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juste un clou

On my mind. The x27Juste un Cloux27 bracelet from Cartier. A pricy but wonderful little thingy. Above in yellow gold, the price is $6,850.
onsdag 27 nov 2013 kl 12:50 | on my mind | shopping on my mind wish

day wear

The most covetable every day basics. A simple white shirt - a true classic that can be styled in so many ways. A pair of gray-black jeans, think worn and x27washed-outx27 black to find the right shade, in a skinny model. A pair of Chelsea boots, preferably in patent for a stylish contrast. 1. Shirt from GANT. 2) Jeans from Acne. 3) Boots from Mango....
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måndag 25 nov 2013 kl 11:48 | hello inspiration | in store shopping inspiration 1-2-3

best of budget

This sheer ruffle blouse. Great for now, a great piece for holiday parties and will for sure also work this coming spring summer. For right now, Ix27d team it with a great fitting pair of denim. Blue or black. And Ix27d add a simple belt.
fredag 22 nov 2013 kl 15:16 | in store | in store best of budget shopping inspiration h&m


My most recent purchase, these boots from Saint Laurent. For winter I either go for boots like above or sheepfur lined ones. Itx27s a must on the cold weather, also itx27s pretty much the chic-est one can wear in the snow. Below is a selection of my favorite winter shoes. Some warmer then others... And be sure to check out the new Pistols from Acne that are furlined (number 2 below). ...
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fredag 22 nov 2013 kl 14:11 | new in | new in shopping inspiration boots winter


Grey moto jeans, grey simple knit sweater and a bright red bag! Yes please! A colorful bag brings life to a simple basic outfit. The red bag above is from Valentino and the jeans and knit are from H&M. Below are some more red bag options to crave for: ...
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tisdag 19 nov 2013 kl 13:58 | Inspiration | in store shopping inspiration 1-2-3

body balms

Australian brand Aesop makes antioxidant, plant-based botanical products. They have aholistic approach to skincare with their recommendations of aromatic formulations as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Ix27ve been checking out their body balms infused with different botanical extracts and/or oils. This one with macadamia nut oil and vanilla sounds like something for me. Check them all out here....
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måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 11:42 | body | body shopping aesop creme

the dream bag

Betty studded leather bag from Saint Laurent. Ix27ve been wanting a small off white bag with silver chain for some time. I just never found the one. But I think this could be it. Itx27s the perfect size for spring/summer outfits, I love the chain and the studs makes it a bit more rockx27nx27roll.
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 10:31 | bags, bags, bags | shopping inspiration bags saint laurent

christmas gifts

For the best friend. 1. Fun bag charm from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Brings a little glam to any bag. 2. Hand creme with shea butter from Lx27Occitane. For those dry winter hands. 3. Every woman need a little leopard in her life. iPhone case from The Case Factory. 4. The perfect gift for a bag-o-holic. A money bank with a great quote from Urban Outfitters. 5. Sexy makeup bag with lace up detail from Make Up Store....
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fredag 15 nov 2013 kl 13:57 | Shopping | shopping christmas gifts

the pastels

Itx27s friday and letx27s decorate the blog with these pastel Balenciagas. Yum, yum!
fredag 15 nov 2013 kl 12:54 | bags, bags, bags | shopping inspiration balenciaga bags

isabel marant pour h&m

Above my favorites from the collection. Which are yours? And will you be in line or online tomorrow? 1. The tee. A classic linen tee one can never get too many, Isabel Marant or not. 2+3. The cropped jeans. A bit too cold for now perhaps but these will look great for summer. 4. The skirt. The pattern is cute and the model will work for spring/summer. 5. The coat. A classic model with oversize fit. This is a great winter coat. 6. The sweatshirt. ...
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onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 16:21 | Best of Budget | favorites inspiration shopping

all things embellished

The embellished things are here to stay. And it takes any outfit from dull to instant glam. Add a little or a lot, here are some of the most wanted items of right now! 1. Erickson Beamon earrings. 2. Tory Burch ribbed-knit sweater. 3. Topshop knitted sweater. 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatshirt. 5. Topshop dusty pink beanie. 6. Topshop navy blue beanie. 7. Miu Miu leather clutch. 8. Tntees crystal t-shirt. 9. Topshop shirt. 10. J.Crew bag. 11. Tops...
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onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 13:00 | shopping | shopping inspiration in store embellished

all white

This fall/ winter is all about all-white. And winter is all about layering to stay warm and chic, lace and knits make a great team. Above a selection from Isabel Marant / Wakakuu.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 10:07 | hello inspiration | shopping wishlist inspiration wish


