry


Aprosio & Co black bracelet, Balenciaga wrap bracelet at Nathalie Schuterman, Stella Summer perfume, bag + wallet Chanel, cardholder Celine and iPhone with cover from
tisdag 9 apr 2013 kl 14:11 | Accessories | inspiration jewelry details bag in the bag

those rings

Drooling over the rings from Balenciaga. Can be found online here.
måndag 8 apr 2013 kl 17:57 | Inspiration | inspiration jewelry details balenciaga
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