I'm Bambi


387392Our beloved baby girl Bambi arrived on friday the 24th. She’s a big girl, she was 4.5 kg and 55 cm at birth. Nobody thought she’d be that big, but I suspected that, she felt so strong when she moved in my belly. Also I was a big baby and as they say like mother like daughter. Early in the pregnancy I had my doubts if I should go for a natural vaginal deilvery or a c-section, but I’m so happy I went for a vaginal. I’m not gonna go in to the details. But to sum it all up: yes it is painful but the pain is pure positive. And giving birth was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. My best advice, don’t read to many birth stories, I wish I had not. Focus on breathing, relaxation and take one contraction at a time. Remember the pain is not forever and soon you’l meet your baby. Take a course in pushing to get to know your muscles down there and also don’t forget to wish for a nice push gift, it helps. And don’t pack to much, candy/snacks, an all round creme and a toothbrush are probably my top three. The some clothes +blankets for the baby and a baby carrier.

Right now the days are all about feeding, changing diapers and sleeping and I love it. The other day we went out on our first walk. We choose the Britax Go Next in black melange with all black chassi for Bambi. I love this stroller, it’s super stable and also super easy to stroll around with. It has a big space underneath for necessities and maybe shopping! Bambi seems to like the stroller aswell so big thumbs up!

PS. Läs på svenska genom att byta språk uppe i högra hörnet!