Cheap Monday opens up the digital doors to its first own online store. A complete range will now be available in most of Europe. With the launch Cheap Monday also releases their first pre-collection, Pre-Spring 2014, both online and in stores.
måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 10:30 | News | news shopping inspiration cheap monday

bows + dots

I first spotted these in London. I love the bows and the dots made of tiny sequins, these shoes are both cute and cool at once. Well anyway, in London they were sold out in my size so when I spotted them at Zalando the other day I bought them direct. Every now and then I visit Zalando and Ix27ve shopped there a couple of times but I havnx27t realized (until now) they had such a big selection of brands, itx27s huge, both thumbs up! The shoes are ...
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torsdag 7 nov 2013 kl 17:45 | new in | shoes new in shopping zalando marcus lupher

diamonds are forever

Diamonds just make the best interior details in my opinion. The shape is just so appealing. Over at I found this amazing DIY concrete diamond (picture 1+2) and it came out gorgeous. If you donx27t have the time to DIY you can find a similar one to buy here. And here in marble. In the pictures youx27ll also find Diamond posters, diamond lamps and an iron diamond....
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onsdag 6 nov 2013 kl 09:54 | Home | home interior shopping details diamonds

6 x duffle coats

The duffle coat, a classic that is super in this fall. Here are my six favorites. 1. Saint Laurent. 2. Topshop. 3. Mango. 4. Rick Owens. 5. Topshop. 6. Uniqlo.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 13:33 | Shopping | shopping coats 6x inspiration

on my mind

On my mind right now. Something shiny (love how luxoriouse this blouse looks) and something white and knitted (this one is already in my closet). Both from Isabel Marant Etoile at Wakakuu.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 11:05 | shopping | shopping on my mind wish

kenzo kalifornia bag

The new bag from Kenzo called x27Kaliforniax27 is inspired by Humberto Leon and Carol Limx27s native L.A. and the x22essential California tribes of beachcombers, bikers and skaters.x22 Youx27ll find the bags here.
måndag 4 nov 2013 kl 11:35 | Shopping | news shopping bags inspiration

2 things

Two things Ix27m so wanting right now. These knee high boots and this jacket.
måndag 4 nov 2013 kl 11:18 | want/need | shopping wishlist inspiration wish

new in

Bought this coat from Joseph at Nathalie Schuterman yesterday. I wanted something more fitted for the fall and this one is just perfect. The leather details makes it even better.
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 10:58 | oh hello | fall coat new in shopping joseph

lace heels

In the pic, Anja Rubik in Gianvito Rossi lace heels. I just canx27t get over how nice they look. Something to invest in for all the upcoming holiday parties perhaps...
onsdag 30 okt 2013 kl 22:56 | want/need | shopping wishlist inspiration wish

this little dude

I wouldnx27t mind having this little dude looking at me when Ix27m using my phone (which I do like 24/7). Cuteness overload. From Moschino.
onsdag 30 okt 2013 kl 13:14 | tech | shopping inspiration fun cute


1. Clutch from Stella McCartney. Need something red and this clutch is just gorgeous. 2. Grey denim. Goes with anything and especially red accents. 3. Boots from Proenza Schouler. Love the shine on these, perfect for everyday.
onsdag 30 okt 2013 kl 10:31 | yes please | wishlist wish 1-2-3 shopping

best of basics

Found these great looking Isabel Marant Etoile basics at Wakakuu. Canx27t make it without great basics.
tisdag 29 okt 2013 kl 10:30 | shopping | shopping isabel marant wakakuu


Right now I wish for these three goodies. 1. Ballerinas from Lanvin in leopard. 2. A lace bra from Monki. 3. A studded wallet from Saint Laurent.
måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 13:14 | yes please | wishlist wish 1-2-3 shopping

best of budget

1. Wool peacoat from H&M 2. Knitted grey top. 3. Golden bangle with knot.
lördag 26 okt 2013 kl 10:26 | shopping | in store best of budget shopping inspiration 1-2-3

faux fur+suede

These will soon be available at &otherstories. Theyx27d be perfect for the holiday season.
fredag 25 okt 2013 kl 14:33 | Best of Budget | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

all blue

1. Coat from H&M. This coat looks both warm and stylish. 2. A comfy linen tee to wear underneath all chunky winter knits. 3. A minimalistic clutch with zip detail. 4. Chanel x22Blue Boyx22 nailpolish. The most perfect shade of blue. 5. The cutest ballerinas with a bow detail. From Lanvin....
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fredag 25 okt 2013 kl 12:39 | Shopping | fall shopping inspiration H&M caroline blomst chanel lanvin

things to do in saint p.

There is a lot to see and do here in Saint Petersburg. Here are some things I can reccommend (mostly fashion). 1. DLT is a huge department store with luxury brands. Like for exampel Celine and Saint Laurent, they have everything and then some. 2. Next to DLT is a coffee/doughnut shop with interior from the Sovjet era. A real classic worth checking out! 3. Opium is a very popular concept store here (the address is Nevsky pr. 44). They have a n...
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tisdag 22 okt 2013 kl 08:30 | snapshots | saint petersburg russia travel shopping guide

basic needs

For winter I need to update my wardrobe with: 1. A ribbed tank top. A supersoft ribbed top is great under anything. And sexy. 2. A 7 day week set of underwear. For that right amount of everyday luxury. 3. A warm scarf in wool. Wear with an oversize coat. 4. A wallet on a chain. A great piece to go from day to night....
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