Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   18 jul 2014 08:57   by Style with Isabelle
I hate to admit it but I am often quite bad at eating lunch, i tend to skip it if I'm stuck at the office or production, and if I'm running around town pulling clothes I'll eat an apple or nuts on the go. But i do love breakfast! My morning nespresso and hard bread or finn crisp with seasalt butter and mushed avocado on top is ritual. So I got super happy when this delivery made its way to my office the other day- a box full of Finn Crisps- Now I can have breakfast for lunch at the office and looking forward to trying the rye snacks, think they'd be yum with hummus or with a cheese platter.

the looks

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   17 jul 2014 09:19   by Style with Isabelle
I get a ton of emails after each episode inquiring about Petra's clothes which is crazy fun of course , but thought i'd also write it out here. This week on Allsång på Skansen, we actually did a change of clothes. Petra opened the show in these amazing trousers from Ralph Lauren, they're so crazy but super elegant at the same time, love the high slits on the sides. Paired with top/body from American Apparel, wedges from Zara, earrings from weekday, knot cuff from Sophie by Sophie and rings from Isabell Lennse. The dress we changed to for a medly is from Topshop in the perfect lilac shade.

sun of a beach

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   10 jul 2014 09:45   by Style with Isabelle
Greek duo Melina Pispa and Ellie Rontou are behind this hip beach towel brand (with a very clever name no?)- chic, fun beach towels that are super fluffy and made from 100% egyptian cotton. I love all the fun prints- having a hard time choosing just one to buy. I'm even thinking this would be a great towel to bring to Bikram class. Check them out here!
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