Liu Wen

Fashion   21 nov 2013 10:39   by Caroline Blomst
Get the look of model Liu Wen with a parkas from Lempelius, a black bag from Adax, studded boots from Mango, a knitted sweater from Topshop and a denim shirt from Mango.

Win a gift certificate of £1.700 at Tiger of Sweden

Fashion   14 nov 2013 16:52   by Caroline Blomst
Now you have the chance to win a £1.700 giftcard to shop for at Tiger of Sweden. It's super easy to take part. All you need to do to take part is to sign up for their newsletter here. Good luck all!

Above are the items I'd grab if I were to shop for £1.700.

natasha poly

Fashion   14 nov 2013 09:15   by Caroline Blomst
Get the look of model Natasha Poly with a bag from Gucci, a leather jacket from Marc by Marc Jacobs, sunglasses from Celine, a serpent silver ruby ring from Pamela Love and a pair of black studded leather boots from Saint Laurent.
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